1. Season 0

  2. 604

    Sarah Brady

    In February of 2005, 26-year-old Sarah Brady was nine months pregnant and engaged to her baby's father. Out of the blue, she received a phone call from another expectant mother named Sarah Brody. The woman claimed she had received some of Sarah Brady's gifts from the Babies R Us registry probably a mix-up due to their similar names. After Sarah Brady went to pick up the gifts and met the other woman, she told her fiance she thought she had found a new friend. That evening, her new friend called and said the same mix-up had happened again. But this time, when Sarah Brady went to pick up her gifts, the other woman refused to let her leave. She pulled a knife, and the two Sarah's fought for almost twenty minutes. Finally, Sarah Brady managed to get the knife. She stabbed the other woman, then ran for her and her baby's life.

  3. 606

    Julia Turner

    Julia Lynn Womack was a 911 operator when she met and married Atlanta police officer Glenn Turner in 1993. But it wasn't long before the two began to have serious problems: Lynn spent Glenn's money as fast as he could make it, and she also spent frequent weekends away from home. In March of 1995, Glenn went to the emergency room, complaining of vomiting, diarrhea and nosebleeds. By the next day, he was dead. The official cause of death was an irregular heartbeat. Four days after his funeral, Lynn moved in with another man, firefighter Randy Thompson. She spent Glenn's insurance money on a cruise and expensive presents for Randy. Over the next few years, they had two children together, but their relationship, too, was turbulent. In January of 2001, Randy visited the emergency room. Like Glenn, he was suffering from vomiting and diarrhea. Like Glenn, he was dead within 24 hours. Again, the cause of death was listed as heart disease. Glenn and Randy's mothers convinced police that it was not mere coincidence that their sons died similar deaths while involved with Lynn. Both men were exhumed, and new autopsies revealed crystallized ethylene glycol - a toxin found in antifreeze - in their kidneys. Lynn was arrested for Glenn's murder, and a jury found her guilty in 2004. Shortly after she was sentenced to spend life in prison for Glenn's death, she was charged with Randy's murder. In 2007, she was tried and convicted for his murder, as well.

  4. 607

    Kathleen Denson

    Kathleen Denson was a self-made woman living the good life in one of the wealthiest resort towns in America. A successful furrier with stores in both Vail and Aspen, she had a home in Vail and a ranch in the mountains to retreat to when she wanted a little more privacy. And that came in handy when Denson began dating local playboy Gerald "Cody" Boyd - a hard-livin' and lovin' Texan who'd had a string of rich Aspen lovers. Boyd and Denson spent the next several months at the ranch house doing cocaine and videotaping themselves having sex. But the relationship took an even kinkier turn when Cody also started dating Monica Seebacher, an employee at Denson's Aspen store. In May, the threesome went to Cancun together - on Denson's tab. But, it soon became clear that three was a crowd. One fall evening in 2002, Aspen police responded to a 911 call placed from Denson's ranch. There they found Cody Boyd, shot to death with an antique black-powder pistol that was part of his extensive collection. Kathleen Denson told police she had shot him in self-defense. Police weren't so sure. They charged her with 2nd degree murder. Each day of her trial Denson showed up in a different Armani pants suit. She may have looked good, but her case didn't. Cody was unarmed when he was shot and there was no sign of a prior struggle. Denson's lawyers painted Cody as an out-of-control drug addict, using, as proof, an earlier restraining order taken out by his ex-wife, and an autopsy report that showed Boyd was high on coke when he was shot. The jury believed it. In August of 2003, Denson was acquitted.

  5. 613

    Sharon Daniels

    Elementary school teacher Sharon Daniels was known for being a patient woman. But, her patience wore thin when her preacher husband started abusing her. She first went to the police for help, then later turned to a loaded .38.

  6. 614

    Michelle Michael

    Bored with her job and her marriage, Nurse Michelle Michael thought she had the perfect plan to escape both. She gave her sleeping husband a lethal injection, set fire to the house, and tried to collect the insurance.

  7. 617

    Monique Berkeley

    Monique Berkley's sailor husband survived a year of active duty in the Persian Gulf, but he didn't survive three days at home. Police claim Monique welcomed him back by having her teenage lover shoot him to death.

  8. 619

    Ann Trexler

    Grandma Ann Trexler moved to Florida to spend more time with her granddaughter. When the girl's father decided to move her to Montana, Ann hired a hitman to bring the relocation plan to a dead stop.

  9. 620

    Kerrie Faye Brown

    Nursing home administrator Kerri Faye Brown was on the verge of being fired for cooking the books, but police claim she decided to fire first - into her employer with a .38.

  10. 621

    Tracey Frame

    Tracey Frame's boyfriend signed his house over to her to avoid repossession, but after a bitter breakup, she refused to give it back. Tracey ended the property dispute by shooting her ex and relocating his body to a storm drain.

  11. 622

    Ann Miller Kontz

    When chemist Ann Miller wanted out of her marriage, she called on chemical element #33 - arsenic - to help her become a widow instead of a divorcee.

  12. 624

    Linda Fields

    When her ranch ran on hard times, Linda Fields used her new ranch hand to get back in the black.

  13. 626

    Jeanette Sliwinski

    Beautiful model Jeanette Sliwinski hit bottom and went on a wild ride meant to end in suicide but ended with triple homicide charges instead.

  14. Season 1

  15. 6

    Jill Rockcastle

    John Allen Muhammad, 42, a veteran of the Gulf War in 1991, and his stepson John Lee Malvo, 17, were convicted in 2004 of being the Washington sniper, who had been terrorising America over a period of three weeks. Police found a gun in the suspects car - the criminals had supposedly shot it 13 times. Ten innocent people were killed, and three were wounded. Police also found a scope and a tripod. The criminals probably shot the victims without even leaving the car, as it has an opening in the trunk that allows people to lie hidden and shoot the victims. Experts unanimously agreed that it was John Allen Muhammad who was the force of the criminal tandem. What were the motives of these men, and was one 'guiltier' than the other? Psychologists suppose that John Allen Muhammad is non compos mentis, but find it difficult to explain why the stepson acted in the same way.

  16. 8

    Monique Turrene

    On November 14, 1997, 14-year-old Reena Virk goes to a party at the Craigflower Bridge, near Victoria, Canada. It is there where her 'friends' swarm, burn and beat her down. When she walks away, Kelly Ellard and Warren Glowatski follow her, beat her again and drown her. They are arrested a week later by Saanich Police. The unfolding coverage shocks the country due to the senseless violence of the young crowd. Almost ten years later, Kelly Ellard was convicted of second-degree murder, ending one of the most tragic chapters in Canadian history.

  17. Season 6

  18. 27

    Leslie MacKool

    Leslie Mackool lived a life of privilege until she married an older man with a history of broken marriages, violence and money trouble. When her disapproving mother cut off her allowance, Leslie decided to cut her mother out of her life - permanently.

  19. Season 7

  20. 1

    Ashley Humphrey

    Teen bride Ashley Humphrey gave her new husband exactly what he wanted as a wedding gift. She shot and killed a former love interest who had charged him with assault.

  21. 2

    Larissa Schuster

    When a husband and father fails to show up at work, detectives set out to find if he left on his own, or if someone made him disappear.

  22. 3

    Cindy Sommer

    A young marine dies of an apparent heart attack, but test results reveal arsenic in his system. What drives a wife to poison her husband?

  23. 4

    Mechele Linehan

    Beautiful 33-year-old Mechele Linehan appeared to be the perfect wife and mother. But a secret past would reveal otherwise.

  24. 5

    Beth Carpenter

    When a man is found dead on the side of a road, investigating officers link the crime to a vicious custody battle and a conspiracy to kill.

  25. 6

    Monique Johnson

    When a police officer goes missing, investigators first assume trouble on the job - until they get a tip from the victim's girlfriend.

  26. 7

    Susan Grund

    When a district attorney is shot in his home, key evidence turns family members against each other.

  27. 8

    Lisa Costello

    A rivalry over school bus routes turns deadly when a businessman disappears and his chief competitor becomes the main suspect.

  28. 9

    Jocelyn Dooley

    In the early morning hours of June 6, 2001, 36-year-old casino employee Vol Dooley slipped out the back door of a Shreveport nightclub; it would be the last time he was seen alive in public.

  29. 10

    Renee Poole

    An anniversary celebration turns tragic when a young husband is gunned down during a beachfront robbery.

  30. 11

    Nikki Reynolds

    A teenager accused of stabbing her mother more than 25 times finds herself fighting for her own life.

  31. 12

    Jennifer Hyatte

    After a prison nurse falls in love with an inmate, she soon finds herself facing life on the other side of the bars.

  32. 13

    Rhonda Orr

    After a tragic house fire takes a man's life, police begin to suspect that the blaze was no accident.

  33. 19

    Denise Miller

    When Police Officer Wayne Irby didn't show up for work on December 10, 2004, a couple of fellow cops went to Wayne's home to check on him. Inside, they found Wayne lying dead in his hallway, shot in the head. On the kitchen counter, they discovered a note from Wayne's girlfriend, Denise Miller. The note said, "I did it. I took our lives". But Denise was not lying dead alongside Wayne. In fact, she seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth. The next day, the front desk at a hotel in another town received a call from a guest, saying that she had fallen and needed help. When hotel workers opened the door, they found Denise inside, lying on the floor with two guns nearby. They immediately called police. The cops discovered that Denise had tried to shoot herself in the head. They also discovered a suicide note, in which she confessed to accidentally killing Wayne. Denise was rushed to a hospital, and arrested upon her release 38 days later. Investigators tried to figure out what prompted the shooting, but Denise, now paralysed on one side, said she couldn't remember anything about what happened. Wayne's family and friends revealed Denise was so jealous and possessive that Wayne had decided to end their relationship. At Denise's trial, the prosecutor told the jury this was a classic case of "If I can't have you, no one can". Jurors didn't hear from wheelchair-bound Denise, since her attorneys said she still had amnesia from the day of the shooting. However, they pointed out that, in her notes, Denise may have admitted to shooting Wayne, but she also said it was accidental. And they said the very fact that she tried to commit suicide proved that she was remorseful. The jury didn't buy it. They found her guilty murder, and sentenced her to 62 years.

  34. 20

    Tracie Andrews

    The British public was riveted when 27-year-old Tracie Andrews made her television debut. On December 3, 1996, with a bruised and tear-stained face, she appeared at a news conference to describe a road rage attack on her fiance, Lee Harvey, and herself two nights earlier. Tracie described how they were driving home from a local pub and a car started following them. When Lee pulled over on the dark country lane, so did the other driver. According to Tracie, a man got out of the other car and began stabbing Lee, punching Tracie when she tried to help. By the time police and emergency workers arrived, the other car was long gone and Lee was dead. Over the next week, police put up roadblocks, stopping over 600 cars and questioning friends, family and potential witnesses. Tracie gained even more sympathy when she was hospitalised after taking an overdose of sleeping pills. But, unbeknownst to the public, the sympathy of the investigators was turning to suspicion. A witness came forward who claimed he had seen Lee and Tracie's car on the road prior to the murder, and that there was no car chasing them. Forensic evidence also seemed to contradict Tracie's account. On December 7, Tracie was arrested as she left the hospital and charged with murder. At her trial the jury heard that Lee and Tracie had a history of violent arguments, and that witnesses had heard them fighting the day Lee was killed. When Tracie took the stand, she adamantly denied killing Lee, and stuck by her road rage story. She didn't deny that she and Lee had a volatile relationship, but said they loved each other deeply. But the jury weren't impressed with her tears or her story. She was found guilty and sentenced to life, with the possibility of parole in 14 years. Two years after her conviction, she admitted to stabbing Lee, but only after he attacked her.

  35. 21

    Anne Stout

    On the evening of June 10, 2007, the tight-knit community of Darby, Montana, learned that craftsman and builder Bill Stout was dead. Bill's wife Anne said she came home from running errands and found her husband's bloodied and lifeless body in their bed. When police arrived on the scene, they discovered Bill had died from a single gunshot wound to the head. Anne told investigators Bill had no enemies in Darby, but suggested that her husband was the target of a former lover turned stalker. The woman, Barbara Miller, lived in Arkansas. She and Bill had reunited at an old friend's wedding and had a brief fling. After Bill broke off the relationship, he received a barrage of threatening emails and letters with Barbara's signature. It looked like a tragic case of fatal attraction but as police continued to investigate, suspicions were raised. They found a gun hidden in the saddlebag of Bill's motorcycle and a rubber glove in a clothes hamper. Anne claimed she could never harm the father of her two sons, but she was arrested and charged with her husband's murder. Friends and family rallied around Anne, who appeared to be a grief stricken widow. But prosecutor's uncovered evidence of a person consumed with rage over her husband's two-year affair with Barbara Miller. At trial they presented a chilling case against Anne. There was the murder weapon - Bill's handgun that had been reported stolen just weeks before the killing. But the most damaging evidence showed that Anne tried to frame Bill's former mistress Barbara, creating phony emails and letters and making phone calls from a local pay phone. It was starting to look like an open and shut case against Anne. But the defence argued, if Anne was clever enough to fabricate emails and letters, why did she leave a rubber glove with DNA evidence and the murder weapon at the scene? Jurors weren't swayed by the defence argument. Their verdict was guilty. Anne serves a life sentence in with little chance of parole.

  36. 22

    Rhonda Glover

    Rhonda Glover and Jimmy Joste met in 1989 and there was an immediate attraction. Rhonda was a former beauty queen who had started her own staffing business. Jimmy, 15 years her senior, was a Texas trust fund baby who'd made millions in the oil industry. It wasn't long before the two began dating and moved in together. While the couple was raking in the money, they were spending it almost as quickly. In 1994, the couple had a child together. He bought her a house in Austin, and even once wrote her a check for one million dollars to use for spending money. But, Jimmy had a tendency toward violence when he drank, and Rhonda had erratic mood swings. Together their arguments were legendary, bringing in the police on more than a dozen occasions. By the end of 2003, the money was dwindling and the relationship was on the rocks. Even worse, the couple's regular fighting and occasional drug use led Rhonda's mum to seek and win custody of the couple's child. On July 26, 2004, Jimmy was found dead in their Austin home, shot 10 times. Police found casings from a Glock pistol scattered near his body. As police investigated all possibilities they learned about the tumultuous relationship between Jimmy and Rhonda, and discovered Rhonda had recently purchased a Glock 9mm Pistol - the same weapon used in the murder. When they sought Rhonda for questioning, she was nowhere to be found. Over the next few days they traced her cell phone records and eventually found her and her son in a rented RV in Kansas. Rhonda confessed to killing Jimmy, but insisted she had shot him in self-defence. When the case went to trial, the prosecution claimed that Rhonda had carefully planned and executed the murder, planning to cash in on a lucrative insurance policy. Rhonda's defence argued that she had been a victim of abuse, and had finally fought back. The jury believed the prosecution. They found Rhonda guilty and sentenced her to 46 years in prison.

  37. 27

    Amanda McGhee

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  38. 28

    Stacey Castor

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  39. 29

    Michelle Hall

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  40. 30

    Elicia Hughes

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  41. 31

    Lynn Turner

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  42. 32

    Esther Wadley

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  43. 33

    Yesenia Patino

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  44. 34

    Carla Hughes

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  45. 35

    Michelle Reynolds

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  46. 36

    Martha Pineda

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  47. 37

    Shannon Crawley

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  48. 38

    Karen Grauber

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  49. 39

    Kelly Cannon

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  50. 40

    Brigette Harris

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  51. 41

    Debra Ridgley

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  52. 42

    Donna Fryman

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  53. 43

    Darlene Gentry

    The gritty true-life crime series, chronicling the lives of female criminals and delving into the circumstances that made them snap. These shocking but true stories turn the expectations about crime and criminals upside down.

  54. Season 8

  55. 1

    Marcia Kelly

    A toxic mother-daughter relationship spills over to the men in their lives, with deadly consequences.

  56. 2

    Linda Henning

    A business woman's life becomes a sci-fi tale, when her new boyfriend's ex is abducted and clues point toward an extraterrestrial motive.

  57. 3

    Shayne Lovera

    A popular professor's death looks like an accident, but turns into a murder mystery with his widow at the centre.

  58. 4

    Courtney Schulhoff

    A modern-day Romeo and Juliet story has a killer ending.

  59. 5

    Kelly Ryan

    A fitness queen turns fugitive when her assistant's body turns up in her car.

  60. 6

    Monique Berkley

    A military wife is caught in a deadly love triangle.

