60 Days In

Season 5

Wednesdays at 9.30pm AEST

The popular 60 Days In series is returning to Crime + Investigation with season 5 and is set in Arizona’s southwestern desert, in the Pinal County Detention Jail.

The Pinal County Jail is the 3rd deadliest Jail in America,located close to the Mexican border and dead center of America’s drug corridor. Five inmates have died since 2015 and a Detention Officer was brutally stabbed 21 times by inmates. But there’s a new sheriff in town, Sheriff Mark Lamb is a cowboy hat- wearing, God- fearing Mormon with 10 years of law enforcement under his belt. He’s determined to reform this jail and believes that implementing this program will get him the results he’s looking for. In order to do so, Sheriff Lamb recruited a savvy team of men and women to help him investigate the inmate population and the jail system itself. Jazmyn, Abner, David, Mark, Vivian, Steve and Brooke will be the Sheriff’s eyes and ears on the inside, and each one brings a unique skill set that makes them the perfect candidate to infiltrate, identify and disrupt the weaknesses inside in the jail. From a former-Gang-Member-Turned-Chaplain who served more than 15 years in prison to a 60 Days In super fan, the Sheriff is leaving no stone unturned and assigning each participant one of three specific missions. While inside, the participants will focus their intel on drugs, gangs, and jail operations, and they’ll have 60 days to do it; if they make it that long.

MA rating