The Untold Story

Wednesdays at 9:30pm AEDT from November 13 

Join acclaimed television journalist Elizabeth Vargas, as she explores the often-unseen stories of people and events that have had a profound impact on our modern culture and society. Each episode will focus on a particular case:

 I Was A Child Bride: The Untold Story 

Elizabeth Vargas shines a spotlight on the disturbing issue of child brides in America.  In this empowering special, Vargas sits down with several survivors, who share their harrowing stories of abuse and escape; and reveals their determination to help other young women like them.

Vanished In Paradise: The Untold Story 

Elizabeth Vargas explores the mysterious disappearance of Hannah Upp, a 32-year-old teacher from Oregon, who vanished in the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2017 in the chaotic days between two category five hurricanes. While many questions remain about what might have happened to Hannah, her family and friends have reason to believe that she may be lost with no idea who she is, wandering in what doctors call a “Fugue State”- a rare form of temporary amnesia. Vargas will help retrace Hannah’s last known steps by sifting through clues from her past as well as speaking with Hannah’s mother, friends and law enforcement who are still actively searching for her.

Secret Life of a Gang Girl: The Untold Story 

Is gang violence being propelled by social media? In this episode, Elizabeth Vargas investigates how and why young gang members’ internet feuds are erupting into real-world shootings. Focusing on the notorious life and tragic death of one legendary teenage female gang assassin in Chicago with a strong social media presence, Vargas explores how there may be a hidden pattern in the social media footprints of gang members, which can be used to help to identify potential real-world conflicts and help to stem the violence.

Sex For Sale: The Untold Story

Elizabeth Vargas explores the inner workings of the new sex trade which relies on the internet to tap into a huge demand for sex, intimacy and companionship. This unfiltered look at the secrets, rules and specialties of the sex industry takes viewers on a revealing journey through immersive character-driven portraits. These entrepreneurs give in-depth details on how they made a living by using the internet to sell sex.

Dating App Horrors: The Untold Story 

Dating apps have become an increasingly popular way for people to connect. Elizabeth Vargas examines the largely unregulated dating app industry and explores the risks of dating online, which in some rare cases has led to assault, rape and even murder. Vargas explores this topic through interviews with lawyers, detectives and advocates, who all hope that discussing this development will prevent future experiences and protect users.

Hunting JonBenet’s Killer: The Untold Story 

Elizabeth Vargas takes a fresh look at the most notorious cold case murder in American history. By tracking down new leads and with new DNA tests, this documentary special takes a deeper dive to ultimately help bring justice and peace to the Ramsey family. Featuring an exclusive interview with John Ramsey, as well as many never-before-seen photos, the documentary also pursues numerous “intruder theories” of the crime.

MA rating