Crime Profile: Yaser Said

On New Years Day 2008 a telephone operator on the 911 emergency telephone network took a call from what sounded like a young woman who cried in desperation “Help! My Dad shot me! I’m dying, I’m dying!” The call was traced to a taxicab in Irving, Texas, where two teenage sisters, Sarah and Amina Said, were found…Read more

Death on a Summer Night – The Murder of Anita Cobby

The 2nd February 1986 had been a very hot day. The temperature in Western Sydney had risen to 39.7C and very warm temperatures persisted well into the evening as nurse Anita Cobby returned towards her home via train from Central Station. She left the train at Blacktown Railway station and began walking down Newton Road towards…Read more

In Cold Blood – The Murder of Chris Lane

On the fine and hot afternoon of 16 August 2013 young Australian baseballer Chris Lane was on a training run through the streets of Duncan, Oklahoma when the crack of a shot shattered the quiet suburban scene. Lane screamed as a bullet tore into his back, mortally wounding him. Despite the best efforts of two locals, Lane…Read more

Crime Profile: Oliver O’Grady – The Pedophile Priest

In December 2010 police discovered a laptop computer accidentally left aboard an Aer Lingus flight, scheduled to travel from Amsterdam to Dublin, and were appalled to discover that numerous images of child pornography were stored on the device. After an investigation, Irish Police discovered that it was owned by Oliver O’Grady, a pedophile with a horrific…Read more

For the Other Half of the Sky – White Ribbon Week

On the afternoon of 6 December 1989 twenty-five year old Marc Lepine entered a mechanical engineering class at Montreal’s École Polytechnique, a class containing some 60 students. He then produced a rifle, and demanded that the women and men in the class separate, before ordering the men to leave the classroom. He explained his action through his hatred…Read more

Crime profile: The Washington Snipers

During October 2002 America was shocked by a series of shootings across the mid Atlantic/Washington area, during which ten people were killed and three injured. The shootings appeared to be entirely random in nature with a high powered rifle used in what appeared to be sniper style attacks on innocent people. The victims were shot at…Read more

Famous Last Words

Judicial executions are still practiced in many parts of the world, notably in the United States of America, where “capital punishment” remains in force across 32 states. In contrast the death sentence has been banned in Australia, with the last execution taking place in 1967 with the hanging of Ronald Ryan. The process of putting someone to…Read more

Crime Profile: Gavin Perry

On 12th July 2013, 64 year-old Dermot O’Toole, a jeweller of Hastings on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, was attending his shop with wife Bridget when they were suddenly confronted by a knife-wielding robber. Mrs O’Toole was shoved violently into a cabinet and was stabbed several times. Mr O’Toole positioned himself to protect his wife and was stabbed…Read more

Crime profile: Mark DeFriest

The criminal career of Florida man Mark DeFriest is one of the more bizarre in the history of American criminology. He was originally gaoled for four years over the theft of a set of work tools but this unremarkable event was to mushroom into an incredible period of 34 years behind bars.  This massive extension of…Read more

Innocent Man Executed – The Colin Ross Story

In the early morning of 31st December 1921 a bottle collector doing his rounds found the naked body of a young girl sprawled in Gun Alley, a small laneway that ran off Little Collins Street in the heart of Melbourne’s central business district. She was Alma Tirtschke, a twelve-year-old girl who had been sent by her…Read more

Knife Wielding Maniac – Jack The Ripper

In the early hours of Friday 31 August 1888, a terribly mutilated woman’s body was discovered in a backstreet of the Whitechapel area in the East End of London. Investigators were shocked by the incredible brutality of the murder, with the woman’s body disfigured by multiple knife slash wounds. A little over a week later another…Read more

Peter Sutcliffe – the Yorkshire Ripper

A police traffic check was conducted in a street in Broomhill, Sheffield, on 2nd January 1981, and one vehicle caught in the dragnet proved to have false number plates, leading to the arrest of the driver, Peter Sutcliffe. West Yorkshire Police became increasingly interested in this event as Sutcliffe’s appearance matched descriptions of the man…Read more

The Diabolical Katherine Knight

On the morning of March 1 2000 the police attended a house at Aberdeen in the Hunter Valley of NSW. This was in response to a report of blood on the front doorstep of the dwelling that was owned by local man John price, who was reported missing from work. After forcing entry the police were…Read more

John Wayne Gacy – Pogo the Killer Clown

On December 21 1978 police searched the house of John Wayne Gacy, an Illinois local, in connection with a missing teenage boy. The police were shocked to find the remains of several young men in the crawl space beneath the house – 26 in all. Gacy admitted to the murders, together with several more, with police believing…Read more

Jeffrey Dahmer – the Milwaukee Cannibal

Police on a routine patrol around North 25th Street in Milwaukee on the night of July 22 1991 were surprised when flagged down by a distressed young man with a set of handcuffs dangling from a wrist. He claimed that he had escaped from a nearby apartment inhabited by a “freak” who had tried to kill…Read more

Crime Profile: Dennis Nilsen

On 8 February 1983, Michael Cattran, a plumber, responded to a “blocked drain” call at a block of flats in 23 Cranley Gardens in Muswell Hill, a suburb of North London. After further investigation it was discovered that the blockage was produced by human flesh and the police then linked the drain concerned with one of the…Read more

Crime Profile: Charles Manson

On the morning of 9 August 1969, the housekeeper attending the residence of actress Sharon Tate arrived at the house at 10050 Cielo Drive, north of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. She encountered a truly nightmarish scene when she discovered several bodies in and around the house, including Sharon Tate, herself, who was more than eight months…Read more

Ariel Castro: Kidnapper, Rapist, Pervert

A quiet neighbourhood in Tremont, Cleveland, was disturbed one morning by a woman’s screams coming from a house in Seymour Avenue and neighbours investigating were able to free her by knocking a hole in the front door. It was 6 May 2013 and the woman identified herself as Amanda Berry, claiming that she had been kidnapped and…Read more

Anders Breivik – The Killer From Norway

Lone gunmen who commit mass murder are the outriders of humanity – even by criminal standards they are a breed apart. It is difficult to see a common pattern in their behaviour apart from the obvious issue of mental illness. At the top of this list – the worst gun massacre by an individual  –…Read more

Aileen Wuornos – The Florida Monster

From late 1989 into the autumn of 1990 police in Florida investigated a series of puzzling murders. All the six victims were middle aged white men that had been shot multiple times and their bodies found around rural areas near various Florida highways. In addition, another man, Peter Siems was reported missing from the same area, with…Read more