Nurses Who Kill

Season 1
Tuesdays at 8.30pm AEST from July 18 until September 19

They are the angels who patrol the wards. The men and women we trust with our lives. But some are there not to cure – but to kill. Why do they do it? In this docudrama true crime series, top medical, criminal and psychological experts will analyse the motives of these nurses who kill, how they get away with it, and how hard it can be to prove their guilt. The cases are brought to life by actors who will portray the real-life nurses in first-person testimonials. Featuring never-before-seen evidence, Nurses Who Kill reveals the shocking cynicism and brutality behind the caring personas of those who tuck you in at night.

Season 1
Date & time
10: Charles Cullen
10: Charles Cullen
Tue 19 September·8:30pm
Wed 20 September·12:30am
Wed 20 September·8:30am
Wed 20 September·1:30pm