National Enquirer Investigates

m-ratingNational Enquirer Investigates
Season 1

From what really happened when Marilyn Monroe died, to the unanswered questions around the tragic deaths of Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina, the show investigates six of Hollywood’s biggest mysteries. New clues and evidence combined with insider interviews and unprecedented access to uncover shocking new perspectives and in some cases new motives and suspects to create fresh takes on these captivating true tales. Will new investigative technology reveal Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s killer as someone close to OJ Simpson? Could new DNA evidence prove that actress Natalie Wood didn’t drown? And were Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina actually murdered? The series also revisits the death of Marilyn Monroe, exploring if it was really a simple case of suicide and investigates if it was heart disease that killed Elvis: there were rumours that he was murdered by the mob. Finally, a recent, major cover-up in entertainment is revealed a tale of corruption, violence, death threats and millions of dollars of hush money all to hide Charlie Sheen’s HIV Positive status. “National Enquirer Investigates” combs through years of rumours and speculations and uses compelling new evidence to make us question what we thought we knew about these enduring, headline-grabbing mysteries.