My Father The Murderer

In order for me to be born, a stranger had to die. Now my quest to uncover the truth.


Just how much of the story of ‘how you came to be’ makes up who you are today? This is a question Nina Young has often pondered, because Nina might not be here today if a woman hadn’t lost her life late one night in the bush in 1977.

Nina’s mum met her father in prison in the early 80’s. She was a tutor; he was there serving life for the murder of a woman who he had strangled to death.

Denise and Allan’s wedding.

Nina’s mum didn’t know the extent of his crimes when she fell in love with him, by the time she did, she was in too deep. She fell pregnant with Nina just after his release from jail; she had to flee from him in the night before Nina turned two due to abuse. She had to wrestle Nina out of his arms. To this day Nina still thinks about what would have happened that night if she hadn’t succeeded.

Baby Nina with father Allan.

Nina grew up knowing that her father was a bad person who had been in jail for a violent crime, but she didn’t discover the extent of the crime until she did her on research online in her 20’s.

In this podcast series, Nina explores all the elements that come together to make up a person’s story.

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Ep 1: Seeking Answers (Out Now)

Nina grew up knowing her biological dad was a ‘bad man’. She knew her mum met him in prison, but didn’t ask many questions. That changed, when she uncovered the horrible truth about how he ended up in jail.

Allan and Nina at the park.


Ep 2: Imperfect Love (launching Sunday October 14)

Love isn’t always written in the stars. When it is, it isn’t always good for you. What does it feel like to discover that the man you love has committed a brutal murder?