Ron Iddles: The Good Cop – Marafiote Murders Timeline


Judy Ip answers Alexander ‘Sandy’ MacRae’s newspaper advertisement for a housekeeper.


July 18, 1985
Greengrocer Dominic Marafiote goes missing in Merbein, Victoria.


July 19, 1985
Dominic’s parents Rosa and Carmelo Marafiote are found murdered in their Adelaide home.


1985 – 1986
Police in Victoria investigate Dominic Marafiote’s disappearance but cannot ascertain his whereabouts.

Police in South Australia investigate the murders of Carmelo and Rosa Marafiote but no one is charged.

The cases go cold.


Informer Billy Lees tells police that Sandy Macrae told him he was involved in the deaths of Dominic, Rosa and Carmelo Marafiote.

Ron Iddles is called in to investigate.


December 9, 1987
Police raid Sandy Macrae’s property in Merbein and arrest him and his partner Judy Ip.

Victoria Police charge Sandy Macrae with the murder of Dominic Marafiote.

South Australian Police charge Sandy MacRae with the murder of Rosa and Carmelo Marafiote. MacRae is remanded in custody.

Judy Ip is charged with accessory to murder and remanded in custody.

Ron Iddles interviews Judy Ip, who eventually tells him that MacRae shot Dominic Marafiote and buried his body in the chook shed at MacRae’s Merbein property. Police eventually unearth Dominic’s body.


May 1988
Sandy Macrae escapes from Pentridge Prison. He is recaptured several hours later at his father’s home.


September 1989
Sandy Macrae is found guilty of Dominic Marafiote’s murder.


October 25, 1989
Sandy Macrae is sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Dominic Marafiote with a minimum of 18 years.


February 21, 1990
MacRae appeals and his sentence is varied to life imprisonment with a minimum of 16 years.


MacRae is sentenced to life in prison for the murders of Rosa and Carmelo Marafiote.


March 1994
MacRae is sentenced for the term of his natural life – with a minimum of 26 years – for the murder of another man, Albert O’Hara.