Crime Zone

Merchants of Death – Serial Killers

A serial killer has been loosely defined as a person who murders three or more people, usually with a significant time break (a week or more) separating each event. Serial killers normally, but not always, operate alone. Their motivations are varied, and the majority of murders of this type involve a sexual element but many…Read more

Shooting to Kill – The Port Arthur Massacre

At around 1.15 pm on 28th April 1996 tourists were seated at several tables at the Broad Arrow Café – a small restaurant located at the major tourist destination of Port Arthur in Tasmania.  A young man with blond hair was seen to enter, carrying a large bag that he set down at one of the tables….Read more

Peter Kürten: The Vampire of Dusseldorf

On 24th May 1930 Dusseldorf police received word that their most wanted fugitive – the so-called Vampire of Dusseldorf – would surrender to authorities outside a local church. Peter Kurten duly arrived and was arrested at gunpoint by the waiting police, ending a reign of terror around the area that had lasted for much of 1929….Read more

John Christie – The Killer of Rillington Place

On 24th March 1953 the tenant of a decrepit flat at 10 Rillington Place, Notting Hill in London, peeled back wallpaper in order to insert some wall brackets. In doing so he was astonished, then utterly horrified, to discover the bodies of three women that had been interred in a hidden alcove behind.  The police were informed…Read more

Carl Williams – King of the Melbourne Gangland

On 19th April 2010 Carl Williams, the 39 year old baby-faced kingpin of the Melbourne underworld, was sitting alone in the day room of a high security unit in Barwon Prison, near Geelong in Victoria. At 1248 pm one of his cell mates, Matthew Johnson, came up behind him holding the steel saddle stem of an exercise bike…Read more