Homicide Hunter

  1. Season 1

  2. 1

    Gilbert Archibeque

    Five people, including two young sisters, are shot in a cold-blooded robbery at a Colorado Springs bar and nearby convenience store. Much of the evidence is destroyed in a fire set by the suspect. But a newly installed surveillance camera captures a fuzzy snapshot of the killer. Lt. Joe Kenda leads an exhaustive manhunt hoping to find a name to match the face in the photo. His search ends in a chilling confrontation with an Eagle Scout turned killer.

  3. 2

    Dianne Hood

    Mother of three Dianne Hood is shot to death by a masked assailant on her way home from a support meeting for Lupus patients. Because the killer stole the victim's purse, police initially assume it's a robbery gone wrong. But based on eyewitness testimony, Lt. Joe Kenda believes the gunman intentionally targeted the victim. As he races to find the killer, Kenda uncovers a sordid web of lust and greed - and learns that everything he thought he knew about this case is dead wrong.

  4. 3

    Elsie Jennes

    First responders fighting a house fire discover the bullet-riddled corpse of housewife Elsie Jennes in the basement. Lt Joe Kenda has no leads until Elsie's son, William, turns up in a police station over 50 miles away, equipped with a suitcase, a pet golden retriever, and a bizarre story to tell. The child claims that his father is a secret agent on the run from murderous assassins. Kenda begins to unravel the web of conspiracy and mystery only to discover a reality even more shocking than fiction.

  5. 4

    Maggie Fetty

    Maggie Fetty, a 16-year-old runaway, is found strangled to death and dumped on the side of a desolate mountain road. An anonymous tipster implicates Fetty's best friend - who in turn points her finger at a mental patient with multiple personalities. The suspects begin to rack up, each with a differing version of events, and Lieutenant Joe Kenda finds himself at the centre of a web of lies. Kenda must turn the suspects against each other to piece together the cruel truth.

  6. 5

    Layne Schmidtke

    Off duty soldier and father of two Layne Schmidtke is brutally beaten to death by a mob of angry teenagers on his way home from a bar. Joe Kenda must meticulously reconstruct the chaotic scene through a conflicting assortment of witness testimonies, but his hopes rest on forensic evidence taken at the scene. As the mystery unfolds, a group of high school girls bravely step forward to reveal a shocking motive and an unlikely suspect as the murderous ringleader.

  7. 6

    Missy Berry

    Hard-working fast food manager Missy Berry is found in an idling car at a deserted intersection with a single bullet wound to the head. Lieutenant Joe Kenda retraces Berry's path and uncovers a few promising leads. When the investigation reaches an impasse, Kenda gets a tip from a fellow cop that shines a light on an unassuming suspect. But as Kenda gets closer to cracking the case, a surprise twist takes him into uncharted territory.

  8. 7

    J.L. Jackson

    Promising student J.L. Jackson is gunned down in a vicious shooting, only steps from his high school. To find out who wanted the popular 14 year old dead, Lieutenant Joe Kenda must comb through the unreliable testimony of dozens of teen witnesses, and assemble a timeline of the events leading up to the murder. As the pieces fall into place, Kenda uncovers a simmering vendetta stemming from a heated lunchroom confrontation, and zeros in on a new kid with a violent and overprotective family.

  9. 8

    Sophia Gerardo

    When first responders discover the lifeless bodies of Sophia Gerardo, four children and a house cat, police suspect they've stumbled onto the gruesome aftermath of a ritualistic mass murder. But when Lieutenant Joe Kenda takes over the investigation, he discovers a reality far more frightening and deadly than anyone could have imagined. After a series of false leads, Kenda uncovers a bizarre chain of events that bring him face to face with a stealthy killer and an unwitting accomplice.

  10. 9

    Betty Limbrick

    Fifteen-year-old Chuck Limbrick returns home from school to find his mother, Betty Limbrick, shot dead on the floor. Evidence initially points to a robbery gone wrong, but Lt. Joe Kenda thinks there's more to the story. He suspects that someone in Betty Limbrick's life wanted the church-going mother of four dead. Kenda cycles through a list of promising leads, but none pan out. Then he discovers a key piece of evidence that leads him to a cold-blooded conspiracy almost too shocking to believe.

  11. 10

    Christopher Devoy

    Twenty-nine-year-old Good Samaritan Chris Devoy is shot in cold blood in the parking lot of a neighbourhood bar. Faced with a trio of suspects, but a lack of hard evidence, Lieutenant Joe Kenda must trust his gut and make a controversial decision that sparks the ire of his team. It appears as if the case has hit a dead end when an unexpected phone call sends Kenda in a new direction and confirms that his instincts were right all along.