  61. 7

    Wendi Andriano

    The premature death of a cancer victim leaves his wife facing lethal injection.

  62. 8

    Malaika Griffin

    A woman eludes police for six years after a confrontation with her neighbour turns deadly.

  63. 9

    Erika Sifrit

    A young woman's scrapbook offers insight into a shocking crime.

  64. 10

    Amber Trudell

    A yoga instructor's death reveals his girlfriend's secret double life.

  65. 11

    Jessica McCord

    Two bodies in the back of a burning car lead police to the door of a police officer's wife.

  66. 12

    Sarah Kolb

    A teen love triangle ends with a missing girl, a dismembered body and three families changed forever in East Moline, Illinois.

  67. 13

    Adrienne Hickson

    The turbulent relationship between a promising law student and her boyfriend ends with an unexpected act of violence.

  68. 14

    Linda Pedroza

    Forced to choose between her mother and her boyfriend, a Florida teen makes a deadly decision in West Palm Beach, Florida.

  69. 15

    Michelle Hetzel

    A young girl's death is complicated by her lesbian lover and her lesbian lover's husband in Pennsylvania.

  70. 16

    Shawna Nelson

    The motive behind the execution-style murder of a police officer's wife puts a dark new twist on the term "internal affairs".

  71. 17

    Cynthia George

    A beauty queen ends up in the spotlight when a local murder reveals her scandalous secret life, but was she wrongly accused?

  72. 18

    Lisa Whedbee

    A man awakens alone to find a knife-wielding man in his bedroom. But is his absent wife a victim or an accomplice?

  73. 19

    Misty Witherspoon

    In 2005, Misty Witherspoon accidentally shot her police officer husband, Quinn, with his service weapon. But, when police learned the grieving widow had also embezzled money from her church, it wasn't long before they saw a motive to kill.

  74. 20

    Dalia Dippolito

    A beautiful young woman is caught on tape plotting to kill her husband. But was it real or an audition for reality TV?

  75. 21

    Jessica Riggins

    A case study of Jessica Riggins, an Arizona woman who was convicted of the August 2007 shooting death of her husband.

  76. 23

    Courtenay Savage

    A businesswoman seeks revenge and ends up a fugitive.

  77. 24

    Nancy Seaman

    A popular elementary school teacher is accused of murdering her husband with an axe.

  78. 25

    Amy Bosley

    A bookkeeper gets behind on taxes for the family business, and her husband turns up dead before he can learn about her secret.

  79. 26

    Ashleigh Pechaluk

    This hit true crime series profiles the fascinating cases of women accused of murder.

  80. 28

    Mary Winkler

    Who are these women and what drives them to kill? This hit true crime series profiles the fascinating cases of women accused of murder.

  81. 29

    Martha Freeman

    Who are these women and what drives them to kill? This hit true crime series profiles the fascinating cases of women accused of murder.

  82. 30

    Elizabeth Reynolds

    Who are these women and what drives them to kill? This hit true crime series profiles the fascinating cases of women accused of murder.

  83. Season 9

  84. 1

    Sarah Jo Pender

    Indiana native Sarah Pender was trying to live the American dream. She worked full-time at a construction company near downtown Indianapolis to support herself. In July 2000, a friend introduced Sarah to Richard Hull at a concert. The attraction was instant. Within two weeks, Richard had moved in. A former high school football star from nearby Noblesville, Richard had spent the last few years involved in drugs and alcohol. A few days after moving in with Sarah, Richard asked if his friend, Andrew Cataldi, and his girlfriend, Tricia Nordman, could stay with them temporarily. Sarah agreed and the two couples liked the living arrangement enough to move into a house together on August 19, 2000. According to Sarah, Richard and Andrew made a living selling drugs, but soon, the two men were fighting over their business dealings. On October 25th, an employee of the local teamsters union discovered the two bodies in a dumpster behind the headquarters. There was no identification on the victims, but by broadcasting the victims tattoos on the local newscast the following morning, investigators were able to identify them as 26-year-old Tricia Nordman and 25-year-old Andrew Cataldi.

  85. 2

    Joanne Hayes

    On April 26, 2009, Heather Strube and her soon to be ex-husband Steven exchanged custody of their son at a busy Target parking lot. But as Heather strapped her son into his car seat, a person wearing a big black wig and a fake moustache confronted the young mother, then raised a revolver to her head and pulled the trigger. Shocked onlookers watched in horror as the disguised gunman stood over the body for several seconds and then nonchalantly walked out of the parking lot in broad daylight. To detectives arriving on the scene, the calm execution and lack of physical evidence had all the hallmarks of a hit. But who would want the 25-year-old mother dead?

  86. 3

    Ellen Snyder

    When Ellen Snyder's husband Mike disappeared in January of 2002, after nearly nine years of marriage, the couple's friends and family were shocked - especially when Ellen told everyone that Mike had left her for his gay lover. The Snyders had met while working in car dealerships in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ellen, a single mum to a young son, was a service manager, Mike, a master mechanic. The two hit it off and eventually married in 1994. They built a beautiful house together in one of Albuquerque's best neighbourhoods, and, in 1996, Ellen gave birth to a daughter. In June of 2001, however, the couple's fortunes took a turn for the worse. Mike was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and had to quit work. Then, in January of 2002, he vanished. Mike's family was immediately suspicious of Ellen's claim that Mike had run off with a male lover, and reported him missing. However, the case went cold until January of 2010.

  87. 4

    Clara Schwartz

    Baby-faced Clara Schwartz had a comfortable childhood in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C.,until, at the age of fifteen, Clara's mother died. Clara's father - renowned DNA researcher RobertSchwartz - was left to care for her increasingly troubled teenaged daughter. In high school and college,Clara gravitated toward "Goth" groups, and spent her spare time involved in fantasy role-playing gameswith her friends. When her father made his disapproval known, their relationship became strained. Justhow strained became clear when, on December 10, 2001, detectives showed up at Clara's dorm with bad news: her father had been stabbed to death two days earlier. Within days, police had a suspect: 18-year-old Kyle Hulbert, one of Clara's friends. When detectives questioned Clara, she told them her father had abused her for years. Then in 2001, she had befriended Kyle at a Renaissance Fair, and they frequently engaged in fantasy role-play. Clara, in the guise of her fantasy character, told Kyle about her father's abuse, and Kyle vowed to kill her abuser. But Clara's sole defense was that she thought it was just a game. Under questioning, Kyle admitted Clara's story was true, but it was missing a few details - like the fact that he killed Robert Schwartz at Clara's request. He conceded they were playing the fantasy game when she asked, but it was in the real world that she had shown him where her father lived and given him money for the murder. Clara was arrested, and, in 2002, she was found guilty of her father's murder. She was sentenced to 48 years in prison.

  88. 5

    Jennifer Bowan

    In 2009, Jennifer Bowen was a 29-year-old waitress, in Taylor, Texas. She was also recently married to one of her regular customers, Kevin Bowen. Everything seemed to be looking up, except for one thing: she still had to split custody of her daughter with her ex-husband, John David Blattner. Though the two had been separated for years, their divorce was only finalised in 2008 and the issue of custody was still being resolved in the courts. John David was actively pursuing increased visitation with their child. But, in March, John David disappeared two days before their custody court hearing. And it didn't take long for the police to turn their attention to Jennifer. John David was last seen with Jennifer, going for a drive Saturday night. But she insisted she dropped John David off. The police asked Jennifer and her husband, Kevin, to come in for a taped interview. While Jennifer admitted that she and John David had argued the day he disappeared, both insisted that they didn't know what had happened to John since. Then, two weeks later, John David's body was found on an abandoned property just outside of town. He had been shot execution-style with a 9mm pistol. Within hours, officers retrieved the gun from a nearby river. Its serial number was traced back to the former father-in-law of Kevin Bowen. Police were also able to match DNA on a cigarette butt at the crime scene to Kevin. With the evidence stacking up against Jennifer and her husband, police arrested them both on charges of first-degree murder. Just before the trial was scheduled to begin, the couple decided to plead guilty in hopes of receiving lower sentences. As part of their deal, they explained how the murder had occurred. According to Jennifer and Kevin, they had taken John David to the abandoned property to try to dissuade him from seeking additional custody of his daughter. They claimed John David became violent and attacked Jennifer, and that's when Kevin pulled his gun and shot John David.

  89. 5

    Erin McLean

    Surveillance cameras uncover mysteries and misgivings of unfaithful partners. Get ready to view actual true stories, filmed live documenting the pain of a spouse or lover caused by cheaters!

  90. 6

    Regina Williams

    Regina Williams and her boyfriend, Maurice Landis, had what can only be described as a tumultuous relationship. They had their ups and downs, and their biggest down came at a Halloween party in 2004. In fact, the couple began to fight so loudly that they were both asked to leave. The fight boiled until Maurice walked away. Fearing he was walking home to take his anger out on her children, Regina hopped in her GMC Jimmy and chased Landis down the street. He attempted to run into a grassy area, where she followed-striking him into the street, where another car hit him, and killed him on the spot. Although Williams left the scene, she returned and was quickly apprehended. Her blood-alcohol content registered 0.125 percent-well over the legal limit. In March 2006, Regina Williams plead guilty to second degree murder, and for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, but she sought a lesser sentence due to the prior abuse she claimed she suffered at the hands of Landis. The judge didn't take that too much into consideration and sentenced her to 15-years.

  91. 7

    Tyonne Palmer

    Growing up in New Orleans, Tyonne Palmer dreamed of a career in medicine. She received her certification as a nurse's assistant and, after Hurricane Katrina, moved to Houston to rebuild her life. In Houston, 30-year-old Tyonne met 19-year-old William Fuller, a neighbour who suffered from sickle cell anemia. Tyonne helped take care of William, whose father, Tracy Burleson, was pastor of the First New Mount Calvary Baptist Church. Eventually, the married pastor developed more than a passing interest in his son's caregiver. Tracy asked Tyonne on a date - after assuring Tyonne that he and his wife Pauletta were getting a divorce. Charmed by the pastor's attention, Tyonne accepted Tracy's advances and the two became lovers. A few months later, Tracy's marriage would be over, but it wouldn't end in divorce. On May 18, 2010, Pauletta Burleson was shot dead outside her house. Tracy claimed the shooting happened during the short time he'd run to the store to get some snacks. But investigators found no evidence of him having purchased any snacks that night. And when they canvassed the neighbourhood, detectives learned that on the morning of the shooting, neighbors saw Pauletta arguing with Tracy and another woman - a woman whose description matched Tyonne Palmer's.

  92. 8

    Tracey Richter

    Born in Chicago in 1966, Tracey Richter trained as a nurse and by age 22 was married to 31-year-old plastic surgeon John Pitman. The couple had a son, Bert, before their marriage fell apart. Tracey's battle for sole custody of Bert would drag on for years, heating up after she met Australian computer programmer Michael Roberts online. Tracey flew to Australia to meet Michael in person and the two hit it off so well, they got married during her whirlwind trip. Michael returned to Chicago with Tracey. After having two children together, the couple decided to trade big city life for the quieter pace of Early, Iowa. Michael ran his computer business from their home, and the couple settled in to small town life. But their new life wouldn't be peaceful for long.

  93. 9

    Raynella Leath

    Raynella Large was a small town girl, who met small town boy, Ed Dossett in college. The couple fell in love and were married by the summer of 1969. The couple moved to Knoxville, TN, where Ed attended law school, while Raynella began her career working as a nurse. After law school, Ed quickly moved through the ranks and became District Attorney General of Knox County. They both had successful careers and had three children. In October of 1991, Ed fell ill with late stage colon cancer, but he didn't let it get him down. He continued to work, but on July 9, 1992, tragedy struck. Ed died mysteriously, trampled to death by his own cattle. The death was ruled an accident and Raynella was paid double due to the "accidental death" clause in his insurance policy. Six months after Ed's death, Raynella married Ed's childhood friend, David Leath.

  94. 10

    Marni Yang

    Marni Yang was a divorced mother of three working as a real estate agent, bartender, and model, but when Rhoni Reuter and her unborn child were gunned down in October of 2007, every aspect of Marni's life came under scrutiny. The women had one thing in common: an open relationship with former Chicago Bear Shaun Gayle. Marni Yang met Shaun Gayle in 2005 and became his real estate agent, and their business relationship occasionally turned sexual. But Marni became jealous when Shaun's longtime open relationship with Rhoni Reuter changed in 2007: Rhoni became pregnant with his daughter. On the early morning of October 4, Rhoni was just leaving for work when she was surprised at her door by a disguised attacker and shot seven times, twice directly in her stomach. Violent crime was unheard of in the sleepy town of Deerfield, Illinois, so the Deerfield Police Department called in the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force.

  95. 11

    Shannon Baugus

    On the afternoon of Sunday, March 21, 2010, in the sleepy town of Savannah, Tennessee, 911 dispatchers received a call from a distressed 39-year-old woman, Shannon Baugus. Shannon told the dispatcher that she and her husband of four years, horse trainer Eddie Baugus, had been fighting and that she had reached across their bed, grabbed a gun and shot him. The dispatcher heard Shannon call Eddie's name and tell him that she loved him. By the time police arrived, Eddie was dead.

  96. 12

    Nanette Johnston

    When 55-year-old millionaire businessman Bill McLaughlin was shot six times in his Newport Beach home while his 29-year-old girlfriend Nanette Johnston was out Christmas shopping, police knew from the start it was an inside job. The killer had let him or herself into the house using a copy of the house key - which was still in the door - and had dropped a key outside, which had clearly been used to access the gated community in which Bill and Nanette lived. However, no clear suspects emerged until detectives talked to Nanette's ex-husband, who mentioned that Nanette and another man had attended her son's soccer game on the night of the murder, but left early. And the man that was with her wasn't Bill McLaughlin. Instead, it was another boyfriend - 28-year-old former NFL player Eric Naposki. He was also currently working as a bouncer at a nightclub just around the block from Bill McLaughlin's house. Further investigation revealed that Eric owned a 9mm handgun - the same type of weapon used in the murder.

  97. 13

    Rennie Pratt

    Rennie Pratt grew up in Garden City, Kansas with a big heart and a big family, but in 1995 when Rennie was only 13, her 15-year-old sister disappeared. Rennie responded to the tragedy by acting out and getting into trouble. She ended up in foster care until the age of 18, and at 19 she had her first child. She earned her cosmetology license, and eventually moved to Fresno with her boyfriend and child, to live near his family. The couple had two more children, but after nearly 10 years of ups and downs, they eventually called it quits. In the spring of 2008, a few months after Rennie's break up, she met Michael Porcella in a bar outside of Fresno. The two were immediately infatuated with each other. It wasn't long before Rennie left Fresno to move in with Michael in Oakland, and started working at a local barbershop. Their relationship was no fairy tale, though. Drugs were introduced into the equation, which led to frequent arguing, and the police were called multiple times for domestic disputes, with both Rennie and Michael claiming abuse. Despite their differences, the two remained enamored with each other. Eventually, Rennie decided to move out. On April 10th, Rennie called 911 to report that Michael had just been shot.

  98. 14

    Brittany Norwood

    On the morning of March 12, 2011, the manager of the upscale yoga clothing store Lululemon Athletica arrived at work to find a shop of horrors. The back room of the store was covered in blood, and on the floor was the body of one of her best employees, 30-year-old Jayna Murray. Jayna had been stabbed and beaten almost beyond recognition. A whimpering noise led her and a by-stander to the bathroom, where they found another employee, 28-year-old Brittany Norwood, bound and gagged. Brittany also appeared to have been beaten.

  99. 15

    Nicole Abusharif

    When Nicole Abusharif first met Becky Klein, the two hit it off immediately. Becky was Nicole's supervisor at a Chicago nursing home, and when Becky broke off her engagement, Nicole was there to provide friendly support both in and outside of work. Within a few weeks, the two became more than friends. Though Nicole was a tough girl and lesbian from the South Side, and Becky was a former cheerleader raised in an upper class suburb, they found a common ground and built a relationship that lasted more than eight years until March 15, 2007. That morning, Becky didn't make it into work. Her employer knew that something must be wrong for Becky not to call in, so he contacted Nicole, who appeared to be equally baffled. By that weekend, the disappearance was all over the news, and friends and family were searching the city for any trace of Becky. Then, in the couple's garage, police made a gruesome discovery.

