White Boy

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America’s youngest hustler, dealer, kingpin, informant.

In the mid 1980’s, the crack cocaine epidemic decimated the city of Detroit. Teenager Richard Wershe Jr. was hustling amidst sophisticated street gangs raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in drug money. Dubbed “White Boy Rick”, at 14-years-old, Wershe was pushed into the drug dealing business by FBI agents and police officers to work for them undercover. When Wershe discovered a police corruption problem that ended with the mayor of Detroit, the men who trained him cut him loose. Left to fend for himself, Wershe continued drug dealing until he was arrested and jailed for life without the possibility of parole at the age of 17.

Wershe was finally released in 2017 after nearly 30 years in prison. This feature-length documentary speaks to journalists, police, FBI agents, and hit men to set the record straight on the urban legend known as “White Boy Rick” who became the youngest FBI informant ever.