Must Watch

Must Watch is a curation of some of the world’s most critically acclaimed and award winning true-crime documentary films, showcasing the most confronting, chilling and thought-provoking films from the last two decades. These are the films you need to see this month:

m-ratingLooking for Mike
Saturday August 5 at 9:30pm AEST

Follow filmmaker, Dylan Reibling as he investigates the mysterious death of his friend, computer salesman Michael De Bourcier. Mike’s sudden death in 2002 has remained an unsolved cold case with the Toronto Police – until the filmmakers started digging deeper. They attempt to uncover his real identity, search for his family and friends, and try to understand the strange series of events leading up to his death.

m-ratingRuby Ridge
Saturday August 12 at 9:30pm AEST

Shortly before dawn on August 21, 1992, six heavily armed U.S. marshals made their way up to the isolated mountaintop home of Randy and Vicki Weaver and their children on Ruby Ridge in Northern Idaho. Charged with selling two illegal sawed-off shotguns to an undercover agent, Weaver had failed to appear in court and law enforcement was tasked with bringing him in. For months, the Weavers had been holed up on their property with a cache of firearms, including automatic weapons. When the federal agents surveilling the property crossed paths with members of the family, a firefight broke out. The standoff that mesmerised the nation would leave Weaver injured, his wife and son dead, and some convinced that the federal government was out of control. Drawing upon eyewitness accounts, including interviews with Weaver’s daughter, Sara, and federal agents involved in the confrontation, Ruby Ridge is a riveting account of the event that helped give rise to the modern American militia movement.

m-ratingLife And Death Row: Love Triangle
Saturday August 19 at 9:30pm AEST

From the makers of the highly acclaimed Life and Death Row series, this specially produced short form content tells the story of Heather, a beautiful young wife and mother, who has disappeared without trace. Her adulterous husband Joshua and his pregnant lover Emilia are brought in for questioning. What has happened to Heather and who is telling the truth? Published alongside this eight part series is evidence linked to the case, including witness statements, secret police recordings and photos of the crime scene. Will one man’s love triangle become a death sentence for both women?

m-ratingThe Modern British Slave Trade
Saturday August 26 at 9:30pm AEST

A unique insight into the hidden world of modern slavery in the UK, seen through the eyes of people trapped in forced labour and the investigators who are trying to tackle this criminal industry.