  100. 16

    Jessica Hill

    In 2007, Shane and Jessica Hill were going through a rough patch in their marriage. The longtime sweethearts had married in 2002 and had two children, but Shane's job as a truck driver often kept him away from home. While Shane was on the road, the couple's friend and housemate Daniel Blair began tending to Jessica's needs. One afternoon, Shane caught the two together in bed and attacked Daniel in a fury. But, after things calmed down, Jessica agreed to end the affair, and Shane agreed to try to work things out to keep their family intact. But their new beginning would end quickly after a terrible accident occurred on May 28, 2007.

  101. 17

    Taylor Marks

    Taylor Marks had a comfortable middle class upbringing, but she had also been through tragedy. After her father died when she was only 13, Taylor and her mother Kristie moved to Akron, OH where her mother started a successful business. But after graduating high school, Taylor rebelled, refusing to go to college and dating a boy from the wrong side of the tracks. When Kristie pushed her to try harder, Taylor decided she'd had enough and moved in with her new boyfriend, Brian Smith. Much to Kristie's dismay, Brian lived with his mother in North Hill, in an Akron housing project. Despite Taylor's behaviour, Kristie continued to support her daughter. Then Kristie got the call she had been waiting for: Taylor wanted to come back home. Kristie drove to the North Hill apartment complex to pick her daughter up, but their reunion would end in tragedy.

  102. 18

    Stephanie Lazarus

    LAPD detective Stephanie Lazarus had a glamorous beat - she was a superstar on the stolen art squad so it was no surprise when her co-worker, Det. Dan Jaramillo, stopped by her desk on June 5, 2009 to ask her to help him interrogate a suspect who was talking about stolen art. Little did she know, as she walked toward the interrogation room, that she was actually the suspect, and the charge was much more serious than art theft.

  103. 19

    Rachel Wade

    At 19, Pinellas Park, Florida teenager Rachel Wade immediately fell for 19-year old Josh Camacho. But she wasn't the only one. Another teen, 18-year-old Sarah Ludemann, was also swept away by Josh. Both of the girls began dating him, and at first, neither realized their relationship wasn't exclusive. The two girls couldn't have been more different. Rachel was the wild child, living on her own after dropping out of high school and taking a job at Applebee's. Sarah was the good girl - an excellent student who considered Josh not only her first boyfriend, but her first love. When the two girls found out Josh was two-timing them, they didn't get mad at him; instead they became furious with each other. For months, they feuded via vicious voice mails, text messages and MySpace postings. Rachel would call Sarah fat and ugly, asking why Josh would want her. Sarah would come to Rachel's workplace to harass her. Then, on the night of April 14th, 2009, the battle over Josh escalated far beyond name-calling.

  104. 20

    Kara Lounsbury

    Kara Lounsbury never got along with her father, but when his small business made him millions she decided to stay close to home. Kara's parents went through an acrimonious divorce when she was young, and Kara went to live with her mother while her brother Jared went with their father, Hap. She struggled through childhood and even attempted suicide at 16, but Kara eventually got her depression under control and met her husband in college. The newlyweds moved back to her hometown of Hudson, Colorado, and Hap tried to make amends by hiring Kara's new husband Stuart. He also put Kara on the payroll at his successful small business. Despite his efforts, the family remained divided, and would become even more so when Kara accused her brother of stealing from the company, placing a wedge between Hap, Kara, and Jared. Just few months later, Hap and his wife Sue were missing from their church's Wednesday night church meeting.

  105. 21

    Velma Ogden Whitehead

    Velma Ogden grew up in rural northwest Arkansas. Shortly after high school, Velma married and moved to Seattle, Washington. The couple had two children together, but the marriage wouldn't last. As the relationship deteriorated amidst allegations of abuse, Velma's only escape was her work at Boeing's Seattle factory, where she befriended her easygoing co-worker, Ron Whitehead. Once divorced from her first husband, Velma and her two children moved in with Ron. The couple married, and her children began calling Ron "dad." But Velma's idyllic new life wouldn't last, either. As her son, Jon, grew into a teenager, he and Ron clashed more over his schooling, while Velma continued to baby him. Velma also grew more frustrated with Ron's tight control over the family's finances. Then on March 18, 2005, Ron left for work just like any other morning. Except this time, he would never come home.

  106. 22

    Sandra Jesse

    On August 13, 1998, 47-year-old Sandra Jessee left her cancer-stricken husband Jack at home while she ran to get some food and run errands. When she returned, her husband of 14 years was dead - but the cancer hadn't killed him. He had been stabbed to death by an intruder.

  107. 23

    Jennifer Womac

    On Saturday, September 19, 2009, 36-year-old Jennifer Womac and her stepmom Ruth Ann were returning from a morning shopping trip when they found Jennifer's father, Grady Nichols, bleeding to death from a shotgun wound on the back porch of his home.

  108. 24

    Sheila Davalloo

    On Friday, November 8, 2002, 32-year-old Anna Lisa Raymundo was stabbed to death in her condominium in the upscale Stamford, Connecticut neighbourhood of Shippan. For months the murder remained unsolved. Then in March of 2003, a woman named Sheila Davalloo stabbed her husband Paul Christos in an attempted murder. During the investigation of the stabbing, police learned that she had tried to kill Christos so that she could be with her former lover Nelson Sessler. Nelson had broken off a relationship with Shelia and started dating Anna Lisa in 2002.

  109. 25

    Shanterrica Madden

    March 3, 2011, dispatchers in Murfreesboro, Tennessee received a frantic 911 call, but police arrived too late to save 21-year-old Tina Stewart. The caller was Tina's boyfriend of two years, KC Anuna. Both Tina and KC were popular basketball players for Middle Tennessee State University. When police arrived, they found KC in the parking lot, screaming for help and found Tina's roommate, 21-year-old Shanterrica Madden, hiding behind a car.

  110. 26

    Mary Beth Harshbarger

    Born in 1965, Mary Beth Kintner grew up on a sprawling farm in the small rural community of Meshoppen, Pennsylvania. But for much of her life, Mary Beth suffered from violent mood swings. Eventually, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and given medication to control her outbursts. As she grew older, Mary Beth developed a love of the outdoors, which helped her catch the eye of Mark Harshbarger. They shared many of the same interests including hunting.

  111. 27

    Mia Gonzales

    By all appearances, Mia and Abel Gonzales seemed to have a good family and a solid marriage. Living in sunny Southern California, Abel considered Mia's first daughter his own, and the couple had two more beautiful daughters together. But an event in the early morning of Saturday, October 27, 2007 revealed that the Gonzales family was not as happy as most people believed.

  112. 28

    Tonya Ford

    February 10, 2009. It was a little after one o clock in the afternoon when Taylor County, Kentucky EMS received an urgent 911 call. The caller was 35-year-old Tonya Ford. She had come home to find her husband, Officer David Ford, shot in the back of the head.

  113. Season 10

  114. 1

    Teresa Stone

    Teresa Stone was a religious woman with a happy family, but her affair with her pastor would lead to the death of her beloved husband. Teresa Greenawalt and Randy Stone grew up down the street from each other in Independence, Missouri, and when they started dating after he returned from the military, his family was thrilled. The couple soon married and had two kids. All four became active in their church. The arrival of a new pastor in 1999 was exciting for the entire congregation. David Love was a charismatic preacher who encouraged church members to meet with him frequently, and Randy and Teresa both took advantage of his open-door policy. While David counseled Randy occasionally, his meetings with Teresa were far more frequent. And after Teresa suffered a miscarriage in 2004, their daily counseling sessions increased. In 2010, Randy threatened to leave the church and take his family with him because of the mishandling of church funds. Only days later, Teresa found Randy, dead in their shared office. Processing the scene, police found something interesting in the trash can an intimate love note. Police asked Teresa about the note during her interview that night, but she claimed it was of little significance. Skeptical, they let her go for the time being. A month later, they brought her in for two more days of intense interviews, and Teresa finally cracked, admitting to a 10 year affair with Pastor Love. But instead of taking the blame for Randy's death, she pointed the finger at David Love.

  115. 2

    Jane Reth

    In late 1987, Jane Reth was settling into a new life in Sitka, Alaska. She had just married her college sweetheart, Scott Coville, who was working in the town s booming fishing industry. But the newlyweds were struggling to get by. And by May of 1988, Scott's parents had been calling him for weeks with no answer. Eventually, Scott's mother reported him missing. Meanwhile, Jane left Alaska and returned to California. She wrote a letter to Scott's parents detailing the problems in her brief marriage. She also claimed that Scott had simply left one day and she had no idea what happened to him. The mystery of Scott s disappearance would take nearly 22 years to solve. In 2005, Jane's second marriage ended in divorce. But when her ex-husband tried to have their marriage annulled, he told the church investigator a shocking secret. He revealed that Jane had confessed to killing her first husband, Scott Coville. The church investigator contacted authorities in Alaska, who re-opened the nearly 20-year-old case.

  116. 3

    Adrienne Davidson

    Pomona, California. January 1st, 2009. It was around 2am on New Year's Day and 21-year-old Jessica Davidson had just left a friend's party when she received a curious phone call from her mother, Adrienne, asking her to come home. Jessica's boyfriend drove her home and when she arrived, her mother asked if her boyfriend could take her to the police station and so he did. At the station, Adrienne told the police she had shot her husband. Within minutes, squad cars from the Pomona Police Department had been dispatched to Adrienne's house. In the master bedroom, the police found confirmation that Adrienne's husband, Ezra, had been shot in the head. According to Adrienne, her husband had admitted to having an affair about two weeks earlier and she was devastated.

  117. 4

    Amy Bishop

    Amy Bishop was a 45-year-old woman from Braintree, Massachusetts, who was married and had four children. She had completed her undergraduate degree in biology at Northeastern University, and went on to receive her PhD from Harvard. In 2003, she became an assistant professor in the biology department at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. But by February of 2010, Amy was on the outs at the university. Her bid for tenure had been denied, and she would not be teaching again in the fall. On February 12, Amy unexpectedly attended a faculty meeting. Nearly an hour later, three of her colleagues were dead and three others wounded. Amy was apprehended moments after the shooting, but the investigation would reveal startling information about the professor's violent past.

  118. 5

    Christine Paolilla

    Christine Paolilla had a challenging childhood and trouble making friends. In 1988 her father was killed in a construction accident. Later, Christine began to suffer from alopecia - a rare disorder that resulted in Christine losing her hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Other children taunted Christine. Things only got worse, when her family moved to Clear Lake, Texas for a fresh start. Much to her mother's dismay, Christine became involved with bad boy Chris Snider and began to experiment with drugs, but when Chris was sent to juvenile detention, Christine felt abandoned. She then met two girls that would become her best friends: Rachel Koloroutis and Tiffany Rowell. Christine's new friends helped the ugly duckling become a swan. Chris Snider was released from juvenile detention and reentered Christine's life, but Tiffany and Rachel did not approve. When the two older girls graduated a year ahead of Christine in 2003, she felt jealous and abandoned once again. Weeks later, Rachel, Tiffany, Tiffany s boyfriend Marcus Precella, and Marcus cousin Adelbert Sanchez were all found dead in the home the girls shared.

  119. 5

    Kelly Forbes

    Surveillance cameras uncover mysteries and misgivings of unfaithful partners. Get ready to view actual true stories, filmed live documenting the pain of a spouse or lover caused by cheaters!

  120. 6

    Jennifer Nibbe

    The shot that would change beautiful, blonde 33-year-old Jennifer Nibbe's life rang out just before 6 a.m. on the morning of August 31, 2010. Jennifer called 911 to say that an intruder had broken into the house where she lived with her 26-year-old husband, Jim Nibbe, and her son from a previous relationship, 16-year-old Brady. Jennifer told the 911 dispatcher that the intruder had shot Jim in the head, then attacked her, but fled when he heard their dog barking. When police arrived, they found Jennifer and her son Brady alive, but shaken; Jim, however, was dead. Over the next ten days, detectives searched for the intruder and poured over the crime scene for clues. Investigators found no evidence of an intruder, but began to suspect Jim's killer was someone who had already been inside.

  121. 7

    Kristi Lunbery

    Kristi Conley grew up in the small mountain town of Burney, California. A good student with lots of friends, in high school Kristi became a cheerleader. When she was a sophomore, she started dating a star athlete on the school's football team, senior Charlie Bateson. In 1988, after Kristi graduated, the couple got married. Soon they had two young daughters, making their financial situation tough. Kristi's grandmother let them live in a small rental home she owned, for free. On the morning of April 17th, 1992, Kristi took her daughters and went to the neighbouring town of Redding to run errands. Charlie, who worked the night shift at the local saw mill, was home sleeping. While in Redding, Kristi's car got a flat tire, so she called Charlie for help. But he never answered. Kristi asked a neighbour to go wake him up. What the neighbour found would change Kristi's life forever - Charlie was dead in the bedroom, a single gunshot wound to the head. When investigators questioned Kristi, she said the home's previous tenants had been drug dealers. Maybe Charlie's death was a case of mistaken identity? But investigators thought the killer was much closer to home - Kristi.

  122. 8

    Katherine Holmes

    Katherine Wiles was a young mother with a promising career in criminal justice, but everything fell apart when a secret admirer decided to help out with her tumultuous divorce. Katherine Holmes was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1984 and grew up in the small town of Smyrna. In high school, Katherine took a job at the local Chucky Cheese and met a boy named Barry Haislip, who developed a crush on her. She graduated in 2002, leaving Barry behind, and attended college with a criminal justice degree in mind. Her plans were derailed in 2006 when Katherine gave birth to a baby girl. With the father out of the picture, Katherine worked hard to support herself and the baby. Soon, a co-worker named Andy Holmes caught her eye. The two started dating, and eventually married in July of 2008. Andy eventually adopted Katherine's daughter, and the two had a child of their own 2010. However, Katherine became frustrated with what she claimed was Andy's lack of ambition, especially in light of their family s growing needs. Katherine then met Billy Pierce at her new job, and the two hit it off. She broke the news to Andy that she wanted a divorce, and, at first, things seemed amicable. But once Katherine and the kids moved in with her new boyfriend, the divorce took a downward turn and custody became an issue. On August 24th, 2011 Katherine's boyfriend, Billy, was unable to accompany her to the custody exchange, so she called someone else: Barry Haislip. Katherine dropped Barry inside the apartment complex and went to the exchange location, but Andy was already there and she decided to go ahead with the exchange. Suddenly, a man emerged and shot Andy once in the back of the head. Andy was rushed to the hospital, and when Katherine was later questioned, she admitted that Barry was the gunman and that she had brought Barry to the apartments that evening.

  123. 9

    Tammy Cole

    Tammy Cole was a quiet woman who liked cars and traveled often for her job as a pipe fitter. But while visiting her sister in Poplar Grove, Illinois, she met Vance Evans, an autoworker for Chrysler who co-owned a popular bar in Tomah, Wisconsin. Vance was outgoing and friendly, and the two started dating. But Vance didn't consider their relationship serious. Tammy, on the other hand, fell deeply in love with Vance. In 2009, when Vance retired from Chrysler, he made plans to move to Tomah to run his bar fulltime. He told Tammy their relationship was over. But Tammy didn't believe him. Meanwhile, Vance moved and began dating another woman in Wisconsin, Mary McClain. On April 26, 2010, after returning home from a job in Virginia, Tammy drove to Vance's home in Tomah. But the night would end in tragedy. Vance was shot once in the head. His girlfriend, Mary, found him on his living room floor in a pool of blood. The house was also filled with natural gas, from a gas line in the kitchen that had been broken. Mary called 911, and told police that earlier he had called her to say that there was a "psycho bitch from Illinois" in his house and he couldn't get rid of her. Vance's family began trying to track down the woman who had been in Vance's home.

  124. 10

    Michelle Gaiser

    Michelle Gaiser was a 38-year old woman who immigrated to Houston from the Philippines as a child. After high school, she started to work for a personal injury law firm, and quickly rose in the ranks of the business. By her late twenties, Michelle was an office manager. Through her position, she was able to meet many local lawyers, including a wealthy personal injury attorney named Jeffrey Stern. By 2008, Michelle and Jeffrey were involved in an illicit affair. But Jeffrey was married. In 2010, a series of assassination attempts on Jeffrey's wife, Yvonne, forced her and her children to move out of their Bellaire home. But one morning Yvonne was in the parking garage of her building when a gunman approached her vehicle. He shot her in the side, but Yvonne survived, playing dead until the gunman left. She then drove to a nearby gas station to get help. While Yvonne was in recovery, the police questioned Jeffrey Stern about who could have wanted to kill his wife.

