Femme fatales: Three cases of female serial killers

Males make up a big proportion of killers, moreso than women. In 2010, the FBI found that male were the offenders in over 90 per cent of their murder investigations. However, that doesn’t detract from the wide collection of killing sprees that were conducted by females, too. In fact, in many cases, some women were found…Read more

Male domestic violence: know the signs and learn how you can help

Domestic violence is a huge issue, but what people may not know is that a large amount of men are victims of it.

Cougar killers: The tragic murder of Eddie Miller by Michelle Mills

The 20-year-old Eddie Miller was in love with 30-year-old Michelle Mills. Sadly, this would spell his demise. In 2012 she killed him in cold blood.

The Death of Freddie Gray and the Birth of the Baltimore Riots

Unless you’ve been living under a particularly disconnected rock recently, chances are you’re aware of the riots that have rocked Baltimore.

2 Terrifying Voodoo Murders

When most people think of voodoo they imagine witch doctors and small dolls with pins in them…

3 Parents Who Abducted Their Own Children

From famous cases such as that of the Beaumont Children in the 1960s to the more recent case of Madeleine McCann, kidnappings are widely reported on and as a result is a parent’s worst fear.

Killer Profile – Charles Albright, The Texas Eyeball Killer

When it comes to gruesome murder stories, most people think of Ted Bundy or Jack the Ripper. This man is a whole different story.

2 Spooky Crimes That Were Never Solved

Murders and abductions are always unsettling to hear about, even if they’re on the other side of the world. We’re immediately reassured, however, to know that the perpetrator has been caught or that the police have a suspect.

2 Adoptions That Ended in Tragic Deaths

Adoption is a beautiful way for a parent-child relationship to come about. Children who, for whatever reason, are unable to be looked after by their biological parents can find a home with loving adoptive parents who want nothing more than to care for them and cherish them.

The Struggle To Leave: What Makes Women Stay With Abusive Partners?

When it comes to discussing domestic violence, and in particular intimate partner violence, one of the most frequently raised questions by outsiders is, “why don’t the victims leave their abusers?”

Two of Australia’s Most Infamous and Gruesome Killers

Australia might be known for its beautiful landscapes and friendly people, but scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find that this country has raised some truly terrible people.

Three Unbelievable Art Heists

The world of art can be a bewildering place to an outsider, who might find it difficult to comprehend that seemingly random splatters of paint on a canvas can be worth millions of dollars.

The Easiest Arrests of All Time

The mind of a criminal is a fascinating thing. From intricate bank robberies to carefully calculated kidnappings, sometimes you can’t help but wonder how these quick-thinking crooks manage to conceive such devious plans.

Using Mathematics to Identify The Patterns of a Serial Killer

Robbing someone of their life is arguably the worst crime anyone can commit. When the victims are children, young, happy and bright-eyed, it’s downright devilish.