MA ratingDream/Killer
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Hear the story of a father’s journey to free his best friend and son, Ryan Ferguson, from a 40-year prison sentence for a brutal murder based on someone else’s dream. The cast of characters reveals the very best and worst of the American judicial system. From the questionable District Attorney-turned-Judge Kevin Crane, to the high-powered Chicago attorney Kathleen Zellner; to the confused Chuck Erickson, who not only confesses to a murder based on a dream but also charges that his former classmate and friend, Ryan, was his co-conspirator; to Bill Ferguson, who uses his outlandish investigation skills and relentless creativity to give his son a shot at freedom. The film uses 8mm footage that showcases Bill’s trip across the world over 30 years ago, archival footage discovered from when Ryan was first arrested and put in a police car, court hearings, interviews with Ryan in prison, and all of the subjects involved in the case.