Vanity Fair Confidential S3 – Teaser

Each episode of “Vanity Fair Confidential” explores a mystery taken from the pages of the magazine and transformed into an hour of thrilling true crime television. Vanity Fair writers dig deep into the insidious deeds of the rich and powerful, providing its readers, and now viewers alike, with storytelling that keeps us all transfixed.

This new season offers unprecedented access to the insight of the magazine’s writers and editors as they bring you into the heart of darkness of some of the most enthralling real life dramas in history, stories that land at the cross section of power, wealth and celebrity.

Vanity Fair Confidential

Season 4
Date & time
3: Was Bambi Framed?
3: Was Bambi Framed?
Tue 5 March·8:30pm
Wed 6 March·12:30am
Wed 6 March·8:30am
Wed 6 March·1:30pm
2: The Secret Of The Summer Wind
2: The Secret Of The Summer Wind
Tue 26 February·8:30pm
Wed 27 February·12:30am
Wed 27 February·8:30am
Wed 27 February·1:30pm