Ted Bundy: Serial Monster – Trailer

A handsome gentleman on the outside… a terrifying, depraved monster on the inside. A chameleon so deceptive that he charmed more than one hundred women to their cruel, unfortunate deaths. From his beginnings as an innocent paperboy, to an admired high school athlete, to a budding attorney and rising politician, no one recognised him as the bloodiest mass murderer in US history.

For the first time, this series reveals Ted Bundy’s disturbing roots and deranged obsessions, his psychological trickery, and murderous masterminding. We uncover how he outwitted an army of investigators and reveal how, even behind bars, there was no way to stop him. Twice he escaped from supposedly escape-proof prisons and killed again. And even after he was captured and facing the electric chair, Ted Bundy repeatedly outsmarted the press and judicial system.