Debi Marshall Investigates Frozen Lies Episodes

Investigative crime journalist Debi Marshall explores one of Australia’s most sensational murders – the case of the Lawyer in the Freezer.  Did baby-faced David Szach shoot his lover, criminal barrister Derrance Stevenson, and seal his body in the deep freeze?  Or, is this case as David claims, a gross miscarriage of justice and murky dealings led to the lawyer’s execution, for which David was the fall guy?  With the help of FBI-trained criminal profiler Kris Illingsworth, Debi embarks on an investigation that stretches from the Australian outback to the Adriatic coast, leading her into a terrifying web of abductions, serial killings and cover-ups.

Episode 1 – The Man Behind The Mask

Investigative journalist Debi Marshall explores one of Australia’s most sensational murders, the Lawyer in the Freezer. An enquiry that leads Debi down a darker path exposing even more sinister crimes.

Episode 2- Too Many Mysteries

Criminal profiler Kris Illingsworth helps Debi unravel Derrance Stevenson’s double life, while three crucial witnesses point to others being involved in his murder.

Episode 3- The Boy Under The Bridge

Tempers flare when David confronts a key witness. Later, Debi explores the long-rumoured link between Derrance Stevenson and The infamous Family Murders.

Episode 4- Dead Men Tell Tales

Debi hears the horrifying story of what happened to the first-known murder victim of The Family and the shattered lives that were left behind.  What clues to the killing spree are hidden in a secret diary?

Episode 5- Chasing Monsters

Debi travels to Italy to track down a key person who has fled the country. Kris Illingsworth re-stages the crime scene which exposes astonishing revelations as Debi puts to David the results of her investigation.