Court Justice: Sydney

Court Justice: Sydney

m-ratingA Foxtel Original Series
Sundays at 7:30pm AEST from July 2 until September 3

This groundbreaking fixed-rig series takes you inside of one of the world’s busiest local courts. The twelve magistrates that preside at Sydney’s Downing Centre handle over 30,000 cases every year; everything from minor traffic offences to major assaults. It is a world full of emotion and drama, where bad behaviour comes face-to-face with the justice system. The endless stream of defendants can range from habitual offenders to everyday citizens that have made bad mistakes. Lives are on the line when society exercises the rule of law.

Season 1
Date & time
5: Importance Of Parenting
* New episode *
5: Importance Of Parenting
Sun 30 July·7:30pm
Sun 30 July·10:30pm
Mon 31 July·12:30am
Mon 31 July·7:30am
Mon 31 July·12:30pm
Wed 2 August·8:30pm
Thu 3 August·10:00am
Thu 3 August·2:00pm
Thu 3 August·11:30pm
4: The Last Resort
* New episode *
4: The Last Resort
Sun 23 July·7:30pm
Sun 23 July·10:30pm
Mon 24 July·12:30am
Mon 24 July·7:30am
Mon 24 July·12:30pm
Wed 26 July·8:30pm
Thu 27 July·10:00am
Thu 27 July·2:00pm
Thu 27 July·11:30pm
Fri 28 July·8:00pm
Sat 29 July·5:00pm
3: All Walks Of Life
3: All Walks Of Life
Fri 21 July·8:00pm
Sat 22 July·5:00pm
Sun 30 July·11:00pm
2: The Demon Drink
2: The Demon Drink
Sun 23 July·11:00pm



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