Copycat Killers

MA ratingSeason 2
Thursdays at 9.30pm AEDT from October 26 until December 28

Hollywood made them do it… This new series chronicles the real-life copycat crimes and criminals inspired by blockbuster movies and TV series. The series features hits like Scream, Fatal Attraction, Natural Born Killers, Hannibal, Heathers and others where real life has imitated the silver screen. Each episode details the real life crime and its parallels to a Hollywood hit with dramatic recreations and insight from police detectives, psychologists, and other experts familiar with the case and film.

Season 2
Date & time
10: Child's Play
10: Child's Play
Thu 21 December·9:30pm
Fri 22 December·1:30am
Fri 22 December·9:30am
Fri 22 December·2:30pm
Sun 24 December·11:30pm
9: Magnum Force (Dirty Harry)
9: Magnum Force (Dirty Harry)
Thu 14 December·9:30pm
Fri 15 December·1:30am
Fri 15 December·9:30am
Fri 15 December·2:30pm
Sun 17 December·4:30pm
Sun 17 December·11:30pm
5: American Psycho
5: American Psycho
Tue 26 December·4:30am