Crime Zone

Babies Behind Bars – The Indiana Women’s Prison “Wee Ones” Program

In 2008 a special program was begun at the Indiana Women’s Prison in the United States that has produced a series of highly encouraging results. Called the “Wee Ones Nursery”, (WON) it is a program that allows babies born to women who are in prison to remain with their mothers during the period of incarceration. The…Read more

Ring of Evil – The Rochdale Groomers

In 2008 police in the Rochdale area, in Manchester UK, began to receive reports from young girls of sexual abuse involving a group of local men and further investigations revealed a chilling and complex chapter in British social history. In an investigation that lasted some seven years police eventually identified forty-seven girls as victims, with the…Read more

Little Girl Lost – The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

In early May 2007, English couple Kate and Gerry McCann, together with their three children, were on holiday in Portugal. On the evening of 3 May Kate and Gerry were dining at a restaurant with seven other friends, with both periodically walking back to check on their children who were asleep in their nearby ground floor…Read more

Crime Profile: Joanna Dennehy

During March 2013 the bodies of three men, all stabbed, were discovered in ditches around Peterborough in the UK. Soon after another two men were stabbed in Hereford but survived. They told police that a woman had leapt from a car without warning or provocation and attacked them with a knife before climbing back into the…Read more

Crime Profile: Ted Bundy

On the night of 14 January 1978 an intruder broke into the Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University, and attacked four female residents, killing two. Investigating police found pronounced bite marks on the buttocks of one of the victims and were later able to obtain a precise dental match with a man named Ted Bundy,…Read more