#Murder – E7 Sneak Peek

The internet can be a great way to stay connected to those you love, but a single post can turn into the source of jealousy that incites a person to do the unthinkable. #Murder explores stories of social media gone horribly wrong.

Each one-hour episode of #Murder highlights the true story of a shocking homicide whose origins can be traced back to online activity. Whether it’s the story of a stone-cold killer stalking their next victim via cyberspace, or a sordid online affair that boils over into a jealous rage, each week viewers will be taken on a wild ride of twists and turns as detectives and family members discover the digital breadcrumbs left behind by both victim and killer, and use evidence from the web to track down the perpetrator and lock them up for life. Combining atmospheric cinematography with stylish graphics adapted from the principal characters real-life digital footprints, #Murder demonstrates how even the most innocuous tweets, posts, and status updates can have deadly real-world consequences.