Peter Sutcliffe – the Yorkshire Ripper

A police traffic check was conducted in a street in Broomhill, Sheffield, on 2nd January 1981, and one vehicle caught in the dragnet proved to have false number plates, leading to the arrest of the driver, Peter Sutcliffe. West Yorkshire Police became increasingly interested in this event as Sutcliffe’s appearance matched descriptions of the man…Read more

The Diabolical Katherine Knight

On the morning of March 1 2000 the police attended a house at Aberdeen in the Hunter Valley of NSW. This was in response to a report of blood on the front doorstep of the dwelling that was owned by local man John price, who was reported missing from work. After forcing entry the police were…Read more

John Wayne Gacy – Pogo the Killer Clown

On December 21 1978 police searched the house of John Wayne Gacy, an Illinois local, in connection with a missing teenage boy. The police were shocked to find the remains of several young men in the crawl space beneath the house – 26 in all. Gacy admitted to the murders, together with several more, with police believing…Read more

Jeffrey Dahmer – the Milwaukee Cannibal

Police on a routine patrol around North 25th Street in Milwaukee on the night of July 22 1991 were surprised when flagged down by a distressed young man with a set of handcuffs dangling from a wrist. He claimed that he had escaped from a nearby apartment inhabited by a “freak” who had tried to kill…Read more

Crime Profile: Dennis Nilsen

On 8 February 1983, Michael Cattran, a plumber, responded to a “blocked drain” call at a block of flats in 23 Cranley Gardens in Muswell Hill, a suburb of North London. After further investigation it was discovered that the blockage was produced by human flesh and the police then linked the drain concerned with one of the…Read more

Crime Profile: Charles Manson

On the morning of 9 August 1969, the housekeeper attending the residence of actress Sharon Tate arrived at the house at 10050 Cielo Drive, north of Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. She encountered a truly nightmarish scene when she discovered several bodies in and around the house, including Sharon Tate, herself, who was more than eight months…Read more

Ariel Castro: Kidnapper, Rapist, Pervert

A quiet neighbourhood in Tremont, Cleveland, was disturbed one morning by a woman’s screams coming from a house in Seymour Avenue and neighbours investigating were able to free her by knocking a hole in the front door. It was 6 May 2013 and the woman identified herself as Amanda Berry, claiming that she had been kidnapped and…Read more

Anders Breivik – The Killer From Norway

Lone gunmen who commit mass murder are the outriders of humanity – even by criminal standards they are a breed apart. It is difficult to see a common pattern in their behaviour apart from the obvious issue of mental illness. At the top of this list – the worst gun massacre by an individual  –…Read more

Aileen Wuornos – The Florida Monster

From late 1989 into the autumn of 1990 police in Florida investigated a series of puzzling murders. All the six victims were middle aged white men that had been shot multiple times and their bodies found around rural areas near various Florida highways. In addition, another man, Peter Siems was reported missing from the same area, with…Read more

An Innocent man – The Ryan Ferguson Story

Shortly after 2 am on 1 November 2001, the body of Kent Heitholt, a sports editor with the Columbia Daily Tribune, was found in the newspaper’s parking lot. There were unmistakable signs of violence, with significant head injuries, and it was later discovered that Heitholt had also been strangled. Two janitors working nearby at the time later…Read more

Zak Grieve – Guilty but not Present

In late October 2011 Northern Territory police discovered the battered body of a man near a road close to the outback town of Katherine. He had been bludgeoned to death and the investigation immediately turned to one of murder. The victim was identified as Raymond Niceforo, a well-known local from Katherine with a history of violent…Read more

The Somerton Man – an Enduring Mystery

In the early daylight hours of 1 December 1948 police were called to investigate the body of a man discovered at Somerton Beach, near Adelaide.  He was lying in the sand head resting on the sea wall, with no signs of violence on the body. He was well dressed, of white Anglo Saxon in appearance, fit looking…Read more

L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology

Scientology is a religious philosophy based on the works and beliefs of L. Ron Hubbard, a writer who achieved prominence in the 1950’s through his work “Dianetics”, the Modern Science of Mental Health”. This publication proposed that humans could achieve spiritual advancement through “an organized science of thought built on definite axioms: statements of natural…Read more

Court Justice: Sydney – 3 Things We Learned From Episode 10

In Australia’s busiest local court, the hardworking Magistrates of the Downing Centre often have difficult deliberations when handing down sentences. Measuring the severity of a crime against the circumstances surrounding it is a difficult task. In episode ten of Court Justice: Sydney, we saw the magistrates hand down a sentence to a young man caught…Read more

Mass Murder in Russia – The Rostov Ripper

In September 1978 the body of a 9-year-old girl was found near the Russian coal-mining town of Rostov-on-Don, and police discovered she had been strangled and stabbed. Over the next twelve years a shocking total of 52 women and children, both girls and boys, were found murdered in parts of Russia, Ukraine and Uzbek, most killed with…Read more

Scams – The Growing Crime of the 21st Century

Scams – operations often organised by professional criminals – are tricks or ruses designed to take money or obtain personal details from targeted individuals.  Scams have been operating across recorded history, but during the 21st century have powered up massively with the advent of the Internet, with so called “online scams” becoming a rising global…Read more

The Intrigue of Crime – Fascination in the Extreme

The fascination that many, if not most of us, hold for crime is not easily explained, likely because there are many reasons behind it, rather than just one or two. Also these reasons are highly subjective, cannot be measured and in some cases are just as illogical and as difficult to explain as crime itself….Read more

Court Justice: Sydney – 3 Things We Learned From Episode 9

In Australia’s busiest local court a surprising number of defendants choose to do without a lawyer and instead represent themselves. Episode nine of Court Justice: Sydney saw a young driver, a homeless man and a law-abiding grandmother who all decided to argue against their charges without legal assistance. Here’s what we learned from episode nine….Read more

Court Justice: Sydney – 4 Things We Learned From Episode 8

Drink driving is an endemic problem around the world – tens of thousands of people are charged with the offence every year. The magistrates in Sydney’s busiest court have minimal tolerance for drink drivers, especially for repeat offenders. Episode eight of Court Justice: Sydney saw three drink drivers suffer the consequences of their actions. Here’s…Read more

Court Justice: Sydney – 5 Things We Learned From Episode 7

Over half the defendants who appear in Australia’s busiest local court will re-offend within ten years. On episode seven of Court Justice: Sydney, we met four serial offenders as they walked a familiar path to the court to appear before the Downing Centre’s frustrated Magistrates. Here’s what we learned from episode seven. 56% of the…Read more