Ron Iddles: The Good Cop – Bonnie Clarke Case Timeline


December 21, 1982
Six-year-old Bonnie Clarke is found dead in her bed in Northcote, Melbourne. She has been stabbed, asphyxiated and sexually assaulted.
The original investigators suspect Bonnie’s mother Marion is responsible, but without any evidence, the case goes unsolved for years.


Bonnie Clarke’s father Denis asks Ron to re-investigate his daughter’s murder.


November 1999
Journalist Keith Moor writes an article about the case in the Herald Sun. It prompts Kylie Ward – a childhood friend of Bonnie’s – to come forward. Kylie says a boarder used to fondle Bonnie. She does not know his name.


February 2001
Police begin a re-investigation into the Bonnie Clarke cold case murder.
Detective Senior Constable Tim Day finds the boarder’s name in the file. It is Malcolm Joseph Clarke. A criminal history check reveals Clarke’s dark past:

June 1980 – 22-year-old Theresa Crowe is killed in her loft apartment in Prahran, Melbourne.

August 1983 – A woman is raped in Brunswick, Melbourne.

1984 – Clarke is convicted of Theresa Crowe’s manslaughter and the rape of the woman in Brunswick.

December 1984 – Malcolm Clarke is sentenced to 11 years jail.

1992 – Malcolm Clarke is released.


Bonnie’s mum Marion takes a polygraph test. She passes and is eliminated from the investigation.


March 10, 2002
Undercover operative ‘Terry’ meets Malcolm Clarke and forms a purported friendship with him.


June 6, 2002
Clarke makes admissions to ‘Terry’ relating to the digital rape and murder of Bonnie.
Clarke is arrested and makes a further confession.


June 16, 2004
A Supreme Court jury finds Clarke guilty of Bonnie Clarke’s murder.


December 31, 2004
Clarke is sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum of 25 years.