World’s Most Evil Killers – Sneak Peek

“World’s Most Evil Killers” delves into the gripping real-life stories of the world’s most terrifying and prolific killers. From Fred and Rose West to Ed Gein – The Clown Killer – and even to The Milwaukee Cannibal. Each episode focuses on one notorious killer and features authentic first-hand accounts of their behaviour, from detectives who ran the case, journalists who reported on the stories, relatives, and at times survivors, alongside series experts who provide analysis. These criminologists, crime journalists and psychologists examine how the infamous killers made headlines both nationally and internationally and why they still continue to evoke fear and fascination in the public eye.

We investigate the triggers that drove them to kill, delving into their insatiable appetites for murder and the chilling legacies they have left. We uncover what has given them a place on the list of the World’s Most Evil Killers and retell every chilling tale using a combination of compelling interviews, narration, archive footage and stylised reconstruction.