Babies Behind Bars Episodes

Episode 1 – They Can Take Your Baby Away

A controversial prison nursery program at the Indiana Women’s Prison allows a few select inmates to raise their babies behind bars. But the rules are strict; there’s zero tolerance on Wee One’s Unit 7, and one slip-up can result in an inmate mom losing her child.

Episode 2 – Gay For The Stay

As prison relationships are strictly forbidden, Brandi risks losing her daughter Addison if she gets caught with her girlfriend LaRitha. Taylor gives birth to premature twins, and Officer Leath confronts an inmate who started a fight.

Episode 3 – Drugs Is The Devil

Stephanie hopes for the early release that will enable her to bring her daughter Abigail home even though she hasn’t completed her drug abuse treatment. Inmate nanny Ruthanne desperately wants to reunite with the son she hasn’t seen in a year, but strict visitation guidelines might make that impossible. Unit 7 celebrates its first milestone in years as baby Addison reaches her 1st birthday.

Episode 4 – I Don’t Want To See This Place Ever Again

Stephanie finally has her day in court, hoping for the early release that will allow her to bring baby Abigail home. Maranda, an inmate nanny, risks getting kicked out the Wee Ones program because of her girlfriend. Taylor tries to convince prison officials to let her premature twins join her.

Episode 5 – That Bitch Ate My Cake

After Officer Leath cracks down, Sydney fears her daughter Aubree will be taken away. A new pregnant inmate Donyell enters the program and is immediately targeted by the mean girls who accuse her of stealing a radio.

Episode 6 – Why Be Good?

Jeanie goes into premature labor and is rushed to the hospital. Brandi gets into trouble, and confronts the woman she thinks snitched on her. Stephanie’s mother wants baby Abigail to come live with her, but Stephanie resists.

Episode 7 – We Have An Emergency

A mother’s worst nightmare occurs as Jeanie’s son Nollan stops breathing during a routine doctor’s visit. Maranda, who is fed up with being a nanny, moves out of the Wee Ones unit. Taylor sees her premature twins for the time since their birth.

Episode 8 – Mommies Can Conquer The World

Brandi struggles to get ready for her parole hearing and possible release. Three inmates vie for the new, highly coveted Nanny position, but a mean-girl clique has strong opinions on who should win. Donyell gives birth to a baby girl.

Episode 9 – God’s Got The Last Say

Stakes run high as Brandi finally goes before a hostile parole board to plead her case. Two pregnant inmates apply for the Wee Ones program which has only one open spot. Maranda goes through a bitter breakup with her girlfriend Kelly.

Episode 10 – Believe In Me

Brandi wins parole, but life outside the prison walls is hard for her and daughter Addison. Stephanie’s family visits, and baby Abigail gets to meet her two big brothers for the first time.