Court Justice: Sydney – 4 Things We Learned From Episode 8

Drink driving is an endemic problem around the world – tens of thousands of people are charged with the offence every year. The magistrates in Sydney’s busiest court have minimal tolerance for drink drivers, especially for repeat offenders. Episode eight of Court Justice: Sydney saw three drink drivers suffer the consequences of their actions. Here’s…Read more

Court Justice: Sydney – 5 Things We Learned From Episode 7

Over half the defendants who appear in Australia’s busiest local court will re-offend within ten years. On episode seven of Court Justice: Sydney, we met four serial offenders as they walked a familiar path to the court to appear before the Downing Centre’s frustrated Magistrates. Here’s what we learned from episode seven. 56% of the…Read more

Court Justice: Sydney – 5 Things We Learned From Episode 6

Australia’s drug epidemic brings a lot of people before Australia’s busiest local court. In episode six of Court Justice: Sydney, drug related crime landed a housewife and a plumber before the courts on serious charges. The balance between rehabilitation and punishment is a tricky one, so here’s what we learned from episode six. Drug offences…Read more

Court Justice: Sydney – 5 Things We Learned From Episode 5

Sydney’s busiest local courts are home to heartbroken parents supporting errant children as they face the full weight of the law. Episode 5 of Court Justice: Sydney saw a young man who attacked police at Mardi Gras, a budding athlete who had been caught in possession of ice, and a man on a second drink driving…Read more

Murder In The Mall – The Strathfield Massacre

In the afternoon of 17 August 1991 the scene at the Strathfield Plaza shopping centre was the usual Saturday scene of busy activity through the retail hub as people did their weekend shopping and enjoyed the cafés in the area. Abruptly, with no warning whatever, a man sitting in a café called “The Coffee Pot” pulled a…Read more