Must Watch

Must Watch is a curation of some of the world’s most critically acclaimed and award winning true-crime documentary films, showcasing the most confronting, chilling and thought-provoking films from the last two decades. These are the films you need to see this month:

Interview With A Murderer 
Saturday August 3 at 9.30pm AEST

Criminologist professor David Wilson conducts a series of interviews with convicted murderer Bert Spencer: the man never charged with, yet widely suspected of, the murder of paper-boy Carl Bridgewater in 1978.

Smart Justice: The Jayme Closs Case
Saturday August 10 at 9.30pm AEST

13-year-old Jayme Closs was kidnapped from her home in Wisconsin, after watching the murder of her mother and father before her eyes. After 88 days in captivity, which began in October 2018, Jayme managed to break free, run for help, and was ultimately rescued. The special is hosted by famed survivor Elizabeth Smart, who was held captive for nine months at the age of 14 until rescued by authorities. Now an activist  and advocate for missing persons, Smart leads a roundtable of women who know Jayme’s nightmare all too well, including, Gina DeJesus, Katie Beers, Kara Robinson Chamberlin, Alicia Kozakiewicz, Denise Huskins and Sarah Maynard. These women are all survivors of their own infamous abductions, assaults and attacks and for the first time, are coming together with Elizabeth to help provide valuable insight to Jayme’s story.

Killer In The Classroom: Never Again
Saturday August 17 at 9.30pm AEST

In February 2018, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, carrying a semi-automatic rifle. He killed fourteen pupils and three members of staff. In the aftermath of one of the worst mass school shootings in recent history, students from the school organised what became a global, youth-led movement, campaigning for stricter gun laws in America. With filming beginning shortly after the shooting, this documentary follows pupils from the school, including Lewis Mizen, a 17-year-old British senior, as they take on the establishment to demand change. The film also tells the stories of some of the other students affected by the shooting.

The Hunting Ground
Saturday August 24 at 9.30pm AEST

Hear the stories of students who have been sexually assaulted on US university campuses. The film follows survivors pursuing both their education and justice in the face of institutional  failure to respond effectively.

Warren Jeffs: Prophet of EvilMA ratingSaturday August 31 at 9.30pm AEST

Warren Jeffs is the religious prophet to roughly 15,000 followers of the FLDS Church, before going to jail for child sexual abuse in 2011. He married 78 wives, had more than 50 children, and controlled millions of dollars for the church .