  125. 11

    Melissa Stredney

    Melissa Stredney was a graduate teaching assistant at Ohio State University when she met 28-year-old Jamie Hart at a local coffee shop. They hit it off immediately and soon began dating. The relationship had its ups and downs, but it moved fast when Melissa told Jamie she was pregnant with triplets. Jamie was ecstatic and soon the couple was engaged. A few months later, Melissa told Jamie she had had a miscarriage. This led to deep depression for Melissa and after months, it was just too much for Jamie, so they broke up and he moved out. Jamie claims that after the split, Melissa would stalk him and on December 14, 2010, she was at it again. It was a little before 8am when 30-year-old Jamie Hart pulled into the parking lot of NCO Financial Services, the office where he worked. As Jamie hurried towards his office door, his ex-fiance, 30-year-old Melissa Stredney confronted him. She had been waiting for him in the parking lot.

  126. 12

    Lisa Gilliam

    Lisa Gilliam was a 42-year-old newlywed starting a new life with local attorney, Larry Gilliam, but everything would change when she called to report his attempted suicide. In 2010 Lisa was contemplating a divorce from her second husband. Her two daughters were grown and out of the house, and Lisa was feeling isolated in her marriage. Larry Gilliam was a former coalminer turned attorney, and Lisa had met him in court working as a probation and parole officer. So when Lisa needed legal advice, she naturally turned to the dashing older man. The two had immediate chemistry, and within months they had started a relationship, despite their pending divorces. Lisa's divorce went smoothly, but Larry's divorce took time, and the resulting alimony payments were steep. The day Larry's divorce finalised in November of 2010, the two got married, and soon after, Lisa discovered that the alimony payments weren't Larry's only financial burden - he was also drowning in debt. From tax liens and school loans to unpaid Corvettes and Harleys, Larry's attorney paycheck wasn't covering their needs. The couple frequently argued, but the newlyweds always made up. That is until a different argument started on January 7, 2011.

  127. 13

    Caren Pressley-Brown

    Caren Pressley-Brown was a single mother from Warrenton, Virginia. Born in 1961, Caren grew up in an upper-middle class Ohio family. After a back injury ended her gymnastics career, Caren turned her competitive drive into a profession in insurance sales. By the summer of 1997, Caren was separated from her first husband. It was then that she had a brief relationship with a business associate named Steven Cosby. Their relationship fizzled, but yielded one lasting result a son, born in May of 1998. Caren decided she would raise the baby on her own and for the first few years was a successful single mother to their son. However, by the time the child was four, he began to ask questions about who his father was. Caren reached out to Steven and introduced him into his son's life. But Caren soon became uncomfortable with the arrangement and a custody battle ensued. In a surprising turn of events, an independent attorney, chosen to represent the interests of the child, reported that Caren's drinking and mental stability were troubling and recommended a change of custody. The judge awarded sole custody of the child to his father. Caren appealed the decision, but was never able to regain custody of her son. In July of 2008, Caren was talking to a friend named Gail Lakritz. Gail joked about hiring a hit man to get rid of their exes, and Caren became very interested. Worried that Caren was serious about hiring a hit man, Gail called the police, who set up an undercover cop to pose as a hit man. Caren came to meet the hit man. She paid him, gave him photos, and detailed instructions on how to get rid of Steven and his family. When Caren left Gail's house, the police arrested her. She pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted capital murder. Caren will remain in prison until her son is 18 years old and his custody is no longer an issue.

  128. 14

    Exondia Salado

    In 2007, 33-year-old Manny Salado and his 35-year-old wife, Exondia, were living in Oklahoma City. Manny was a Navy veteran, who had recently joined the Army Reserve. But that October, their marriage appeared to be in trouble. On October 8, he showed up at the home of a friend, Ricardo del Rosario, asking for a place to spend the night. Manny told his friend that he feared his wife was going to kill him. Shortly after Manny arrived at his friend's house, Exondia called and he decided to head back home. Manny didn't spend the night at Ricardo's - and that's the last time Manny Salado was ever seen. A few days later, a long-time friend of Exondia's, April Stubbs, was helping her pack up when Exondia confessed something unbelievable. Exondia said he was locked in the closet - in a footlocker! April thought it was crazy talk and didn't think too much about it. But the next weekend April knew something was wrong. The next day, she contacted the police. But when police questioned Exondia, she denied it all, claiming her husband came home from basic training, then left several days later. April's story wasn't enough to make an arrest. Without a body, there was nothing police could do. However, over the next year, police worked the case, scouring the area, checking cell phone records and even examined a pair of computers seized from Exondia's home. Police found numerous Internet searches on grisly topics such as butchering humans, castration, killing methods and even human cannibalism. The computer searches were overwhelming and on December 16, 2008, Exondia was arrested in Florida. At trial, Exondia claimed her husband left her for another woman in his native country, the Dominican Republic. But prosecutors also presented Manny's cell phone, passport, and credit cards as proof he didn't leave, but was murdered.

  129. 15

    Narcy Novack

    Just before 8am on Sunday, July 12, 2009, 52-year-old Narcy Novack went upstairs from breakfast at the Hilton hotel in New York, and tripped over her husband, Ben Novack, Jr. His mouth and hands were duct-taped and he was covered in blood. When police arrived, Ben was declared dead and a homicide investigation began. Within 24 hours, detectives discovered that Narcy and Ben's 18-year-marriage had been odd. Narcy had a past life as an exotic dancer and Ben had an extreme obsession with Batman memorabilia. Detectives also learned that Ben had been having an affair with a porn star. On July 17th, police received an anonymous letter claiming that Narcy had arranged Ben's murder and her brother, Cristobal Veliz was the middle man involved. Police went to interview Cristobal, but he blamed May Abad and said had hired a man named Alajandro Garcia to do it. Then in November, 2009, Alajandro Garcia was arrested on charges unrelated to the Novack case and when he was questioned about the Novack murder, he told investigators that a man named Cristobal Veliz had offered him $20,000 to kill Ben Novack and so he hired a man named Joel Gonzales to help him. During the interrogation, Alajandro also said he had killed Ben's mother, Bernice Novack. Alajandro's statement gave police enough evidence for a pair of arrest warrants. On July 8, 2010, Cristobal was arrested in Philadelphia and Narcy was arrested in Miami the same day. Eventually, Cristobal and Narcy were tried on 13 counts, including felony murder. At the trial, Narcy and Cristobal's defense teams tried to pin the murders on Narcy's daughter. However, the jury wasn't convinced due to the testimony of Garcia and Gonzales. They described being hired by Cristobal to beat Bernice to death with a monkey wrench. They also detailed how they were let into Ben's hotel suite by Narcy to beat Ben with dumbbells and slice his eyes with a knife.

  130. 16

    Nancy Gelber

    Houston native Nancy Mancuso was always drawn to books and writing. The wannabe crime novelist began her first novel while still in high school. But it wouldn't be finished until years later, thanks to the help of Joseph Gelber, a man she met in an online singles chat room. When Nancy and Joseph finally met in person, they both saw sparks, and a few months later, Nancy left Houston and moved in with him. The couple married and in 2010, Joseph helped Nancy self-publish her crime novel, Temporary Amnesia, a tale about 50 prostitutes who are abducted, then implanted with bombs in an elaborate scheme to rob $1 million from banks. Ultimately, the mastermind of the sinister plot gets away with it. But while the couple worked on seeing Nancy's dream of becoming a published novelist come true, soon after, their marriage began to unravel. Nancy accused Joseph of having affairs and he no longer recognised the woman he'd married. He filed for divorce, and Nancy decided to take a page out of her own novel. In 2011, she began telling a friend about how she would have someone kill Joseph. The friend went to the sheriff's office. To find out whether Nancy was serious, or just imagining plots for her latest novel, investigators outfitted Nancy's friend with a wire, and recorded a conversation. Nancy once again talked about ways of having Joseph killed. Nancy's friend gave her a number to call to hire a hit man. On December 7, 2011, Nancy met with the hit man, and gave him her wedding ring as a down payment for Joseph's murder. Nancy was charged with solicitation to commit capital murder. At her trial, she testified that she didn't remember meeting with the hit man. She maintained that she never really wanted Joseph killed, and was always thinking up new plots for novels she wanted to write. But the jury didn't buy it. Nancy was found guilty and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

  131. 17

    Rebecca Sears

    Rebecca Sears was a mother of five boys living the suburban dream, but an affair and the savage death of her next-door-neighbour would change everything. Rebecca Sears was living with her husband and five boys in Grovetown, Georgia when Kay Parsons moved in next-door with her husband and son in 2005 and the couples soon became friends. But when the relationship between the two families suddenly went cold, the Parsons put their home up for sale. On March 25th, 2009, a handyman arrived at the Parsons' home to do some repairs, but when he found the back door broken into, he called 911. Inside, it was a horrific scene. A bloody trail led to Kay Parsons body, beaten, and barely alive. Officers contacted David Parsons only to find he was out of town on a business trip. Just as they rushed her to the hospital, Rebecca's oldest son approached officers with strange news: the Sears home had also been broken into. The next day, Kay's family made the difficult decision to turn off her life support. Investigators kept Rebecca's sons Michael and Christopher in mind because of their criminal pasts. The next day, someone from the jail called in with a tip, and it turned out to be Rebecca's own brother. He revealed that Rebecca and David Parsons had been having an affair and he suspected that Rebecca had convinced one of her own sons to murder Kay. Michael had a solid alibi, but investigators leaned on him hard for details in the interrogation room. When they brought Rebecca and her second son Christopher in, he was tight-lipped, but Rebecca revealed all and confessed. Halfway through her interview the recorder ran out of batteries, but when the tape came back on, Rebecca was admitting that she wanted to kill Kay so she could be with David, but also claiming that she never expected Christopher to follow through with it. The two were put into custody, and pleaded not guilty.

  132. 18

    Kathleen Wise

    The morning of June 8, 2011 was just like any other for 60-year-old nurse, Kathleen Wise until she discovered her husband, 71-year-old Kenneth, had died in his sleep at their home in Campbellsville, Kentucky. It was determined that Kenneth, who had heart problems, had suffered a heart attack. Despite the seemingly normal circumstances surrounding Kenneth's death, the coroner took urine and blood samples, and sent them off to a toxicology lab. Kenneth was buried, and life returned to normal. Then the toxicology results came and they were not what the coroner had expected. Not only had Mr. Wise been taking his regular medications, but there was also something else. Kenneth had nearly 30 times the lethal amount of morphine in his system. The coroner alerted the police, who obtained a warrant to exhume Kenneth's body. With the results in hand, the police turned to Kathleen, who had access to morphine at the nursing home where she worked. They brought her in for an interview, and she explained that her husband had not been feeling well and stayed home most of the day. Late that night, Kenneth had woken up with some chest pain, so Kathleen gave him a nitroglycerin pill and some water. When she awoke, he was already dead. After their discussion, Kathleen voluntarily agreed to take a polygraph exam. In the exam, it became clear that Kathleen was lying. Kathleen admitted to giving her husband morphine, but her purpose wasn't to kill him, it was to shut him up. According to Kathleen, Kenneth was verbally abusive and controlling, and she just wanted a night without him nagging her. She said that she didn't think the morphine would kill him, just put him to sleep. The police arrested Kathleen, and indicted her with the murder of her husband. Unable to make her $50,000 bond, Kathleen stayed in jail until her trial on August 1, 2012. At her trial, with no evidence to support her claims of abuse at the hands of her husband, Kathleen was convicted of inte.

  133. 19

    Michelle Knotek

    On a quiet country road in the Pacific Northwest, David and Michelle Knotek lived in an adorable farmhouse with their three daughters in Raymond, Washington. The Knotek's were known to take in friends who needed help and in 1989, the Knotek's took in Kathy Loreno to help with their children in exchange for free board. They also had Michelle's nephew, Shane Watson, living with them because his family couldn't take care of him. In 1994, Kathy's family hadn't heard from her in a while so they notified police. Police turned to Kathy's friend and landlady, Michelle, who claimed Kathy had moved to California with a truck driver she had met. Michelle gave police letters she had received from Kathy so they dropped the case. But in 2001, the police received an outrageous claim from the eldest daughter of Michelle Knotek. She told police she witnessed her parents beat, starve and kill Kathy. The daughter refused to record her statement and she soon went into hiding. The police weren't able to do anything without her statement. Almost two years later, the Knoteks had another tenant, 57-year-old Ron Woodworth, who, suddenly disappeared. Then, two Knotek daughters went to the police in fear of their younger sister being tortured. She was still living at home and they confessed to police everything they had witnessed over the years. Police went to the Knotek home and took the youngest daughter to protective services. The next day, Michelle Knotek forced her husband, David, to go down to the police station to get their daughter. When he arrived, they asked him to answer a few questions, and he confessed to all three murders. When police searched their home, they found Woodworth's remains buried in the Knotek's yard and David admitted to burning the bodies of Kathy and Shane. They were both arrested and charged with murder. David pled guilty and was given the lesser charge of second-degree murder. He was sentenced to less than 15 years.

  134. 20

    Elizabeth Guthrie-Nail

    The youngest of two children, Elizabeth Guthrie grew up outside Waco, Texas. After high school, Elizabeth stayed close to home, studying computers at a local community college. In an online chat room, she met Craig Nail, a computer analyst living in Oregon. Elizabeth travelled to Oregon to meet Craig in person, and, as their relationship deepened, Craig decided to close the 3000km gap between them. He got a job in Texas and the couple married and relocated to Dallas. In 2001, Elizabeth gave birth to a baby girl. But while Elizabeth and Craig doted on their new daughter, their own relationship fizzled. In May 2006, Elizabeth filed for divorce and Craig moved out. But the battle over custody of their daughter continued for months - sending Elizabeth into depression. She began drinking and seeking comfort at local biker bars. Then, on December 26th, 2007, a gunman burst into Craig's home and killed him. Craig's girlfriend was also shot, but survived. Outside Craig's home, police found a beer can tossed by the killer. The DNA on the can, along with cell phones found at Elizabeth's family's ranch in Waco, led police to biker, and ex-con, Mark Lyle Bell. Police learned from Elizabeth's mother that Bell and Elizabeth were not only friends - but after the murder, her mother heard Elizabeth and Bell talking as if they'd plotted the shooting together. In January 2008, Elizabeth, along with Bell, was arrested for Craig's murder. In 2011, Bell pleaded guilty to capital murder in exchange for a life sentence, and his testimony against Elizabeth at her trial. But in September 2012, when Elizabeth went on trial, Bell started backpedalling, claiming he didn't remember anything. When the judge threatened to let the jury hear a transcript of Bell's confession, implicating Elizabeth in the murder plot, Elizabeth's defense decided to fold. She pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit capital murder and was sentenced to 50 years in prison, with the possibility of parole.

  135. 21

    Shellye Stark

    Who are these women and what drives them to kill? This hit true crime series profiles the fascinating cases of women accused of murder. Did they really do it? And, if they did, why? Whether the motivation was revenge against a cheating husband, the promise of a hefty insurance payoff, or putting an end to years of abuse, the reasons are as varied as the women themselves. From socialites to secretaries, female killers share one thing in common: at some point, they all just...Snapped!

  136. 22

    Keisha Jones

    Who are these women and what drives them to kill? This hit true crime series profiles the fascinating cases of women accused of murder. Did they really do it? And, if they did, why? Whether the motivation was revenge against a cheating husband, the promise of a hefty insurance payoff, or putting an end to years of abuse, the reasons are as varied as the women themselves. From socialites to secretaries, female killers share one thing in common: at some point, they all just...Snapped!

  137. Season 11

  138. 1

    Amanda Kaur

    By the age of 21, North Dakota native Amanda Kurowski was a struggling single mother of two. In 2005, she met an Air Force airman named Ira Kaur at a local bar. Ira was a small-town boy from Arizona with big dreams. The two hit it off and within months they were married. Ira's steady income helped Amanda support her children. He also took extra part-time jobs and furthered his education to provide for his new family. Eventually, they bought a home, and Ira began the process of adopting his stepchildren. It seemed all was going well for the Kaurs. However, on November 28, 2010, Amanda called 911 and reported that her husband had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. She told the officers that he had been depressed and had attempted suicide before. At first, several clues seemed to support Amanda's account. However, investigators soon noticed: Ira's body had two gunshots wounds. Then, investigators discovered that Amanda had lied about buying the gun. They also uncovered Amanda's affair with a local rancher. When they brought her in for further questioning, Amanda gave authorities three different accounts of what happened that morning. She ultimately admitted to shooting Ira, claiming it was an act of mercy after his own suicide attempt failed. Further investigation of Amanda's computer revealed internet searches on how to shoot someone. Amanda was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in Ira's death. In 2011, prosecutors made an offer to Amanda: she could plead guilty to first-degree manslaughter and avoid a possible death penalty, if she provided a true account of Ira's death. Amanda accepted and went to court to enter her plea. But she repeated her claim that she shot Ira at his request after a botched suicide attempt. Despite the prosecutors' request to withdraw the deal and go to trial, the judge accepted Amanda's plea and sentenced her to the maximum of 65 years in prison. She will be 60 years old before she is eligible for parole.

