Debi Marshall Investigates Frozen Lies Podcast

What begins with a body in a kitchen freezer leads Debi Marshall to a sordid trail of seduction and lies, from Adelaide to the Outback to the Adriatic Coast. Debi’s investigation is the story of the five-part true crime series on Crime + Investigation; Debi Marshall Investigates Frozen Lies.  But the story of murder victim Derrance Stevenson, draws Debi into the web of one of Australia’s most terrifying network of paedophiles, known colloquially as ‘The Family’. Despite the horrifying scale of the crimes, only one perpetrator has ever been brought to justice.

This gripping podcast reveals Debi’s investigative process and additional material to the TV series, while also following Debi’s new leads as she chases fresh information, tries to lift suppression orders, and attempts to bring justice for the victims.

Episode 1 will be available from September 17.