Wrongly Released Episode 2

Steven Hunter

In September 2012, Melbourne was rocked by the news of the murder of Jill Meagher.  The response to her death resulted in a public outcry demanding that the Victorian parole system be investigated.  But the subsequent inquiry came too late for 22 year old Sarah Cafferkey – killed by serial offender Steven Hunter – a man who had murdered another young woman 26 years before.

The episode includes interviews with Sarah’s mother Noelle Dickson as well as legal professionals Gavin Silbert QC and Fiona McLeod SC, who were both directly involved in the case.  The documentary reveals the fatal errors that led to Sarah’s death and the tragic shortcomings in the justice system that let Steven Hunter out of prison and failed to monitor him as he hunted for his next victim.  The programme also features a revealing interview with Professor James Ogloff who conducted an investigation into the corrections system and highlighted potential failings in the process months before Sarah and Jill’s deaths.