The Fitzpatrick incident

Constable Alexander Fitzpatrick was led to the Kelly farm in a search for Australian outlaw Ned Kelly. Knowing that his brother Dan Kelly had stolen a horse a few weeks earlier he stopped in to arrest him. When Fitzpatrick arrived at the farm he was unable to find Ned or Dan. Instead he found their sister Kate Kelly, and their mother.

Fitzpatrick sat down and had a chat with the Kelly’s for a couple of hours until he hears someone chopping wood. He went to see who it was and if they were licensed. The man was William “Bricky” Williamson who was the Kelly’s neighbour and said he only needed a license if he was cutting on Crowned land. As they were speaking Fitzpatrick saw two people ride up to the Kelly household and recognised one of them as Dan Kelly.

Leaving Bricky he ran back to the Kelly farm and arrested Dan, but as Fitzpatrick was cuffing him Ned snuck up and shot Fitzpatrick in the wrist with a revolver. Ned eventually felt bad and took the bullet out of Fitzpatrick, and said he was free to leave if he never spoke of this again. Fitzpatrick returned to his precinct and immediately informed his superiors.

The Kelly family was arrested in a matter of hours.