6 Most Shocking Moments from 60 Days In

6 Most Shocking Moments from 60 Days In

Violence, drugs, gangs and bullying are words commonly associated with the prison system, but the confronting reality far outweighs your expectations in the gripping, jaw-dropping series, 60 Days In.

With only a few episodes left in the series, which follows seven innocent participants who enter the Clark County Jail in Indiana by their own free will, we thought we would recap on the most shocking moments of the season so far…and trust us, there are a lot to choose from.

1. Jeff is attacked and leaves the program

Ricky, a fellow inmate, claims the TV told him Jeff was a child molester and lashes out by attacking Jeff when he was sleeping in his bunk. The positioning of the CTV cameras inside the pod meant the incident went by undetected by the guards.

jeff jpeg

2. Robert…and everything he does

From his initial expectation that the prison would be like a country club; to his concern that it might be “too easy”; covering the CTV camera with a towel, which is one of the top rules in prison; and his claims that “I’m not merely surviving solitary confinement, I’m flourishing” – where do we start with Robert’s most shocking moments?



3. Tami confronts Boston

Tensions build in the women’s pod between Boston and Tami, our very own hard-hitting police officer participant. Tami refuses to be bossed around by a younger inmate and confronts Boston, but the situation quickly escalates.

Maryum is wise enough to go against her natural instinct as she sits back, eats her popcorn and enjoys the show.

4. DiAundré is attacked

DiAundré tries to guide Robert on the dos and don’ts of the jail and becomes his only friend in the pod, however pays the painful and shocking consequence.

5. Infiltration of drugs

Whether it’s buying another inmate’s prescription drugs, heroin being smuggled into the prison, or other inventive methods of getting high, the Clark County Jail is by no means a rehab alternative.

6. Raid on D-pod

Adorned in riot gear and enacting moves not too dissimilar to those we see of SWAT teams, the officers raid D-pod, pulling apart light fixtures, bunks and rifling through inmate’s belongings in search of contraband. They discover a jail-made shank hidden in the lights.

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