Confessions of a Serial Killer- E6 Sneak Peek

Serial Killer Sunday presents Confessions of a Serial Killer.

Locked in police station vaults, all around the world are hundreds of hours of taped recordings, secret interviews with some of the world’s most notorious murderers. But given their often-poor quality, these recordings have limited impact but, what if they could be brought back to life?

Confessions of a serial killer allows the viewer to experience what it’s like to sit in the claustrophobic setting of a police interview room: face to face with evil. This thrilling series sees Professor David Wilson answer the question, ‘What’s it like to interview a serial murderer?’ Actors and lip-sync technology bring to life the nerve-jangling real audio taken from the confessions.

These highly emotive dramatic recreations of the police interrogations will be complimented by dramatic reconstructions of the crimes themselves. These will be further supported by interviews with leading experts, including an in-depth discussion in each episode with Professor Michael Brookes.