  12. 11

    Into Thin Air

    December 19, 1991. Twenty-four-year-old Lorraine Laribo is dropped off at a bar by her sister's boyfriend, Anthony. It's the last time anyone would ever see her alive again. A distraught family and determined police force search for Lorraine for over a month. But in the endless streets, fields and surrounding areas of Colorado Springs they come up empty. Detectives develop a host of suspects and endless theories but get no closer to finding the missing girl. In late January, a jogger discovers the body of a young girl lying in a creek bed. Lorraine has been found at last but the mystery remains. Did Lorraine's abusive boyfriend Jerome have something to do with her death? Did a random stranger kidnap and murder the young girl? Or does Anthony, the last person to see Lorraine alive, know more than he is telling the police? Detective Kenda must use his formidable interrogation skills and decades of experience to find her killer.

  13. 12

    Everybody Lies

    November 30, 1994. After church deacon, Robert Walton is beaten to death in a public park, homicide detective Joe Kenda searches for a killer, but has few clues. The investigation turns controversial when detectives mount a vice sting that both stuns the public and angers Walton's widow. The case finally heats up when Kenda and his team revisit and old friend with a secret. Did the religious leader have a dark side? The search for the truth leads Kenda to a confrontation with a killer who claims self-defence.

  14. 13

    Six Feet Under

    April 7, 1987. An officer investigates an abandoned vehicle parked outside a cemetery. He spots a large object in the back seat, wrapped in a blanket. The officer looks closer and sees a human foot. Homicide detectives are immediately called to the scene. Detective Kenda arrives to find the body of a bruised and battered young woman named Vicki Ross. She has been strangled and left in the back seat of her own car. Vicki is a recovering drug addict and as detectives collect evidence and investigate leads, they are drawn into the seedy drug culture of Colorado Springs. Detective Kenda must sort through the endless suspicious characters in Vicki's past to find the elusive truth; and when Kenda finally comes face to face with Vicki's killer, will he be able to put the violent sociopath away for good?

  15. 14

    A Killer Always Rings Twice

    July 19, 1986. When 22-year-old Micki Filmore is found raped and murder in her apartment, detective Kenda focuses his investigation on her activities the previous night. Micki was seen dancing with a man who then paid a late night call to her door. This suspect claims he never went in the apartment, but he doesn't have a solid alibi. While Kenda waits for forensic tests results to clear or incriminate the person of interest, another murder in the same apartment complex shocks the investigators, and leads Kenda right back to an initial witness in the Micki Filmore murder.

  16. 15

    Chance Encounter

    When firefighters find Victor Woods stabbed to death in his burning apartment, homicide detective Joe Kenda tracks Colorado's most notorious serial killer. The trail leads investigators to a popular nightclub and a Hollywood-handsome suspect driving a souped-up muscle car, but then goes cold. The killer has moved south where his violent temper takes more lives. When a report surfaces connecting these new murders with the Victor Woods case, detective Kenda must convince Ronald Lee White to confess, or see him walk free.

  17. 16

    Secret Life

    March 26, 1985. After Lourdes Riddle in found strangled to death in the trunk of her car, homicide detective Joe Kenda follows the trail through a twisting maze of military and cultural secrets. Just what was Lourdes doing behind her husband's back? When rumors surface of a mysterious life, detective Kenda convinces an Army soldier to roll over on his buddy and expose the whole murderous affair.

  18. Season 2

  19. 1

    Weapon of Choice

    A beautiful Memorial Day turns deadly when mother-of-two, Shaundra Murr, is brutally run over in a quiet, residential neighbourhood. Police initially believe Shaundra was the victim of a standard hit and run, but Lt. Joe Kenda soon discovers evidence that suggests Shaundra's death wasn't quite so random. As Kenda digs deeper into the case, a bizarre tale of passion and jealousy unfolds - putting Kenda hot on the heels of a killer driven by rage.

  20. 2

    Preying on the Innocent

    When the son of a prominent politician is found beaten to death in the basement of his home, responding officers believe it's a burglary gone awry. But when Lt. Kenda discovers the victim was leading an eccentric, secret lifestyle, he and his men must delve deep into the city's seedy underbelly. Before the killer can be brought to justice however, Kenda will embark on a cross-country manhunt, teaming up with one of America's most famous police departments along the way.

