Ron Iddles: The Good Cop Episodes

Ron Iddles is The Good Cop, one of the best homicide detectives Australia has ever seen.


Michelle Buckingham: Failure is not an option

16-year-old Michelle Buckingham disappeared in 1983 from Shepparton in rural Victoria. About two weeks later, her body was found dumped on the side of the road at Kialla, on the outskirts of town. She’d been brutally stabbed to death.

Her murder remained a mystery for almost three decades, until young local journalist Tammy Mills convinced Ron Iddles to re-investigate. Ron eventually managed to crack one of Victoria’s oldest unsolved homicides.



Bonnie Clarke: The Answer’s in the file

Just a few nights before Christmas in 1982, someone sexually assaulted and murdered six-year-old Bonnie Clarke in her bed in the Melbourne suburb of Northcote.

Three decades on, with the case still unsolved, Bonnie’s dad Denis, who was dying of terminal cancer, asked Ron Iddles to track down his daughter’s killer. Ron realised that in many cold cases “the answer is in the file”. Ron and his team solved Bonnie’s murder, granting a dying man’s wish and vindicating an innocent woman.



Jane Thurgood-Dove: The ABC of Homicide

On November 6, 1997 – Oaks Day – a gunman shot Jane Thurgood-Dove dead in the driveway of her home in suburban Niddrie. Jane’s three children were in the car and saw everything.

Ron Iddles was first detective to the scene that afternoon and ended up spending more than a decade investigating this high profile case. Ron believes he now knows why the cold-blooded murder took place and the identity of the killer.



Marafiote Murders: It Costs Nothing to Listen

In 1985, Mildura greengrocer Dominic Marafiote mysteriously went missing. The following day, his parents, Carmelo and Rosa Marafiote, were found shot dead in their home in Adelaide. Could Dominic have killed his parents then staged his own disappearance?

The case goes unsolved for two years, until Ron Iddles gets a tip-off from a small time crim. The information leads Ron to crack open the case, uncovering a world of drugs, deception and cold-blooded killings. By playing Good Cop to one of the perpetrators, Ron solves multiple murders spanning two states.



Slawek Tomczyk: Don’t Make The Facts Fit Your Theory

Security guard Slawek Tomczyk was beaten to death while doing his rounds in Cranbourne late one night in 2002. Ron Iddles arrived on the scene within hours of the murder, and discovered an intriguing collection of clues. It appeared Slawek had been bashed while changing a punctured tyre on his van. Whoever killed him had deliberately punctured the tyre, laying in wait ready to pounce.

When a witness came forward telling police he’d overheard a man called Peter Smith talking about the murder, Ron thought he’d nailed the killer. But as The Good Cop looked deeper, something didn’t add up.



Maria James: Every Family Deserves Answers

In June 1980, Maria James was stabbed 68 times in the bedroom of the flat adjoining her second-hand bookshop in the Melbourne suburb of Thornbury. It was Ron Iddles’ first homicide investigation – and one of the few he has never solved.

There were numerous suspects but never enough evidence to charge anyone. 30 years later, a surprising new suspect emerged – someone very close to Maria’s family. And Ron now has fresh information that could spark a re-opening of the inquest into this controversial case.