Jeffrey Dahmer: Cannibal Killer

Wednesdays at 9:30pm AEST

The chilling story of America’s notorious serial killer. Jeffrey Dahmer: Killer Cannibal is the frightening true story of one of the most deranged serial killers in American history. A charming chocolate factory worker on the surface, the troubling events that led Dahmer down a dark, secret life of experimental murder are recounted. This chilling documentary series chronicles the escalation of the Milwaukee Monster’s deranged homicidal desires, and his successful deception of the city’s police officers and fellow neighbours. And, when one of his would-be victims makes a dramatic escape, we witness how law enforcement finally put a stop to Dahmer’s bloody rampage and discovered his morbid death factory, concluding with the shocking fate of the cold-blooded cannibal responsible for 17 deaths.

MA rating