Ron Iddles Bio


In a police career spanning more than 40 years – 25 of those at the Victoria Police Homicide Squad – Ron Iddles solved more murders than any other detective in Australian history.

Born in Rochester in country Victoria on 10 March, 1955, Ron grew up on a farm where he milked cows, rode tractors and slashed hay. With a strong work ethic, he also excelled at school.

As a boy Ron loved watching the popular crime drama, Homicide, and realised he wanted to be a homicide investigator like his TV idols.

In 1973, Ron joined the police force and worked in some of Melbourne’s toughest inner-city suburbs before joining the Homicide Squad in 1980. The first case he worked on was the notorious murder of bookshop owner, Maria James.

Over the years Ron applied his country cunning and city savvy to more than 320 homicide cases and had a 99% conviction rate. He searched tirelessly for the truth – often at personal expense – to give answers to the victims’ families. He was both a shoulder to cry on and an avenging angel.

Widely praised for his finely-honed interview technique, Ron never put on the ‘bad cop’ act with suspects, nor did he make promises he could not keep. Fair and straight-talking, he kept open the lines of communication with criminals who would call him with crucial information.

Guided by a set of mantras – the answer’s in the file…every family deserves answers….an ounce of information is worth a ton of investigation – Ron led his team by example, earning himself the nickname ‘The Great Man.’

A regular on the nightly news, Ron became the dogged face of Australian justice. Working long hours, chasing leads and outwitting killers, Ron told his teams, ‘The answer is just one call away.’ And in 2015, that belief saw him crack one of Victoria’s oldest unsolved homicides, yet another remarkable feat in a life devoted to keeping the public safe.



1973 Joined Victoria Police

1980 Started at the Homicide Squad

1983 Completed Sergeants Course

1985 Seconded to the National Crime Authority (NCA)

1986 Awarded Chief Commissioner’s Certificate for
Bravery and Courage on Arrest on 29 May 1984

1987-88 Seconded to the Drug Squad

1989 Returned to the Homicide Squad

1989 Resigned from Victoria Police

1994 Rejoined Victoria Police and returned to the Homicide Squad

1999 Awarded the Blue Ribbon Foundation Angela Taylor
Scholarship to study Criminal Profiling and Serial Killers
at the FBI Academy, USA

2001 Awarded the Australian Police Medal (APM)

2007 Awarded Certificate of Recognition by Victoria Police
for Subject Matter Expertise in Suspicious Death

2008 Awarded the Chief Commissioner’s Ethical Leadership

2010 Awarded Commendation for Investigation into the Murder
of Erwin Kastenberger on 8 March 2005

2012 Awarded Policeman of the Year by the Blue Ribbon Foundation

2012 Awarded the Mick Miller Detective of the Year

2014 Finished at the Homicide Squad

2014 Appointed Secretary of the Police Association Victoria

2015 Awarded Order of Australia Medal (OAM)

2017 Retired from Police Association Victoria

2017 Appointed Community Safety Trustee, Victorian State Government