Crime Zone

Death in Paradise – the British Backpacker Murders of 2014

On 15 September 2014 the bodies of two British backpackers, 23 year old Hannah Witheridge and David Miller, 24, were discovered by a beach cleaner on Koh Tao Island, a popular tourist resort in Thailand. Both had suffered extensive head injuries and Hannah Witheridge had also been raped. An investigation was immediately launched with Thai police combing the…Read more

The Lure of the Poker Machine

Gambling is a huge business all around the world – an estimated $20 billion is spent each year in Australia alone – with more than half of this massive sum going through poker machines. Considerable research has been conducted into finding out why these machines are so attractive to gamblers, and it turns out there are…Read more

Teenage Terror – The Rampage of Charlie Starkweather

A Deputy Sheriff, patrolling a highway near Douglas, Wyoming on January 29 1958, came upon two men having an altercation near a car. When he stopped to investigate he was astonished by the approach of a young girl who yelled “It’s Starkweather – he’s going to kill me!”. The Deputy was immediately ready for serious…Read more

The Arrest of “The Beast” – Luis Garavito

In November 1998, a horrifying discovery was made in an overgrown ravine in Pereira, a region on western Columbia, where locals found the mutilated bodies of 25 young boys who had been sexually assaulted and sadistically murdered. Columbian police, believing that some sort of satanic cult was responsible, launched a nationwide taskforce to investigate, and began…Read more

The Mystery of JonBenét Ramsey

As Christmas Day 1996 approached, the Ramsey family of Boulder, Colorado, like millions of other Americans, looked forward to a period of holidays, celebration and gift giving. But this Christmas was to be nothing like that. Instead it descended into a tragedy of monstrous proportions – a tsunami of horror that broke across them and continued…Read more