Killing Spree

MA ratingKilling Spree
Season 1

Explores some of history’s most infamous and brutal criminal acts. Unprecedented and unimaginably violent, these rapidly-executed chains of murders spawn headlines, uproar and mass hysteria. This compelling series brings to life the true stories behind them. Each episode examines one such event in forensic detail, drawing upon the expert testimony of a carefully selected cast to tell its story, including friends of the killer, detectives, journalists and those lucky enough to escape with their lives. Backing up their accounts is a wealth of other sources – from news archive to childhood home video. The result is a definitive, blow-by-blow depiction of crimes that are as twisted as they are complex – from the inexorable unravelling of a psychopathic student, to the uncontainable, ferocious rage of a scorned employee and a radicalised lone wolf crack shot. We also unpack the motives that drove these men and women to kill – be it childhood trauma, bloody revenge or crippling xenophobia. Collectively this series examines some of mankind’s darkest days, recounting shocking killing sprees that would change – and end – countless lives.