Leader of the Los Zetas Cartel apprehended

On this day former Los Zetas cartel leader, Miguel Treviño Morales (aka Z-40), was arrested crossing the border of Tamaulipas state by Mexican Miltary. One of the most wanted kingpins in Mexico at the time Morales was known for his cruel and brutal behavior which became a calling card for his cartel. Los Zetas considered to be one of the most violent of Mexico’s cartels were the perpetrators of the San Fernando massacre, a mass killing of close to 200 people at La Joya ranch. The cartel hijacked buses filled with civilians, tortured, and assaulted those on board, then burying them in mass graves. The reason for this is still unknown. At the time of his arrest, Morales had $2 million in cash, eight weapons, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition on his person.