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World’s Most Evil Killers: Ng And Lake

Operation Miranda Tragically this horrific tome turned out to be so influential that the killers named their project after the story’s victim. They called their horrific crime spree; “Operation Miranda”. Charles Ng and Leonard Lake weren’t alone in their appreciation for Fowles’ debut novel – serial killer Christopher Wilder, who killed eight women in the 1980s,…Read more

World’s Most Evil Killers: Dorothea Puente – Death House Landlady

House of Horrors 1426 F Street in Sacramento looks like a typical house in a neat Californian suburban street, but in this case looks are very deceptive. In fact this is a house of horrors in which 9 people were suspected of being murdered, with 7 of their bodies buried in the yard. During the 1980’s this dwelling…Read more

World’s Most Evil Killers: Stephen Port – The Grindr Killer

A KILLER IN THE LGBT COMMUNITY Stephen John Port (born 22 February 1975) is a convicted British rapist and serial killer. He is responsible for murdering at least four men and for committing multiple rapes around the East London area during 2014 and 2015. His activities sent shockwaves around the local public, particularly the LGBT community, when it became known that…Read more

World’s Most Evil Killers: Rodney Alcala – The Dating Game Killer

A little girl slaughtered in 1979 police investigated the shockingly brutal murder of 12-year-old Robin Samsoe, who had been abducted, sexually assaulted and beaten near Huntington Beach, California.   The detailed forensic work following the discovery of the girl’s body would eventually uncover links with the rape and murder of four other women, with the crimes…Read more

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8: Mark Bridger
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