Wrongly Released: Free To Kill Episodes

Sarah Cafferkey and sisters Colleen and Laura Irwin lived and died years apart, but these three Australian women shared one very tragic link. They were all murdered by men who had already been proved dangerous and locked away for violent crimes but, due to flaws in the criminal justice system, had somehow been released back into society, only to kill.

Episode 1- William Watkins

In January 2006, Colleen, 23, and her sister Laura, 21, were murdered in their Melbourne home by 38-year-old William Watkins, whose violent history included rape and aggravated burglary. Again, the pair knew the man who took their lives, but only as their neighbour.

Episode 2- Steven Hunter 

For 22-year-old Cafferkey, that man was serial offender Steven Hunter, who had served 13 years in jail for killing a woman in 1986 after she rejected him. Hunter, 46, befriended Sarah and, while aware of his criminal past, she had little reason to fear for her life until he bashed and stabbed her following an argument at his Victoria home in November 2012.