  139. 2

    Ruby Ann Ruffolo

    By the time British Columbia native Ruby Ann Juba met John Ruffolo, she had a degree from the University of Victoria and four children from previous relationships. But she hit it off with John and the two married in 1990. Soon after, Ruby gave birth to the couple's only child, Jovanna. While John worked as a prison guard, Ruby invested her family's money in several rental properties. Ruby also enrolled in law school at the University of Victoria. Meantime, John took on a greater role managing the rentals, but was accused of violating local real estate laws. He claimed he unknowingly violated the rules - but was fined $14,000 and lost his prison guard job. In the wake of the lawsuit, John took on several jobs to support his family, but Ruby never pursued a law career. With John working so many hours, including overnight shifts, the couple grew apart. Then, in October 2003, John disappeared. Ruby reported him missing to police. Nearly a week later, a hiker stumbled across John's body in a wilderness area close to his home. Police found drug paraphernalia near his body, making it look like he'd overdosed. But the autopsy revealed while John died of a lethal dose of heroin, coupled with amitriptyline, he was not a chronic drug user. Instead, police suspected he was murdered. According to what former tenants of the Ruffolos told police, Ruby had been trying to find someone to kill her husband. Then, the Ruffolo's handyman reported that not only had Ruby asked him to kill John, he asked her to help move his body. Further investigation revealed that Ruby and one of her tenants had purchased a lethal dose of heroin and then Ruby injected John after sedating him with amitriptyline. Police arrested Ruby, who maintained her innocence. Her first trial ended in a mistrial. At her second trial in November 2010, a judge found her guilty and sentenced her to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 25 years.

  140. 3

    Donna Cobb

    Harlem native, Donna Brown was working as a nurses' assistant and raising four children on her own, when she met Kevin Cobb in 1992. After a few rocky years, including Kevin's brief stint in prison, the couple married and had twin daughters together. But on November 11, 2006, Donna called 911 to request an ambulance. Police and EMTS arrived to find Donna attempting to resuscitate her bleeding husband. When the authorities pulled Donna aside, she revealed that Kevin had attacked her while she was sleeping and she had hit him with an elephant statue in self-defence. Though it seemed unlikely to the police, most of the initial evidence seemed to support her story. As Donna was taken to the station for more questioning, police received word that Kevin died from his injuries. Back at the crime scene, investigators found a bloody butter knife and signs that someone had tried to clean up the blood. When confronted with these facts, Donna proceeded to tell a different story and admitted to stabbing Kevin with the knife. However, she still maintained that it was in self-defence. She told police that Kevin had attacked her that night and that their marriage had been marred by physical abuse for years. According to Donna it was those years of abuse and her fear of her husband that led her to act in self-defence. Donna was charged with second-degree murder and four years later, in 2010, she went to trial. Prosecutors argued that Donna had initially lied to police about stabbing her husband and that they could find no reports of domestic abuse in the Cobb household. But Donna testified that after years of abuse, Kevin's attack that night had put her in fear for her own life. On October 12th, after two hours of deliberation, the jury returned with an acquittal.

  141. 4

    Dee Dee Moore

    Dee Dee Moore grew up modestly and became an entrepreneur. She was in the process of writing a book about rags to riches transformations when she met the perfect subject. Abraham Shakespeare had dropped out of school and supported himself with manual labour jobs, but after he won the lottery things changed. Only two years later, his winnings were running out, so Dee Dee offered her services as a financial adviser. Soon Dee Dee became a familiar face in Abraham's neighbourhood, but his neighbours saw less and less of Abraham. Eventually he was reported missing, and investigators turned to Dee Dee with questions. Dee Dee claimed that Abraham was sick of being hassled for money and had skipped town. Investigators told her that unless his family heard from him during the holidays, they would assume Abraham was dead. Soon enough Abraham's mother received a call, but she knew the man wasn't really Abraham. Investigators traced the phone to the mall parking lot, where they couldn't believe their luck: Dee Dee's truck pulled up and after a brief exchange with another car she left. Investigators confronted the man, who turned out to be Greg Smith. A friend of Abraham's, Dee Dee had paid Greg $5,000 to pretend to be him. Investigators told Dee Dee they presumed Abraham was dead. Dee Dee contacted Greg looking for someone to take the fall, and an undercover officer was sent in wearing a wire. Using the new information provided by Dee Dee, Abraham's body was uncovered. Under pressure, Dee Dee claimed that she had been forced to lie by the drug dealers who had really murdered Abraham. Dee Dee was arrested in February of 2010. Her defence maintained that a mysterious drug dealer named Ronald was the true killer, but the prosecution said Dee Dee's insatiable greed drove her to kill. Dee Dee was found guilty in December of 2012, and immediately sentenced to mandatory life in prison without the possibility of parole. She maintains her innocence to this day.

  142. 5

    Melissa Cole

    By the time Melissa Broadwater finished high school, she was married with two children. But at 30, she started an affair with co-worker Gary Cole and eventually divorced her husband and left her children. In 2001, the couple married and had a son together. Nearly eight years later, on November 3, 2009, neighbours reported that the Cole's house was on fire. The family was presumed missing until investigators uncovered Gary's body from the wreckage. Melissa and her son were eventually tracked down unharmed. Further investigation led authorities to discover that Gary had actually been shot and the house fire was most likely arson. After questioning family members, the authorities discovered that Gary had filed for a divorce and custody of their son. The investigators believed Melissa was involved in his death. However, it wasn't until her nine-year-old son was questioned that they learned the truth. The day before, he claimed that he heard a loud noise at his home and when he went to see what it was, his mother told him to stay away from his father. After that, they went shopping for cleaning supplies and stopped at home in between trips. The last time they left the house, the boy claimed his mother smelled like smoke. When confronted with the boy's story, Melissa broke down and admitted to killing her husband. However, she claimed it was in self-defence because Gary had originally threatened her with a gun during an argument about their upcoming divorce. She was arrested for first-degree murder. But in 2010, Melissa's defence team shocked the courtroom when she took the stand and alleged that Gary had abused her physically and psychologically for years. Melissa also told the jury that she was afraid to seek help because she was ashamed. The jury convicted her of the lesser charge of second-degree murder. She was sentenced to 21 years in prison for the murder and was given an additional four years for arson and tampering with evidence.

  143. 6

    Katey Passaniti

    Katey Passaniti and her mother, Loretta Luttrell, had never been close. But once Katey married and had children, she tried to build a closer relationship with her mother and stepfather, Ernest Luttrell. When Ernest and Loretta started showing signs of dementia, Katey obtained power of attorney for health and finances. In July 2010, someone broke into the Luttrells' Keithville, Louisiana home and shot Ernest, while Loretta was at church. Loretta's housekeeper, Tina Vanmoerkerque, told investigators Loretta wanted Ernest killed to cash in early on their million-dollar estate. Tina admitted she hired a hit man to shoot Ernest and make it look like a robbery. Investigators arrested Loretta, Tina and the hit man. The crime appeared to be solved - until investigators discovered that Ernest's will was a forgery. It was signed after he was killed. The will left everything to Katey if Loretta was unable to inherit. When investigators talked to the notary who signed off on the forgery, she claimed Katey put her up to it - but only because Katey wanted to protect her mother's inheritance, since Loretta and Ernest had never legally married. While investigators examined the forgery, Tina agreed to a plea deal to avoid the death penalty. One year after the murder, she also claimed that Katey was actually the mastermind behind Ernest's death. In March 2012, Katey was arrested at her San Antonio home and charged with Ernest's murder. At her trial in April 2013, prosecutors claimed greed was the motive behind his death. The defence opened its case with a confession: Katey did forge Ernest's will, but only to help her mother. But they maintained that Katey didn't ask anyone to kill Ernest. They argued that both Loretta and the hit man never mentioned Katey, and Tina only named Katey after she was offered a life sentence in exchange for her testimony. Jurors sided with the prosecution and found Katey guilty of second degree murder and forgery. She was sentenced to life without parole.

  144. 7

    Laurie Jean Cone

    Laurie Cone was a lost 19-year-old when she met Jack Cone. Jack was 17 years older than Laurie and in 1989 they welcomed the birth of their daughter, Jackie. After high school, Jackie was headed for trouble. She already had children and a failed marriage when she was arrested for stealing to support her meth amphetamine habit. A few weeks later Jackie was released from jail and staying with her father when she and Laurie decided to spend the night gambling. When they arrived home they realised they had been broken in to, and Laurie found Jack beaten to death. Laurie and Jackie were understandably distraught at the scene, and officers brought them back to the station for questioning. There, Laurie reported that Jack had no enemies and wondered who could have done this, but in the next room, Jackie had fallen asleep. Detectives suspected that she was crashing from meth use. The detectives let the two women go, but the next day Jackie called the detectives herself. Jackie revealed that her father had kicked Laurie out of the house because of her gambling addiction. Laurie had even taken up her daughter's bad habits, and was using meth to stay up all night at the slot machines. At Jackie's suggestion, police went to bring in Laurie's friend Shawna Bayless for questioning, and arrested another possible suspect at the same house: a parolee-at-large named Gary Gallion. Shawna broke down, admitting that she had put Laurie in contact with Gary, but that he was only supposed to rob Jack. Laurie, Shawna, and Gary were all charged with Jack's murder, but before trial began Shawna entered a plea bargain and agreed to testify against Laurie and Gary. During the trial, prosecutors presented testimony that Laurie had approached multiple others about killing her husband for money. Gary and Laurie's defence argued that they had never met, and Jackie was setting Laurie up. Despite their claims, Laurie and Gary were found guilty on March 12, 2013 and sentenced to life in prison.

  145. 8

    Lateisha Jandreau

    29-year-old, Lateisha Askew, met 42-year-old retired Navy Command Master Chief, Paul Jandreau at a kickboxing class in 2002. The two were married within a year. The couple enjoyed an upper-middle class lifestyle in Paul's home in Moyock, North Carolina. Hit hard after losing their unborn twins, Lateisha began drifting away from her husband. By 2010, Paul prepared to file for divorce and gave Lateisha a deadline to leave: June 30th, 2010. However, on that morning, Paul failed to show up for work and worried co-workers contacted the police. The authorities contacted Lateisha who claimed that she had not seen her husband and that he had probably left town. Co-workers and neighbours noticed Lateisha began to behave bizarrely. The investigators planned to meet with Lateisha to discuss Paul's disappearance but when they arrived, Lateisha was nowhere to be found. While the investigators searched for her, she called 911 and said she was not at home but in Virginia. After a simple trace, the investigators discovered that Lateisha was not only in North Carolina, but she had placed the call from inside her house. After securing a warrant, the investigators entered the home and found Lateisha hiding in a closet. After searching the house, they also found Paul's body, stuffed into a plastic storage tote. Lateisha denied killing Paul, but there was plenty of evidence suggesting she had tried to hide the murder. Soon after she was taken into custody, she admitted that she had shot Paul but that it was in self-defence. When she went to trial in September 2012, the prosecution argued that Lateisha killed Paul because she knew he was filing for divorce and she did not want to lose the lifestyle he had provided for her. The defence maintained that Lateisha acted in self-defence because Paul began threatening her when she refused to move out. Lateisha was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. She has filed an appeal.

  146. 9

    Jodi Arias - Part 1

    Jodi Arias met Travis Alexander in 2006 at a PrePaid Legal Services conference. Jodi had just started with the company, and Travis was already quickly climbing the corporate ladder as a highly successful salesman and motivational speaker. Even though Jodi lived in California and Travis was in Arizona, they stayed in constant contact and became close. Jodi even decided to join Travis in the Mormon religion, and the two eventually became an official couple. The relationship only lasted a few months, and Travis had moved on to dating other women. In June of 2008, Travis was scheduled to go on a cruise with friends and co-workers. On June 9, Travis' friends showed up at his house, worried because they had been unable to reach him. His friends entered his home and in the bathroom, they found Travis stabbed to death in his shower. They immediately contacted the authorities and suggested a suspect, Jodi Arias. Travis told his friends that she became obsessive and stalked him. When investigators contacted Jodi, they learned something Travis' friends didn't know, Travis had continued to hook up with Jodi despite their breakup. Jodi claimed their breakup had been her choice after discovering Travis was cheating, but they had remained "friends with benefits." Investigators were eventually able to identify Jodi's DNA and blood at the crime scene, but the most important piece of evidence was a camera found in Travis' washing machine. The camera yielded several deleted photos of Jodi and Travis in sexually provocative poses as well as photos during what appeared to be the murder. Jodi was arrested that July and brought in for questioning. At first, Jodi denied being at Travis' house even after she was confronted with the evidence, claiming she had been visiting another man. Then, Jodi claimed two masked intruders had murdered Travis before deciding to let her go. Detectives were unconvinced, and Jodi Arias would remain in jail until her trial began in 2013.

  147. 10

    Jodi Arias - Part 2

    Jodi Arias had met Travis Alexander at a PrePaid Legal Services conference. The two had a brief but passionate relationship. After their breakup, Travis told friends that Jodi had become obsessive. When friends discovered Travis' body on June 9, 2008, they immediately suspected Jodi. Jodi's trial began on January 2nd, 2013. Prosecutors had plenty of forensic evidence to back up their case, but the most sensational evidence they had was a series of nude photographs of Jodi and Travis just before his murder, and photographs of what prosecutors believed to be the moments leading up to Travis' death. They claimed that Jodi had planned ahead: she had stolen a gun from her grandparents' home, rented a car, purchased gas cans out of state, and set up an alibi. They argued that Jodi murdered Travis and drove to Ryan Burns' home for a romantic visit. Jodi testified that she had acted in self-defence. She claimed that while they were taking provocative pictures in the shower, she had accidentally dropped Travis' new camera. Enraged, Travis attacked Jodi, and she went for his gun in the closet. Jodi said the gun went off accidentally and Travis was hit, but instead of going down, he became even angrier. Jodi says she then blacked out, and doesn't remember stabbing Travis, but remembers coming to in the car on the way to Utah to see Ryan Burns. On cross-examination, prosecutors played a tape of Jodi and Travis having phone sex to prove that Jodi was not being coerced by Travis, but was a willing participant. Closing arguments began on May 2, and prosecutors pointed to the brutality of the murder while defence attorneys maintained that Jodi was a battered woman. The jury found Jodi guilty of first degree on May 8, 2013. She faced either a life sentence or the death penalty, but the jury was split, and the judge declared a mistrial on May 23. The state of Arizona has not set a date for the sentencing retrial.

  148. 11

    Dawn Silvernail

    Dawn Mudge was a small-town girl that grew up near the Catskill Mountains of New York. She married Ed Silvernail in 1992, but long before she met Ed she had befriended a man named Fred Andros via CB Radio. Fred was the water superintendent for the town of Poughkeepsie. Even though Dawn and Fred were married, they quickly became more than just friends. It would be more than 20 years before their adulterous relationship would finally end. On October 28, 1999, authorities responded to a call from Pleasant Valley United Methodist church. Several churchgoers reported hearing gunshots and finding their fellow choir member Susan Fassett fatally injured in the parking lot. Eventually, Susan's husband pointed them to Fred Andros. Not only was Fred under investigation by the FBI for his involvement in a town corruption case, he was having an affair with Susan as well. However, Fred had an alibi for the night of the shooting. When the FBI questioned Fred and threatened to revoke his agreement in the corruption case, he implicated Dawn Silvernail as the murderer. When questioned, Dawn was extremely cooperative, but she denied any involvement. It wasn't until a separate interview that she finally admitted to the murder and claimed that Fred was behind it. Both Susan and Dawn were sleeping with Fred and that summer he had paid them for a three-way. However, Susan decided she wanted to end their illicit hook-ups. Fred then threatened to reveal their scandalous behaviour if Dawn didn't kill Susan. In 2001, Dawn took a plea deal in exchange for her testimony at Fred Andros' trial. She received 18 years to life. Fred was found guilty of 2nd degree murder, but died only two years into his prison sentence.

