Agricultural Bank of China robbery

This date marks the beginning of the Agricultural Bank of China robbery, considered to be the largest bank robbery in China’s history. The robbery was committed by two of the banks managers Ren Xiaofeng and Ma Xiangjing, who one year prior had also stolen 200,000 yuan from the bank. They used the money to buy 200,000 yuan worth of lottery tickets in hopes of replacing the money as well as turning a profit.

After successfully turning a profit with the lottery winnings Ren and Ma replaced the money and planned on a bigger gamble. The two then stole 32.96 million yuan from the bank, again spending close to all of it on lottery tickets. Unfortunately for them lightening did not strike twice.

Losing close to all of the stolen money, they then stole another 18 million yuan to and tried to bet it again, only recuperating 12,000 yuan in winnings. it did not come close to the 40 million yuan they were looking for, but was considered a large winning amongst the lottery in their province. After rising some suspicion from co-workers the duo fled using the remaining money to buy fake IDs. They were arrested shortly after and charged with embezzlement. The two were found guilty, and executed only a year later.