Uncovering: Melanie’s Murderer On the morning of the 9th June 1984 the body of teenager, Melanie Road, was found just yards from her home. It transpired she’d been stabbed in a frenzied attack, assaulted and left to die. This gripping and timely documentary traces the case from the very beginning when a seemingly innocent evening out in a local nightclub turned into a nightmare for the Road Family. Uncovering Melanie’s Murderer, is a study in modern crime solving techniques. It demonstrates, with key witnesses and commentators, how traditional investigative techniques can now be significantly enhanced by the scientific power of DNA profiling.   Uncovering: Intimate Partner Abuse – Part of White Ribbon Day Uncovering Intimate Partner Abuse, a one-hour documentary, explores and highlights the different elements of domestic abuse, including coercion and stalking, that so often lead to serious violence or homicide. Through in-depth interviews with survivors, police and specialist contributors, Uncovering Intimate Partner Abuse reveals the patterns and warning signs that are present in almost all abusive relationships and delves into the mindset of the abuser to gain a better understanding of why it happens and how it can be stopped.   Uncovering: The Date Rape Killer In June 2014, the discovery of the body of a young man outside a block of flats, in East London, kick-started a series of events that would ultimately reveal the life of a perverted serial killer. Through key witness and expert testimony, trace the killer’s movements, from meeting his victims online to his eventual capture. It explores the safety of online dating sites and how the families of the victim’s continue to search for answers from the police about how the killer managed to evade detection for so long.