  149. 12

    Karen Newell

    Karen Morton was an attractive young divorcee when she met Jon Newell. The two hit it off, and after a whirlwind relationship they married. 28-year-old Karen's modelling connections lead to a new job in production, and Jon continued working as a successful mechanic for a local dealership, and she was pregnant with their first child. In 1994, the couple took a day-trip to Cocoa Beach. On the way home something went wrong with their vehicle and they pulled over to check it out. According to Karen, two men got out of a car brandishing guns and demanded Jon's wallet. Karen stayed hidden in front of the car and watched in horror as the men shot Jon and took off. By the time investigators and paramedics arrived, Jon was dead. Investigators were unable to find the car that matched Karen's description. As they searched the scene they noticed Jon's wallet was still in the car. Why had carjackers left his wallet and vehicle behind? Investigators discovered that Jon had been attacked by intruders in his own backyard with baseball bats, only a few months prior. Investigators questioned the Newell's roommate, Peter P.J. Giffen. The 18-year-old worked for Karen, and had been staying with the Newell's since Jon's attack. Jon's co-workers told investigators rumours about Karen and P.J's relationship. One of Karen's ex-husbands admitted he had lent her a gun, and because Karen was convicted of a felony years prior, investigators were able to arrest her for possession of the gun. Karen's step-brother came forward and implicated P.J. in the two attacks, and also revealed that she had taken out life insurance on Jon, for nearly $500,000. A quick search of her safe-deposit box confirmed it, and she was charged with Jon's murder. In August of 1995 P.J. Giffen had cut a deal with prosecutors and they were preparing to go to trial when Karen Newell pleaded guilty to first-degree murder. She was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years.

  150. 13

    Jackie Postma

    Jackie Gordner dropped out of high school at the age of 16, and soon after, she was married with a baby. By 19, she was divorced, had given her child up for adoption, and had a second baby. Jackie took a job at a trucking school and met student, Ed Postma. The two hit it off and the couple moved to Bradenton, Florida where Ed took a job as a mechanic while Jackie stayed home and raised her son. In 1995, they married, and four years later, they bought their first home. In June 2000, Jackie was introduced to Michael Cordes who had recently been released from prison. Michael and Jackie began an intimate affair. Soon, Ed began to suspect the affair, and he considered divorce. Only two months after the affair had begun, Michael asked Todd Martin, a friend he had met in prison, to help him confront Ed. On the night of August 19th, 2000, Jackie called Ed and told him she had run out of petrol. Todd and Michael drove Jackie's car to the isolated location and waited. When Ed arrived, Michael stepped out of the shadows and shot him in the head. He told Todd to cut his throat to make sure he was dead. Ed's body was found the next morning and an investigation ensued. A month later, Todd confessed everything, claiming he had no idea that Michael was going to kill Ed. Jackie admitted to the affair but swore she had no idea that Michael had been planning to kill Ed. She claimed that she lured Ed out that night so that Michael could tell Ed about the affair. Jackie, Michael and Todd were arrested and charged with the murder of Ed Postma. Seven months later, Jackie gave birth to a son. A paternity test revealed that her late husband, Ed, was the father. Todd, who received a deal to testify against Jackie and Michael, was sentenced to 12 years in prison. At Jackie's trial in July of 2001, she was found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole. However, at Michael's trial, a jury acquitted him of the crime.

  151. Season 12

  152. 1

    Rebecca Bryan

    Rebecca Bryan had been married to her husband Keith for almost 30 years when he was shot and killed in the couple's living room. The couple married after high school and not long after Keith found his calling: firefighting. Soon, Becky was home taking care of their two sons, while Keith was getting promoted, first to Captain, and then again to Fire Chief. As the boys grew up, Keith added Mustang city councilman to his achievements, and Becky became a successful real estate agent. To friends, the successful couple seemed to have it all, but that would all change on September 20, 2011. Just after ten o'clock that night, Becky called 9-1-1 to report that her husband had been shot. Keith survived the night, but passed away the next morning. Becky told police that a young man came in through the garage, shot her husband, then turned to Becky and said, "I'm sorry ma'am, but your husband should have hired me." Searching through the home, police found the murder weapon wrapped in a blanket in the dryer. During her interview, Becky acted strangely, almost seeming to flirt with one of the investigators. When investigators spoke to Becky's friends, they learned Becky had filed for divorce a year-and-a-half earlier. A man came forward and admitted that he and Becky had been having an extra-marital affair, but he had broken it off. The man claimed that Becky had become manipulative and was pushing him to divorce his wife, but he chose to stay with his family. Becky was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. At trial, witnesses described how Becky had suddenly switched from a happy housewife to an insatiable sex fiend. The defence maintained that a disgruntled hopeful firefighter had killed Keith, and that police had focused in on Becky too early in their investigation, ignoring other possible evidence. Jurors did not believe the intruder story, and found Becky guilty in May 2013. She was sentenced to life without parole. She has appealed her conviction.

  153. 2

    Kalila Taylor

    Kalila Taylor and Curtisha Morning grew up together in Riverhead, New York. In high school, the two friends' paths started to diverge. Curtisha was the homecoming queen, and the top student in her nurse's aide certification class. Kalila developed a reputation as a troublemaker. She also had a baby fathered by her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Carl Brown. After the birth, Kalila stayed in school and received her diploma. She also kept up her relationship with Carl, until he left her in January 1996. Soon after the break up, Carl started dating someone new, Kalila's friend, Curtisha. On February 29, 1996, 17-year-old Curtisha disappeared while walking between classes. The last people who saw her alive, told police they saw her arguing with another young woman. Nearly a month later, a passerby found Curtisha's body in a wooded area near where she disappeared. She had been stabbed almost 100 times. Investigators learned that Kalila matched the description of the person Curtisha was arguing with before she disappeared. They also learned that Kalila was upset about Curtisha's relationship with Carl. Nearly a year later, DNA tests matched blood on Curtisha's clothes to Kalila, and police arrested the 20-year-old for her friend's murder. Throughout her trial, Kalila maintained her innocence, claiming that police set her up and planted the evidence against her. The jury didn't buy it, they found her guilty. She was sentenced to 25 years to life. But an appeals court overturned the verdict and Kalila received a new trial. However, her retrial was delayed when a judge declared her incompetent. The ruling was based on Kalila's claims that the police used clones and a death machine. Once her mental state stabilised, Kalila's retrial began. It ended with the same result - guilty of second-degree murder.

  154. 3

    Alice Trappler

    Alice Trappler spent much of her youth on the family farm in upstate New York. Even when she moved to Pennsylvania in 2000, she visited often. And it was on a particular visit in 2002 that she met Thomas Wesley Borden. After dating for six months, the couple tied the knot and returned to Pennsylvania. She and Wes eventually divorced. In November 2010, she met Daniel Bennett. The couple began a relationship, and by February 2011, Alice found out she was pregnant. Both Alice and Dan were thrilled. But, Alice and Dan were fighting all the time and soon split up. Once their baby girl was born in November 2011, Alice did everything she could to keep Dan away. Dan filed for custody as Alice fought to bar him from his daughter's life. On April 19, 2012, the night before a custody hearing between Alice and Dan, Dan was shot to death. The investigation soon led to Alice's ex-husband Wes Borden. Police tracked Wes down in Philadelphia, but he jumped in front of a commuter train, killing himself. His brother Nathan Hand confessed the crime to investigators and led them to the murder weapon. He said Wes had done it because he was still in love with Alice Trappler, and she had given him the orders. Nathan was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Alice was also arrested. Nathan pled guilty and received 19 years in prison. But Alice maintained Wes had acted on his own. She went to trial in April 2013 and faced two counts of murder in the second degree, one count of burglary in the first degree, one count of burglary in the second degree and one count of conspiracy in the second degree. The prosecution argued she had Dan killed to keep him away from their baby. She was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. She will be eligible for parole in 2037.

  155. 4

    Constance Clark

    After graduating from high school, Constance Harris moved in with her cousin and worked at a local bank. In 1998, a mutual friend introduced her to 28-year-old Eric Clark. The young couple married in 1999 and seemed well on their way to living their dreams. Then Constance, unhappy with her weight, had gastric bypass surgery. The surgery left her addicted to painkillers. Constance could no longer work, so Eric worked overtime to keep their bills paid and Constance's painkillers stocked, pills that went for $20 a pop on the street. On December 13th, 2005, Eric went to Atlanta. Several hours after he left, terrified neighbours in an Atlanta suburb heard gunshots and called 911. Police found Eric's bullet-riddled body in a driveway. Neighbours saw two cars fleeing the scene, but couldn't give a description of the drivers. Constance told police Eric was supposed to meet up with her cousin, Jean Pierre Devaughn. Jean Pierre said he never saw Eric. But his cell phone records showed that, despite his denials, he was in the area where the murder happened. Eric's family also suspected Constance was involved. Police learned she had taken out a large life insurance policy on Eric just months before his death, a policy paid for with a fraudulent loan. But police couldn't get enough evidence to charge Jean Pierre or Constance. The case went cold until 2008, when police found the man who dumped Eric's car after the murder, Christopher Tumlin. Tumlin told police Jean Pierre asked him for a gun because a woman wanted her husband killed. Tumlin also admitted to watching Jean Pierre kill Eric. Jean Pierre and Constance were charged with Eric's murder. At the time, Constance was already in prison in Alabama for fraud and identity theft, charges stemming from the loan she took out to pay for the life insurance policy. At their trials, both maintained their innocence. But the juries didn't buy it. Both were found guilty of Eric's murder, and sentenced to life in prison.

  156. 5

    Teresa Imel

    Teresa Imel was a stay-at-home mum in an upscale suburban neighbourhood. But she didn't start out that way. As a teenager, she ran away from home, had a child and got married. But in 1986, a divorced Teresa was trying to turn her life around, when she met Kurt Imel, a successful retail manager. Soon, they were married, and Kurt adopted Teresa's daughter, Tiffanie. The couple went on to have three more children of their own. On July 28, 1999, Kurt was found brutally murdered in the driveway of his home. His family was just inside the house. When investigators arrived, they questioned Teresa, Tiffanie and her boyfriend, Troy Bertling. Shortly after, police found Kurt's car smouldering in an empty lot close by. But it was clear the crime wasn't a carjacking. As authorities investigated, they learned that after Kurt was transferred to Phoenix for work, the family started to deteriorate. Tiffanie and her friends started using drugs and her mother didn't stop them. Instead, Teresa joined them. Kurt was infuriated when he found out. Fearing that he would cut off their cash supply, Teresa and Tiffanie hatched a plan. When police questioned their friend, Daniel Averett, he admitted to murdering Kurt. He also confirmed Teresa, Tiffanie and Troy's role in the plot. The three were arrested and stood trial on January 10, 2001. Daniel and Troy pleaded guilty in exchange for their testimonies against Teresa and Tiffanie. Both men testified that mother and daughter had manipulated Daniel into killing Kurt. However, Teresa and Tiffanie's defence claimed they were innocent and too dependent on Kurt for financial support to kill him. After a hung jury in their first trial, both women were tried again, but this time they had two separate juries. Teresa was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 21 years plus an additional 7 years for providing drugs to minors. Tiffanie received 25 years to life for second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

  157. 6

    Holly McFeeture

    Single mum Holly McFeeture was working in a bar when she met Matt Podolak who was fresh out of the Navy. The two hit it off and immediately and started dating. Matt, already acting as a father figure to Holly's daughter, was thrilled to find out Holly was pregnant. But after their second child was born in early 2006, Matt started having problems. He began to struggle with depression, and his relationship with Holly suffered. Matt was eventually able to get his depression under control, but soon after that, he began to have back pain. Doctors attributed it to kidney stones, but after months of pain without relief, things became suddenly worse. On July 30th, 2006, Matt collapsed. Matt's family met them at the hospital, perplexed as to how kidney stones could put him in the ICU. The next day, Matt passed away. Doctors conducted an autopsy, but the results would take three months. In October of 2006 they finally had their answer: the medical examiner attributed Matt's death to chronic intoxication by ethylene glycol, an ingredient in antifreeze. Holly firmly denied that she would have hurt Matt and moved on with her life. Matt's family would get their chance to take Holly to trial when a recent ex-boyfriend came forward claiming that Holly had admitted to poisoning Matt. Holly was arrested, and went to trial in July of 2013, nearly seven years after Matt's death. At trial, prosecutors claimed that Holly had wanted out of her relationship with Matt and poisoned him to avoid the inevitable custody battle. On the stand, Holly's ex-boyfriend claimed that she had admitted to the poisoning, but the defence attacked his credibility, pointing out that he was currently incarcerated because Holly had called the cops on him after a dispute. A former friend of Holly's testified that she had seen a bottle of antifreeze in Holly's kitchen. The jury sided with the prosecution, and Holly was sentence to life in prison with parole eligibility after 30 years.

  158. 7

    Marjorie Armstrong

    Marjorie Diehl had a failed engaged to William Rothstein. A few years later, Marjorie was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and multiple personality disorder. In 1990 she married Richard Armstrong. In 1992, Richard died in hospital after hitting his head. The following year she met James Roden. In mid-August 2003, she shot and killed him. She called Rothstein, who stored James' body in a chest freezer at his house. Rothstein called police and turned Marjorie in for murder. They found Marjorie and arrested her. They also discovered that Rothstein lived next to a tower site that was linked with an unsolved bank robbery bombing. Investigators were confident that Rothstein and Marjorie were involved with the "pizza bomber" plot. On August 28, 2003, a pizza delivery driver named Brian Wells had walked into a bank, announced he was wearing a bomb, and demanded $250,000. However, police had apprehended him before he could get away but the bomb around Wells' neck detonated, killing him. After Rothstein and Marjorie were arrested for the murder of James Roden, police questioned them about the bombing, but they refused to admit they knew anything. Investigators discovered that Marjorie had a history of violence. In 1984, she had shot her boyfriend Robert Thomas while he slept. She was later acquitted of murder in 1988 when she used battered woman's syndrome as a defence. In 2005, Marjorie pled guilty to the murder of James Roden and received seven to 20 years in prison. Marjorie would not admit anything about the bombing but she did give them a name: Ken Barnes. When questioned, Barnes admitted he was in on the bombing but told investigators that it was Marjorie's idea. In the summer of 2003, Marjorie decided she needed money to kill her father, so the group devised a plan to rob a bank. Marjorie went on trial for the collar bomb robbery in 2010, and a jury found her guilty of bank robbery, conspiracy, and using a destructive device. She was sentenced to life plus 30 years.

  159. 8

    Joann Helfrich

    An explosion at Joann Babner's factory job left her traumatised. While no one was hurt, Joann said the accident caused her to shut down emotionally and walk away from her family, hitting rock bottom. Then, through a mutual friend, she met Fred McClure. Fred worked as a maintenance man at a local apartment complex. He offered to let her stay in one of the spare bedrooms in his apartment. After a few months of living together, the couple fell in love. On the afternoon of October 12, 2010, Joann said she was asleep in the apartment when she thought she heard an intruder. She repeatedly yelled, "Who's there?" But when no one responded, Joann grabbed her gun and opened fire. After the person collapsed, she realised it was Fred. A hysterical Joann called 911, but Fred was already dead. While Joann maintained the shooting was a tragic accident, detectives didn't believe her. Joann claimed the apartment was too dark inside to recognise Fred, but investigators found plenty of natural light coming through open blinds. They also found shell casings in a trashcan - evidence that Joann tried to clean up the scene. When they talked to neighbours, they learned they had seen Fred alive inside the apartment and Joann wide-awake, just minutes before he was shot. Joann was arrested and charged with Fred's murder. At her trial in November 2012, prosecutors argued Joann meant to kill Fred. They called the pathologist who performed his autopsy to the stand - to show that Joann had not just fired at Fred from the top of the stairs as she'd claimed, but she'd finished him off while standing directly over him - shooting into his back as he lay dying on the floor. The defence maintained that the shooting was an accident, that Joann never knew it was Fred. Plus, they claimed she had no reason to want Fred dead and nothing to gain financially from his death. Jurors didn't agree. They found Joann guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced her to life in prison.

