Ron Iddles: The Good Cop – Michelle Buckingham Case Timeline


October 21, 1983
16-year-old Michelle Buckingham is last seen at the Victoria Hotel in Shepparton, Victoria.


October 27, 1983
Michelle Buckingham is reported missing to Shepparton Police.


November 7, 1983
A local farmer discovers Michelle’s body on the side of Violet Town Boundary Rd in East Kialla. She has been stabbed to death.

The police begin a homicide investigation.


Shepparton man Gregory Peter Gleadhill walks into solicitor Brian Birrell’s office with a knife. Gleadhill claims the knife was used to kill Michelle Buckingham and that he witnessed the murder.

Police investigate and charge Gleadhill with murder. The charges are eventually dropped.

The case remains unsolved for decades.


Shepparton News journalist Tammy Mills asks Ron Iddles to re-investigate the case.

Tammy Mills writes about Michelle’s murder in the Shepparton News.

Ron eliminates Gregory Gleadhill from the investigation.

Laurie Bradley rings Crime Stoppers and says his brother-in-law Norm knows who killed Michelle Buckingham. Ron contacts Norm.

Norm asks Ron to meet him at the Shepparton East Football Ground. Norm tells Ron that his brother in-law Stephen Bradley came to him the morning after the murder with blood on his hands and said he’d killed Michelle Buckingham. Ron and his team investigate.


March 2014
Stephen Bradley is arrested in Brisbane, where he is now living.

He is charged with Michelle’s murder.


September 2015
Michelle’s mum Elvira passes away of heart failure five days before the start of Stephen Bradley’s trial.


October 9, 2015
A jury finds Stephen Bradley guilty of the murder of Michelle Buckingham.


December 22, 2015
Bradley is sentenced to 27 years’ imprisonment for the murder of Michelle Buckingham, with a minimum of 21 years.