  21. 3

    My, My, Merry Christmas

    A peaceful Christmas Day in Colorado Springs is shattered by gunfire when carefree, young Donald Ott is slain inside his apartment. Police can't find any signs of forced entry, making it likely that Donald knew his killer. Yet all of his friends insist that no one would ever wish him harm. It isn't until Lt. Joe Kenda undertakes the grim task of informing Donald's family of their loss that he learns of a dangerous relative with a long criminal history who might hold the key to the mystery.

  22. 4

    Run For Your Life

    Marathon runner Robert Elshire is in top physical condition, and is preparing to run his sixth consecutive Pikes Peak Ascent. But when Elshire is gunned down in the car park of a shopping plaza, responding officers are baffled by the case. Inconsistent eyewitness statements further cloud the truth. With the killer at large and time running out, Lt. Joe Kenda turns to a trusted K-9 officer to help him catch the perpetrator before he strikes again.

  23. 5

    Murder Bites

    As the summer sun rises on Colorado Springs, a young woman is found naked and strangled in a park not 200 yards from her apartment. The killer left a bizarre calling card: a bite mark on her breast. As police learn more about the events surrounding the victim's last night out, they realise the killer could be any one of her many suitors. It isn't until Lt. Joe Kenda rethinks the entire case that he can make his way through the web of lies to the killer, and compare his teeth to the bite mark.

  24. 6

    Dead Man Falling

    A quadruple homicide rocks Colorado Springs, when police discover that 30 year-old Lindi Waller, her parents, and her 7 year-old son have all been brutally murdered. Investigators fear a spree killer may be on the loose, and news of the crime sends a shockwave of fear rolling across the city. It's up to Lt. Joe Kenda to track down this monster, and when he takes a look at the evidence, he discovers a gruesome, yet unexpected connection between the killer and his victims.

  25. 7

    River of Blood

    Two bear hunters discover a blood-drenched car parked on the shoulder of a remote mountain road. Police find the car's owner lying in the middle of a culvert running beneath, his body riddled with buckshot. Lt. Joe Kenda gets his first break when he learns the victim's car was stolen the day before, but he soon discovers that finding the thief is merely the beginning. To find the gunman, he'll have to use his covert network of street informants to reach the darkest corners of Colorado Springs.

  26. 8

    Murder in a Bottle

    Good-natured custodian Eric Houston is found dead in a seedy motel with 27 stab wounds to the chest. Lt. Joe Kenda employs a network of informants to dig up dirt on the victim's acquaintances, but his list of suspects grows longer by the day. Months turn into years, with no new leads. But Kenda refuses to let the case run cold, and deploys a groundbreaking new technology to solve the final piece of the puzzle.

  27. 9

    Death Rains Down

    Soft-spoken restaurant worker Sharon Coleman is murdered in a hail of large calibre gunfire while seated in her boyfriend's car in south central Colorado Springs. Lt. Joe Kenda suspects a notorious criminal syndicate was behind the attack, but has no evidence to prove it. When he turns to the community for answers, fear of reprisal prevents witnesses from coming forward. Kenda must break through a web of lies and lead a nationwide manhunt to apprehend one of the most dangerous criminal masterminds he's ever faced.

  28. 10

    Blood Red Highway

    The elderly owners of a beloved local grocery store are brutally attacked and left for dead in broad daylight. Lt. Joe Kenda speaks with stunned witnesses who caught a glimpse of the suspects, fleeing the scene. But when he tracks down the killer's home, he discovers they've already fled town. With the clock ticking, Kenda leads a state-wide manhunt to ensnare the killers, before they disappear forever.

  29. 11

    Fate Worse Than Death

    A couple is out for an early morning jog in Monument Valley Park when they discover a trail of blood. The trail leads down a steep cliff face and up to the lifeless body of an unidentified young man. His face has been crushed beyond recognition by a blunt object. Lt. Joe Kenda is tasked with hunting down the killer, but to do so, he must piece together the young man's identity - and his ill-fated love life - using only his instincts and a small clue found in the victim's pants pocket.

  30. 12

    Razor's Edge

    When police find 24-year-old Patrick Ray with a gunshot to the temple, the scene has all the telltale signs of suicide. But Lt. Joe Kenda's instinct says otherwise. When Kenda he digs deeper, he uncovers a murder mystery as shocking as it is tragic.

  31. 13

    Blood Sisters

    The bullet-ridden bodies of two sisters are found on the floor of a quiet suburban house. The crime scene is littered with mysterious clues that raise more questions than answers. Friends and neighbours can't imagine who would want to do the two unassuming young mothers harm, but Lt. Joe Kenda knows there's more to the story. As he digs deeper, Kenda uncovers an explosive secret and a new prime suspect. But just when he thinks the case is all but closed, a new lead turns his attention to the unlikeliest of suspects.

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