The Forensic Squad


Scotland's forensic scientists are world-class and only they work from crime scene to court. This series reveals the gritty, pain-staking, but riveting forensic investigations of true, infamous murders, for the first time ever.

We see exactly how the anatomy of a murder, through the eyes of dedicated forensic scientists, helped put some of Britain's most ruthless killers behind bars. Including the definitive Peter Tobin story, revealing how forensics ended the serial killer's career; the high-profile Chicago mob-style gangland hit that saw 3D imagery used for the first time and Scotland's longest ever sentence - how 5 thugs kidnapped, tortured and killed a 15 year-old, some fleeing to Pakistan, nailed by unique forensics.

The Forensic Squad delivers a unique, absolutely engrossing insight into the world of forensics certain to keep you glued to the screen...

Photo of Forensic Scientist


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