Outback Coroner


In the harshest of landscapes these OUTBACK CORONERS must find answers to unexplained, unnatural or unexpected deaths to provide families with closure after the death of a loved one.

An 8 x 1 hour observational documentary series, OUTBACK CORONER follows State and Territory Coroners as they navigate time, distance, suspicion and culture in search of answers. In the most remote regions of Australia - from Alice Springs and the remote desert of Central Australia, to the tropical expanses of the North and the isolated wilderness of Tasmania - they must investigate violent and unexplained deaths.

Drawing you into the mindset of State and Territory Coroners and the challenges confronted by their teams, OUTBACK CORONER gives a unique insight into the investigative process as these professionals study the forensic evidence, order autopsies and conduct inquests. It’s the oldest office in the English legal system but in outback Australia the difficulties of geography and the tyranny of distance provide unique challenges.

Nothing can take away the pain of losing a loved one, but knowing what happened to them is vital to helping families, friends and communities move on, and this is something the coroners know all too well.

Photo of Coroner     Photo of Outback
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