Homicide Hunter S7 – E3 Sneak Peek

Your favourite homicide detective is returning to CI with new episodes. Lieutenant Joe Kenda and his Colorado Springs crime-fighting team have solved an unprecedented 387 homicide investigations, resulting in a 92% solve rate.

Each episode of Homicide Hunter will use Kenda’s first person narrative along with dramatic recreations to retell the stories of Kenda’s most disturbing and challenging murder cases. Homicide Hunters takes viewers behind the scenes with one of the world’s best homicide detectives to learn how murders are solved.

Homicide Hunter

Season 7
Date & time
14: Who Took Heather?
14: Who Took Heather?
Thu 28 February·8:30pm
Fri 1 March·1:30am
Fri 1 March·8:30am
Fri 1 March·1:30pm
13: With Friends Like This
13: With Friends Like This
Thu 21 February·8:30pm
Fri 22 February·1:30am
Fri 22 February·8:30am
Fri 22 February·1:30pm