Homicide Hunter – Podcasts

Homicide Hunter – Podcasts

Lt Joe Kenda spent 23 years in the force, solving an unprecedented 387 homicide investigations with a 92% solve rate. crime + investigation delves deeper into the life the Homicide Hunter with our podcasts.

Episode 1 – Murder in the First

In the first episode, Lt. Joe Kenda describes the sights, sounds and distressing smells on his first homicide call. He also dispels many falsehoods we’ve learned from Hollywood, including the truth about the “dead man’s fall” and the idea that cops don’t get scared.

Episode 2 – The Toughest Cases

When you’ve worked on hundreds of homicide cases, what is life like when you’re not on the job? Lt. Joe Kenda talks about the the victims that haunt him to this day and what it’s like to live with PTSD. It’s certainly not like the movies…

Episode 3 – The Motives for Murder

Lt. Joe Kenda knows that murder is simple because humans are simple. Many people are surprised to learn that there are only three motives for murder. In this week’s episode of Detective, Kenda explains what drives someone to kill and why trying to understand a sociopath can be a losing battle.

Episode 4 – Money as a Motive for Murder

On this episode, Lt. Joe Kenda talks about money as a motive for murder. We often think that it takes millions to motivate a killer, but Kenda explains that a sum as little as 50 cents can prompt someone to take a life.

Episode 5 – Sex as a Motive for Murder

On this episode, Lt. Joe Kenda explains the man ways that sex motivates someone to kill. From love triangles to domestic violence, sex accounts for one of the three motives for murder

Episode 6 – Revenge as a Motive for Murder

On this episode Lt. Kenda discuses the third motive for murder, revenge. Kenda describes revenge killings and how they can lead to a first degree murder charge. These cases are almost always pre-meditated, as the killer is calculating and mad.

Episode 7 – The Cold Cases

In this episode, Lt Joe Kenda talks about what causes a case to go cold and what can be done to solve it.

Episode 8 – The Qualities of a Great Detective

On this episode, Lt Joe Kenda describes what qualities make a great detective and what it takes to do the job.

Episode 9 – Married to the Job and Married with a Family

Lt Joe Kenda explains what it’s like when you’re married to the job and married with a family.

Episode 10 – When you just can’t do it anymore

On this episode Lt Joe Kenda talks about the day he decided to retire – 23 years and 6 months to the day since he put the badge on.