  160. 9

    Marjorie Orbin

    Marjorie Orbin's life descended into chaos when her husband went missing in 2004. By the age of 25, Marjorie had already been married three times, and was working as a showgirl in Las Vegas. Marjorie went to Phoenix where, she took up stripping. There, she met a man named Jay Orbin, who tried his best to convince her to stay but she moved to Florida. Marjorie returned to Vegas and worked as a showgirl, until the day her face on a billboard caught Jay Orbin's eye. He recognised her, and still believed she was the one that got away. Marjorie realised that she couldn't be a showgirl forever, so the couple got married and Marjorie gave birth to a son. But Jay's job required long trips, and one day he didn't come home. Marjorie filed a missing person's report at Jay's family's insistence. Marjorie proved to be uncooperative in the search for Jay, and investigators obtained a warrant to search her home. There, they found Marjorie with her boyfriend but Marjorie's infidelity wasn't enough for an arrest warrant. A few days later, a man's torso was found in a storage bin in the desert, and it turned out to be Jay. Marjorie was detained a few weeks later after using Jay's flagged credit cards. Police questioned Marjorie about Jay's gruesome end, but she seemed unperturbed and revealed that she and Jay had secretly divorced years ago, for financial reasons. Since then, their romance had faded, but they remained together to raise their son. Looking through Marjorie's other credit card transactions; she had purchased cleaning supplies and a rubber tub, the tub that became Jay's coffin. Police arrested Marjorie for Jay's murder. At trial, Marjorie's cellmate, Sophia Johnson, testified that Marjorie had bragged about murdering Jay, but her defence pointed out that Sophia was looking for leniency in exchange for her testimony and pointed the finger at Marjorie's former boyfriend. The jury believed the prosecution, Marjorie was found guilty and sentenced to life without parole.

  161. 10

    Joanna Findlay

    A native of Scotland, 41-year-old college instructor Joanna Findlay had settled into a comfortable life in Hollywood, Maryland. Her husband of 14 years, Gary Trogdon was a retired Air Force officer and a military historian. Fifteen years her senior, Joanna had met him while she was studying in Nebraska. But on the evening on October 30, 2010, Joanna called 911 and reported that her husband had just assaulted her. She also admitted to shooting at her husband before terminating the call. When the dispatcher called back, he spoke to 55-year-old Gary, who reported that Joanna had taken some pills. When police arrived at the couple's house, they found Joanna outside. But her husband Gary was inside, dead from a bullet wound to the chest. Joanna was transported to the hospital for a possible drug overdose and suicide attempt. Evidence at the crime scene indicated a struggle, leading police to believe that Joanna had shot and killed her husband. She was arrested and charged with second-degree murder. But Joanna's attorney claimed that Gary had shot himself, after his wife threatened to turn him in for downloading child pornography. Police confirmed the presence of child porn on Gary's computer, though his family insisted that he was innocent and would never have committed suicide. At trial, Joanna testified that she had fought with Gary over the child porn and that she had shot at the floor to keep him away from her. But she insisted that Gary had shot himself in the chest. Prosecutors argued that the gun was too far away from Gary's body and that evidence at the scene and Gary's demeanour on the 911 calls pointed to murder. However, the jury did not convict her of murder. Instead, the jury found Joanna guilty of attempted murder and of the use of a handgun during a crime. She was sentenced to 5 years in prison for the handgun charge plus a 5 year suspended sentence for attempted murder. Joanna was deported to Scotland after serving 10 months of her sentence.

  162. 11

    Verina Childs

    When Verina Childs divorced her first husband, she began dating her friend's son, 19-year-old Doug. But his mother was furious, so Verina and Doug ran away and got married. They returned to Mississippi and Doug raised her sons as his own. On November 22, 2009, Doug and Verina went hunting together. The couple walked into the woods and separated to their hunting spots. Dale Parker was sitting nearby when he suddenly heard a gunshot and a man yell. He saw a person wearing a Carhart jacket walk out of the woods. He couldn't tell if it was man or woman, but he noticed a ponytail. Other hunters arrived to find Doug dead. Verina was nowhere to be found. They sent a friend of Verina's to go get her at home. When the authorities arrived, they determined the cause of Doug's death was a gunshot wound in his back. When detectives spoke with Verina, she told them she hadn't stayed long because she had a stomach ache but couldn't reach Doug to tell him. She gave them the camouflage clothes she said she had been wearing that morning, as well as her gun. Because the bullet had not gone through Doug's body, ballistics was able to match the bullet to the gun Verina had given investigators. Authorities also learned that the Childs' marriage was coming to an end. And as the beneficiary of Doug's life insurance, Verina had the most to gain from her husband's death. Verina was arrested the next day and went on trial in August 2011. The defence argued that the clothes Verina had given the police did not match what the witness had seen the person walking out of the woods wearing. But, while looking at an evidence photo in court, the prosecutors noticed the sleeve of a Carhart jacket right next to Verina's gun on her bed. The gun, the photo of the jacket and Verina's motive to collect the money from Doug's insurance policy were enough to convince a jury. Verina was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole when she is 65.

  163. 12

    Wendy Cobb

    Wendy was a single mum when she met single dad, Michael Cobb in 1996. After only a few months the couple got married and moved to Pryor, Oklahoma. Michael and Wendy had always wanted a big family, and when Wendy gave birth to twins in 2003 it was their dream come true. Michael worked hard at his factory job. Wendy also took a factory job while Michael used his free time to become a volunteer fire fighter. It all came to an end when a neighbour spotted a fire at the Cobb's house. As family and friends gathered around the house they noticed that Wendy's car was parked outside and began to worry that Wendy and the twins were inside. But as they frantically tried to reach Wendy and Michael, it was Wendy who finally answered her phone. She had borrowed Michael's truck and gone on a shopping trip with the twins. When the flames finally died down, firefighters discovered Michael's body. Investigators at the scene were confused, why had Michael not been able to get out of the house? He was, after all, a volunteer firefighter. Upon further investigation, Oklahoma State Fire Marshal's agents found evidence which indicated foul play. Wendy had an alibi, but when they checked her cell phone records investigators discovered she was having an affair with Nicholas Shires. In their conversations with Nicholas Shires' friends, investigators discovered that he had bragged about crushing Michael Cobb's skull in. Once Nick was indicted for first-degree murder, he gave up his partner in crime: Wendy. Nick said he and Wendy had murdered Michael looking to get the insurance money so they could start their new lives together. Wendy was arrested on murder charges. At trial she claimed that Nicholas had acted alone, looking for revenge on Michael after Wendy returned to her husband. But the prosecution maintained that Wendy was the mastermind. The jury sided with the prosecutors, and Wendy was sentenced to life in prison for murder of her husband.

  164. 13

    Julia Phillips

    Julia Bright married right out of high school, but the marriage didn't last. In 1999, a mutual friend introduced Julia to a successful lawyer, and former mayor, Melvin Roberts. Melvin provided everything Julia needed. Then, on Julia's 70th birthday, as she arrived at Melvin's home, an attacker grabbed her from behind, duct-taped her, and dragged her behind a wall. The attacker left Julia, still bound and gagged and confronted Melvin, strangling him and firing a shot. But when police talked to Julia, they started to question her story. Julia claimed the attacker demanded money, but no money was taken. The duct tape looked like it was carefully placed not to hurt her, tied in bows on her wrists and ankles, double-wrapped so it wouldn't stick, and placed over her head like a sweatband. It was pouring rain that night, but Julia wasn't wet or muddy, even though she claimed the attacker forced her to stay face down on the ground. Police also learned that Melvin was planning to leave Julia; he believed she was stealing from her store to support an addiction to painkillers. Once Julia's clothes came back positive for gunshot residue, proving she couldn't have been far away when the attacker shot at Melvin, she was arrested and charged with his murder. However, police believed someone helped her with the crime, due to her small size and unidentified large muddy footprints found fleeing the scene. That accomplice was never found. When Julia's trial began in August 2013, prosecutors argued her motive was greed. They also called a witness who claimed Julia approached him about hiring a hit man. Julia's defence maintained the petite 73-year-old was a victim, not the mastermind. They also pointed out that prosecutors had no evidence directly linking Julia to Melvin's murder. The jury didn't believe Julia was a victim, they found her guilty of Melvin's murder and she was sentenced to life in prison.

  165. Season 13

  166. 1

    Lupita Acuna

    Lupita had bad luck in love, and by the age of 36 she had been divorced twice and was raising five children on her own. One night at a local dance, Lupita met Jose Fiscal. Jose was a father of four and had recently separated from his wife, Alma. The two immediately hit it off and began dating, and Jose's wife decided to move away with their children. Two years after separating from Alma, Jose decided he wanted her and his children back. He bought a house for his family to live in, and told Alma that Lupita was out of the picture. But when Alma arrived with their kids, Lupita was still in Jose's house. Alma issued an ultimatum, and Jose sent Lupita and her kids away. The next day, a farm hand reported seeing smoke near Donna Lake, and when fire fighters investigated, they found a gruesome crime scene. Someone had set Jose and his truck on fire, and upon closer inspection, investigators realised that Jose had also been stabbed over 40 times. When investigators questioned them, Alma and Lupita both pointed to the other woman. According to Lupita's phone records, she had been texting Jose nonstop before his murder, and her texts were angry. Eventually Jose had agreed to meet with Lupita, and just two hours later, he was dead. Lupita had also been texting her son, Antonio de Leon, and her brother-in-law, Juan Manuel Salazar. When investigators questioned Lupita's son, Antonio was relieved to admit that he, his uncle, and his mother had all conspired to kill Jose. When they spoke to Lupita again, she threw her son under the bus and claimed that Antonio and his uncle had misinterpreted her anger with Jose as a murder plot. Police arrested Lupita, Juan, and Antonio for the murder of Jose Fiscal. At trial, Antonio and Juan were both found guilty, but jurors let Lupita go. Prosecutors came back with charges for conspiracy to commit murder, and this time the jury found Lupita guilty. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

  167. 2

    Kimberly Parker

    Kimberly Parker had been married to Elihue Parker for nearly a year. The couple had just transferred to Texas for Elihue's job with the US Marine Corps. But on July 31, 2000, Elihue didn't show up for work. His co-workers at went to his apartment and found it unlocked and empty. Combined with the fact that two men had threatened Elihue at the office just four days earlier, Elihue's disappearance raised a number of red flags for the local police. When talking to his wife, Kimberly said she didn't know where he was because they had recently separated. Detectives soon connected the incident at Elihue's office to Kimberly's new boyfriend, Damian Huckaby. Still, there was no sign of her missing husband. Then on August 3, authorities in nearby county pulled a body from the river and identified it as Elihue Parker. He had been shot and dumped in the water. Detectives brought Kimberly, Damian and two friends in for questioning. Damian admitted to visiting Elihue's office and gave police the name of the second man with him that day. When questioned, that man, Marcus Brown, told police that Damian and the others had kidnapped Elihue. According to Marcus, Kimberly had convinced them to kill her husband in order to collect on his military life insurance. Kimberly and Damian were arrested along with Kendall Watson and Dexter Hodge. Kendall and Dexter confessed to helping kidnap Elihue, but that it was Damian who had shot him and left him to die. But the next morning, when they went to move the body, Elihue was still alive so they dumped in the river. Kimberly was charged with aggravated kidnapping and murder. On the stand, Kimberly claimed she had no idea that Damian planned to murder her husband. According to Kim, Damian told her that her husband was dead and threatened to kill her if she told anyone. The jury found her guilty and she was sentenced to 99 years in prison. She maintains her innocence.

  168. 3

    Bernadette Perusquia

    Bernadette Gonzales was an independent woman. In her mid-20s, a brief relationship left Bernadette pregnant, but she quickly found a supportive partner and was married shortly after the baby's birth. Two years later, the marriage ended in divorce. Bernadette threw herself into her work. She got a new start when she took a higher paying job as the school nurse in a high school. At orientation, she met Juan Perusquia, a security guard. The two became friends and began an intimate relationship. That summer, Bernadette discovered she was pregnant, but Juan confessed that his divorce from his previous wife was not final. In September 2002, the divorce was finalised and Juan and Bernadette were married that December. Bernadette gave birth to a baby boy but Bernadette and Juan's relationship was faltering. One day Juan came home from work and announced that he was leaving. When their fight escalated, Bernadette shot Juan with a gun she had hidden in her waistband. She called 911 immediately. Admitting that she had shot her husband, Bernadette told the dispatcher she had done so in self-defence. When the ambulance arrived, Juan told the EMTs that she had shot him because he was leaving. He was taken to the hospital where he died shortly after. Bernadette was charged with first-degree murder. She testified that she had been a victim of severe domestic abuse. She claimed that the day of the shooting, Juan came at her in a rage, and fearing for her life, she shot him once in the torso. A jury was unable to reach a decision and the judge declared a mistrial. The prosecution decided to retry Bernadette, and she went back to court in December 2011. Prosecutors argued there was no evidence, physical or otherwise, to support her claim that she had been a victim of domestic abuse. The jury found her guilty of murder. Bernadette was sentenced to life in prison with the chance of parole after 30 years.

  169. 4

    Catherine Hamborsky

    Born in 1964, Cathy Hamborsky grew up in Scottdale, Pennsylvania. She married her high school sweetheart, and the couple had two children. Many of Cathy's relatives worked at local prisons and Cathy followed in their footsteps taking a job as a prison secretary. To unwind, Cathy would hang out with friends and play video poker at her favourite hangout, JJ's Bar and Lounge, where the bartender, Tom Lesniak, would usually extend her credit. One night Cathy and her husband went to JJ's and after running up a tab on drinks and poker, they went home. The next morning, JJ's bar burned down and inside, investigators found the body of Tom Lesniak. Investigators talked to people who'd been in the bar the night before. Cathy told them she'd left with her husband hours before the bar closed. But after talking to other patrons at the bar they learned that Cathy was lying - she had returned to the bar later that night without her husband. According to one patron, she'd gotten in an argument with Tom about credit for the video poker machine. When that patron left, Cathy was the only person still in the bar with Tom. Investigators also learned a gas can found at the scene belonged to Cathy. When confronted with the new information, Cathy broke down and confessed to killing Tom and setting the bar on fire. But, she said it was self-defence because Tom tried to sexually assault her. At her trial, prosecutors argued Tom's death was not self-defence but cold-blooded murder. Cathy testified in her own defence and said Tom came out from behind the bar with a knife, demanding sexual favours in exchange for poker credit. She said she refused and he knocked her down and got on top of her. She claimed she stabbed and shot him during the struggle. But prosecutors argued that there was no evidence that Tom had assaulted her at all. The jury found Cathy guilty of third-degree murder, as well as arson and abuse of a corpse. She received two consecutive 12-year sentences.

  170. 5

    Tracy Lawson

    Nurse Tracy Braxton had already been married once but when she reconnected with a childhood friend, Andy Lawson, something clicked. The two married and a few years later, they welcomed their first child together. But their daughter was born with disabilities and Tracy struggled with the challenges of working as a nurse and raising a special needs child. She lost her job, leaving the family in a financial bind. On June 11, 2006, dispatchers received a desperate 911 call from Tracy, screaming that her husband was going to kill her. The phone then went dead. Minutes later, Tracy's brother-in-law called 911 requesting an ambulance to the Lawson home. He said Tracy was safe but that she had struck her husband with a pipe. When deputies arrived, they found Andy dead in their bedroom, bludgeoned with a tool used to drive fence posts into the ground. Tracy said an argument with her husband led to a struggle where she struck him to save her own life. As investigators went over the crime scene, the evidence put Tracy's claim of self-defence into question. By morning, Tracy was arrested on first-degree murder charges. The investigation revealed that Tracy had been fired from her nursing job due to a prescription drug addiction. After failing to complete rehab, she also lost her nursing license. At trial, prosecutors argued that Tracy killed Andy for his life insurance money. They argued that she had bludgeoned her husband to death in his sleep. However, Tracy's defence was not only that she had acted in self-defence but that she was a battered woman who had spent most of her marriage in fear of her husband's abuse. Andy's first wife and daughter disputed those claims, but his second wife and stepdaughter testified for the defence. They told the jury that Andy was abusive during the time that they lived with him, bolstering Tracy's claims. However, the jury found Tracy guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced her to life without parole.

  171. 6

    Tina Lunney

    Tina Lunney and her husband Christopher lived in the suburbs with their two children and Tina's mother, Marie Zoppi. The family was preparing for their upcoming vacation when tragedy struck. One morning, Tina found her mother on the floor of her downstairs apartment, a tie around her neck, and an apparent suicide note. Police at the scene began to doubt this was self-inflicted. At the station, Tina told investigators that she went downstairs to check on her mother and saw her collapsed on the ground. Tina called her husband for help, and then discovered the suicide note. When police received the autopsy results, they knew they had a murder on their hands - Marie had broken multiple ribs before succumbing to strangulation. When investigators discovered that the Lunney family were secretly broke, they went to follow up with Tina but Christopher reported that his wife was missing. When investigators spoke with him, it became clear that Tina had been hiding things from him. Christopher was unaware of the family's financial situation. While looking for Tina, they discovered that she had taken a bus to Atlantic City. A few days later, police received a call that Tina had been seen wandering the streets of her neighbourhood, and brought the dishevelled woman in for questioning. At the station, Tina finally revealed that she had strangled her mother, and was taken into custody. Tina's double life was revealed when she went to trial for her mother's murder. Not only did it come to light that she had been driving the family into bankruptcy, she had also been cheating on her husband. After strangling her mother, Tina had apparently gone back to work and used her mother's credit card to make the final payment on her family's upcoming vacation. Tina's defence claimed that her confession was just the rambling of a woman on the edge of breakdown, but the jury found her guilty. Tina was sentenced to 40 years in prison for the murder of her own mother.

