World’s Most Evil Killers S2 – E3 Sneak Peek

“World’s Most Evil Killers” delves into the sordid minds of some of the most notorious murderers on the planet.

These killers are so callous and cruel that the sheer mention of their name sends a chill down your spine and summons up images of inconceivable horror.

Their legacy of evil lives on from generation to generation. But what drives a person to end the life of another? And why do some murderers haunt us more than others?

Using archive footage, stylised recreations, expert opinion and interviews with the people who lived to tell the tale, we uncover the stories behind the most infamous murderers on the planet. These are the World’s Most Evil Killers…

World’s Most Evil Killers

Season 2
Date & time
19: Danilo Restivo
19: Danilo Restivo
Sun 22 September·7:30pm
Mon 23 September·1:30am
Mon 23 September·12:30pm