Car Crash: Who’s Lying?

Saturday October 19, 9:30pm AEDT

Part of Must Watch

A young man is killed in a devastating crash. At first it looks like yet another tragic accident, but as the police investigation gets underway, a dark mystery emerges: Who was
the driver? Who were the victims? Who’s lying? Car Crash: Who’s Lying? is a compelling single narrative documentary that tells the story of an unlikely group of friends in a
close-knit community in Hampshire, who find themselves at the centre of an intense police investigation. With access to never-before-seen police bodycam footage of the
crash site, you are taken directly into the heart of the aftermath of a catastrophic collision between a car and a tree on a dark country road. The immediate impact of the crash
leaves a young man stumbling, dazed but unharmed from the car. Telling the on-duty sergeant he was the driver, he is clearly shocked and expresses obvious concern for his
friends still in the car, before asking for a hug. As more details emerge and the young man, Dannylee, comes under police scrutiny, it’s clear the events of that night have
changed their friendship group forever; “We trusted Danny, we never thought he could do anything like that.” Emotional interviews from the family members and friends of the
gravely injured teens highlight what they believe happened that night, but the only ones who know the true story are those who were in the in car. As their stories change,
conflicting testimonies emerge and rumours spread amongst the community – it’s down to the police to unpick the mystery of what really went on that night. With the critical
hard evidence and real truths finally eked out, almost a year to the day after the crash, the truth is finally revealed.