  172. 7

    Chyann Bratcher

    Chyann Fine was young and pretty when she met Billy Dean Bratcher. Within months, Chyann became pregnant. The two were married before the baby girl's birth in 1990. While Billy worked hard to support his family, Chyann stayed home with their baby. The family seemed happy but Billy and Chyann's mother, Brenda, did not get along. Soon, Chyann began acting out towards Billy. He contemplated divorce, but his mother urged him to work things out. Chyann suggested a fishing trip to work on their relationship and Brenda and Chyann's brother, Tommy, also went along. Around midnight, Tommy and Billy went out on the lake. When Tommy returned to shore, Billy was nowhere to be found. Tommy told his sister and mother that an inebriated Billy had fallen out of the boat. Brenda called 911 and the authorities arrived and began a search. When Billy's mother was notified that he was missing, she suspected murder. Ten days later, a search party located Billy's body. An autopsy revealed that Billy's blood alcohol content was point 19. The FBI determined the drowning was accidental and closed the case. But Billy's family was persistent in urging the FBI to take another look at the case, eventually hiring a lawyer to keep Chyann from collecting the insurance money. The lawyer began talking with Tommy's wife, urging her to convince Tommy to admit the truth about Billy's death. Finally, Tommy turned himself into the FBI. He confessed that he had gunned the motor on the boat as Billy stood up to urinate, causing him to fall into the water. He told the FBI that Brenda and Chyann promised him $25,000 if he caused Billy's death. When they went to trial, Tommy testified against Brenda and Chyann, revealing that Brenda had been involved in previous insurance frauds. The jury found Chyann and Brenda guilty of conspiracy to murder. Tommy was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison. Chyann and Brenda were sentenced to life in federal prison without parole.

  173. 8

    Vonlee Titlow

    Successful escort, Vonlee Titlow, loved to gamble with her aunt, Billie Jean Rogers, while her millionaire uncle stayed home and drank. On August 11, 2000, Billie and Vonlee returned home to discover Donald passed out. Realising he was actually dead, they called 911. After examining the body, the coroner concluded that Donald had died of a heart attack. But on August 30, a boyfriend of Vonlee's contacted police claiming that Vonlee had told him that she and her aunt had killed Donald and that Billie had given Vonlee $100,000. She also revealed to him that she wasn't a woman. He suspected that Billie wanted Donald's money for her gambling addiction, and that Vonlee needed money for sexual reassignment surgery. The police asked the boyfriend to wear a wire and record Vonlee confessing to the murder. When the two went to dinner, Vonlee described how they had returned home to find Donald passed out, so they tried to pour vodka down his throat. Unsuccessful, Billie used a pillow to smother Donald to death. With the recorded statement, police arrested Vonlee for murder. After arresting Billie, prosecutors approached Vonlee with a plea deal, testify against her aunt and take a 7-15 year sentence for manslaughter. Vonlee accepted. With Billie's trial approaching, an attorney met with Vonlee and told her he could lessen the sentence if she went to trial. She signed on with the new attorney but her plea deal was rescinded just as Billie's trial began. With Vonlee's confession ruled as hearsay, Billie was acquitted. Vonlee's attorney quit and she went to trial for first-degree murder. She testified that her aunt had killed her uncle, but faced with her confession, the jury found her guilty of second-degree murder. She was sentenced to 20 to 40 years in prison. She appealed her conviction on the grounds that she had been provided with insufficient counsel but the Supreme Court upheld her conviction.

  174. 9

    Rose Chase

    Rose Mooney and Adam Chase married in 2001. They young couple wanted to start a family soon after but Adam learned the odds of him being able to have children were slim unless he had a corrective medical procedure which they couldn't afford. The couple decided to keep trying and in 2007, Rose gave birth to a baby boy. After 12 years of marriage, things seemed to be going well for the Chase family. Rose was promoted at work, and Adam had a new job lined up for when their son started pre-school. But on June 15, 2012, Adam mysteriously disappeared after the couple had a fight. Police had no leads but Adam's family was convinced Rose knew more than she was letting on. A private investigator named Rodney Miller vowed to help them find answers. On December 13, 2012, Rodney had the Chase's babysitter tell Rose that there had been a break in the case and that the police were ready to make an arrest. Rodney went to Rose and urged her to tell him what happened. She revealed that she hadn't buried Adam, she had burned him. Soon after, she took the police to her mother's house where there were burn piles in the back yard that contained Adam's remains. She described the fight that she had originally told authorities but revealed that during the argument she had told Adam that he was not the father of their son. When he stormed out to leave, she tried to stop him and he fell down the stairs. Once she reached him she said he was already dead. Panicked, she pushed him into the basement and kept him there for over a month. She then moved his body to her mother's house and burned his remains. In 2013, Rose stood trial for the murder of her husband. The prosecution claimed that Rose murdered her husband to end a loveless marriage but keep her son and the family's money. The defence argued that Rose was only guilty of hiding her husband's death, not causing it. After the jury deliberated for seven hours, they found Rose Chase guilty of second-degree murder.

  175. 10

    Michele Williams

    With blonde hair and blue eyes, Michele Kleman often turned heads. It didn't take long for 25-year-old Greg Williams to fall in love with the 18-year-old. In 1992, the college sweethearts married and moved to Denver where Greg had accepted a job as an accountant. But after a year Michele started feeling homesick so Greg began making plans with his brother to open up their own business back in their hometown. They moved on September 30, 1993 and tired from moving, Greg took a nap on the couch. At around one-thirty that afternoon, Greg was shot while asleep on the couch. Michele ran outside screaming for help. Within minutes, authorities arrived and police searched the area for the gunman she had described. Greg was taken to the hospital where he died shortly after. When detectives told Michele they were going to perform a gunshot residue test to eliminate her as a suspect, she became noticeably anxious. Suspicious, detectives let Michele go but told her she could not return to her home. When Michele tried anyway, she was denied access. Detectives searched the home for evidence and discovered a gun. In Michele's purse were three shell casings, a receipt for the gun and a love letter to another man. Greg's past employer revealed to detectives that Greg had a life insurance policy that was set to expire at the end of the month. Greg had died hours before its expiration. As the sole beneficiary, Michele was set to collect $300,000. Michele's residue test came back positive and the gun found in the home was determined to be the murder weapon. She was arrested and pled not guilty to aggravated murder. With so much evidence against her, her lawyers offered a plea deal in order to avoid a trial - guilty to a lesser charge of murder in exchange for 15 years to life. Greg's family agreed. Michele pled guilty and apologised for her actions but gave no reason as to why she did it. She was sentenced to 15 years to life.

  176. 11

    Colette Reyes

    Born in Haiti, Colette Nicolas had immigrated to the US with her mother by the time she was 12. Her family was deeply religious and Colette's faith remained an important part of her life which eventually led her to her husband, Arthur Reyes. Colette met Arthur at University when he was the president of a campus religious organisation. The couple married and had two daughters. After Arthur received his PhD, the family moved to Texas for his new job as a professor. But after the move, the couple's marriage began to crumble. Arthur turned away from his faith, declaring himself an atheist and the couple fought over how to raise their daughters. By November, 2009, Arthur and both daughters had moved out. When Arthur returned home to gather his belongings, the two, along with Colette's sister, talked in the garage with Arthur calling Colette a monster. Unknown to Arthur, Colette was recording the entire conversation, a conversation that ended when Colette suddenly shot Arthur. Colette claimed the shooting was self-defence and that Arthur pulled the gun on her first. But investigators found no evidence of Arthur ever holding the gun and Colette's recording gave no evidence that Arthur ever threatened her with it before she shot him. Colette was arrested and charged with Arthur's murder. At her trial, the prosecution argued that Arthur's murder was premeditated. Since Colette depended on Arthur for her livelihood, she feared she would lose everything if he divorced her. Her daughters testified that Colette was abusive to them and that she had hidden Arthur's guns in the weeks prior to the shooting. The defence argued that Colette was mentally ill, had initially been ruled incompetent to stand trial, and that she was insane at the time of the shooting. They pointed to a history of mental illness dating back to 1994. But the prosecution argued that it was all an act. The jury found Colette guilty. She was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

  177. 12

    Kirstin Lobato

    Kirstin Lobato headed to Las Vegas at 17 but within a year she had returned to small town Panaca. Sin City had been tougher than expected, turning Kristin to stripping and drugs. But worse was an attack she told a counsellor about. Kirsten claimed a man had tried to rape her and that she had only escaped after cutting his genitals with her knife. But that story would soon lead the Las Vegas police to her doorstep. On July 8, 2001, a man's dead body was found behind a dumpster. That man was known drug dealer, Duran Bailey. As the police sifted through the trash and evidence, they realised that in addition to being bludgeoned and stabbed, the man's penis had been severed. With little evidence and no witnesses, the case went cold until a probation officer from Lincoln County called the police with information regarding a crime where a man's penis was cut off. Kirstin Lobato had confided the story of the attack to counsellor Dixie Tienkin. Dixie had relayed the story to the probation officer. The police went to question Kirstin. During her questioning, much of her story matched the murder of Duran Bailey and any inconsistencies were chalked up to her meth addiction. She was charged with first-degree murder. On May 2, 2002, 19-year-old Kirstin Lobato's trial began. Kirstin maintained that she did not kill Duran Bailey and that she was talking about a different attack in a different location. The prosecution discounted her alibi and pointed out the inconsistencies in her statement to police. The jury found her guilty on all charges and the judge sentenced her to 100 years in prison. Kirstin appealed her conviction and was buoyed by supporters who believed she was wrongfully convicted. In 2006, Kirstin second trial began. This time, the 24-year-old was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and sentenced to 13 to 35 years in prison. Kirstin and her supporters still maintain she has been wrongfully convicted and have filed another appeal.

  178. 13

    Robyn Davis

    Robyn Davis was a hard working single mother, and her best friend Carol 'Sissy' Saltzman was always there to support her. Robyn began dating Brian Davis and after several months they moved to Louisiana together, where Sissy followed shortly after. In 2008, Robyn and Brian got married and the couple had a comfortable life together. After a long morning of boat shopping, Brian dropped Robyn off at home and left to continue shopping. When Brian wasn't home by the evening, Robyn began to worry. After 24 hours, she reported him missing. The next day, a mechanic came across a stranded car. Upon closer inspection, he found a man's body lying nearby. When investigators arrived on the scene, it was clear that the man had been there for a few days, and while he appeared to have been replacing a flat, there was nothing wrong with the tire. As news reports spread about the found body, Sissy arrived at the scene and her fears that the dead man was her best friend's husband were confirmed. The next day Robyn spoke with police and revealed that Brian had been unfaithful, but that he had ended the affair with the married woman. Investigators ruled out the woman's husband after looking into his cell phone records and work schedule. They then brought Robyn and Sissy in for separate interviews and revealed that their cell phone records put them in the area where Brian was found. Both women ended their interviews and investigators had to let them go. When they looked into Brian and Robyn's financial records, they discovered that the couple was on the brink of bankruptcy, but one payment always made - Brian's life insurance. Their motive revealed, Robyn and Sissy were arrested. The best friends chose to stand trial together, and their defence pointed out a lack of physical evidence and the unreliability of cell phone data. But the jury agreed with the prosecution and found both women guilty. They are serving life sentences together and remain friends in prison.

  179. Season 14

  180. 1

    Omaima Nelson

    Born in a poor farming village in Egypt, Omaima Aree's parents divorced when she was still very young. After the divorce, Omaima's mother took her to Cairo's City of the Dead, a teeming slum where homes are surrounded by graves. Omaima longed to escape to a better life. When she was 18, she met and married an American oil worker who brought Omaima to the United States. The marriage didn't last, and Omaima made her way to California. It was tough for the young Egyptian immigrant with little education or job skills to survive on her own. Omaima started frequenting local bars, hoping to meet men who would take care of her. In the fall of 1991, she met Bill Nelson. After a whirlwind romance of only a few weeks, the two married. But the honeymoon didn't last. On Thanksgiving weekend, an upset Omaima rushed to a friend's house, asking for his help getting rid of Bill's body. Omaima said she'd killed her husband in self-defence and then cut up his body. The friend called police. When police talked to Omaima, she told them Bill was abusive throughout their short marriage and on his last night alive, he had tied her up and tried to rape her. Managing to free herself, she said she grabbed a lamp and hit him repeatedly. When police visited the apartment, they found a bloody scene in the bedroom and Bill's dismembered body scattered throughout the home. Their investigation revealed that it was Bill, not Omaima, who had been tied up. They also found another man Omaima had tied up and threatened with a gun while demanding more money. He had survived. At her trial Omaima testified - tearfully telling the jury how she'd repeatedly told Bill to get off her, claiming she'd blacked out and woken up to find his dismembered remains. Her testimony appeared to affect the jury. Instead of finding her guilty of first-degree murder, they found her guilty of second-degree. Omaima was sentenced to 25 years to life.

  181. 2

    Tammy Armstrong

    Tammy Armstrong was a 21-year-old single mother of two when she met 32-year-old, John Maier. The two began dating and moved in together. After living happily together for two years, John began to suspect Tammy of forging checks from his business, Premier Truck and Trailer. He even spoke with the Taylor County Sheriff's Department, but before the detectives had a chance to interview Tammy regarding the forged checks, John Maier disappeared. According to Tammy, after she and John had a heated argument, he walked out the door and she hadn't heard from him since. After Tammy filed a missing persons report for John on May 6, a detective came to her house to speak to her. Upon his arrival, he found the home in a state of disarray. He noticed a carpet cleaning machine as well as a large red stain on the couch. Tammy was questioned and investigators began to suspect that John wasn't missing, but dead. Detectives tried a classic good cop/bad cop approach, with one detective working to earn Tammy's trust. Eventually Tammy began to reveal additional information. After she was arrested on forgery charges, she confessed that she had shot John in self-defence. She claimed she and John had an argument that became violent, with John pointing a rifle at Tammy. After laying down the gun, John turned to leave and Tammy took what she claimed was her only opportunity to defend herself and her children and she picked up the gun. Tammy then revealed the location of John's body at the West Point Campground. On May 25, 2002, after he'd been missing for almost a month, John's body was recovered. Faced with forensic evidence that contradicted her claim of self-defence, Tammy had agreed to plead guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

  182. 3

    Whitehead Twins

    Twin sisters, Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah Whitehead, were young girls with plenty of potential. Their single mother Nikki, who had the twins when she was just 18, was a party girl who acted more like their older sister. Raised by their great-grandmother, the girls excelled at school and extracurricular activities. But when their mother moved in with a boyfriend and decided to take the girls with her, Jas and Tas began acting out. In June 2008, police responded to a call by Nikki who said the 14-year-old twins had attacked her after they had gotten in a fight. Jas and Tas were both charged with assault and a juvenile court sent the twins to live with their great-grandmother. For the next two years, the family went to counselling. With their elderly great-grandmother unable to keep track of them, Jas and Tas began dating older boys and skipping school. Afraid that her daughters were heading down the same path she had, Nikki fought to get them back and she was awarded custody. But on January 13, the twin girls flagged down a sheriff's deputy, saying they had arrived home from school to find their mother murdered. An investigation quickly determined Nikki had put up a desperate struggle with her attacker before she succumbed to numerous stab wounds. When questioned, investigators noticed Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah had numerous cuts and bite marks on their hands and arms. Evidence collected at the scene and photographs taken of the girls' injuries were sent to the crime lab. In May 2010, the crime lab returned the results from forensic testing. Nikki's dental impressions matched a bite mark on Tas's arm and DNA testing found Nikki's and the twins' blood on a shattered vase found at the crime scene. Jas and Tas were arrested for the murder of their mother. The twins confessed they had killed their mother after she had violently attacked them. Tasmiyah and Jasmiyah pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter and were sentenced to 30 years in prison with the possibility of parole.

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